Book 6: Chapter 3 - A Familiar Enemy

Gehenna blinked and took a seat awkwardly. He said nothing more, but pouted as he looked around.

I looked at Ice Dragon, commanding, “Prepare for combat.” The ones tailing us wouldn’t be the Ghost Eclipsers. They were still on the other side of the ocean. Therefore, these should be people from the Eastern Hemisphere, but I wasn’t sure who they would be.

From what I knew, there shouldn’t have been anyone courageous enough to tail Ghost Eclipsers. People’s fear of the Ghost Eclipsers was instinctual.

“Prepare for combat!” Gehenna roared again. Nathan, Blue Feather and Vanish immediately stood up and ran to the platform.

I looked at Ah Zong, saying, “Inform Xiao Ye. Tell him to follow them.”

“Yes, my Queen.” Ah Zong then turned to inform Xiao Ye.

Battle between metahumans was unpredictable. It wasn’t just the spacecraft crew preparing for combat; the metahumans had to get ready too, because there was no limit to what a metahuman could do.

“Old Iron, protect the spacecraft,” I commanded.

“Yes, Captain!” Old Iron stood up and walked out of the control room.

Although the spacecraft had a protective shield, Old Iron’s defense superpower was more powerful and flexible.

In our troop, we had Nathan for scouting; Xiao Ying for infiltrating electronic systems; Vanish, Nino and Gegenna for offense; Old Iron for defense; Zi Yi, Blue Feather, Sia, Xiao Ye, and Pelos for assistance; and also Ghostie for healing. We also had Ah Zong, Earl, Joey, and Gru, who were on standby for unique situations.

That meant we were a well-rounded troop, and the most crucial part to ensure victory would be the proper assignment of roles.

Gehenna stepped on the chair and nodded smugly. “You are truly my sweetheart. You became so familiar with everyone’s superpowers so quickly!” He gave me a thumbs up.

I glanced at him disdainfully. “How about yours? What is it? Staring at people?”

“Pfff!” Earl burst out laughing in his chair, his back turned to us. Gehenna shot him an intense stare. “Bang!” Earl’s head slammed into the console out of a sudden.

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci looked surprised. Nino, who was next to Earl, seemed to be used to it. He continued to pilot the spacecraft with an unlit cigar in his mouth. It seemed to be a common occurrence.

Gehenna pointed to his eyes and smiled proudly at me. “My superpower is this: Anyone I look at must kneel before me!”


I nearly couldn’t hold myself back from laughing. My past remark seemed to be... true. When he had stared at Uncle Akbu and his men, they had kneeled.

Earl got up from the console. Although his nose was bleeding, he turned calmly and gave Gehenna the middle finger before he pushed his glasses up. He squinted, unwilling to admit defeat, but it seemed he didn’t dare to speak up even though he was angry.

If Gehenna’s superpower took effect by sight, it would be hard to avoid!

I stood up and walked over to him. He blushed and sat up straighter. I pointed at myself, saying, “Try me.”

His eyes were wide open even as he maintained his bandit-like posture. “I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he said.

“I’ll only believe it when I experience it personally.” I continued to stand before him.

Cough.” He then sat up straight. “Then, I shall be gentle.” Suddenly, just as he began to stare at me, I poked his eyes without warning.

The entire control room fell silent. Earl stopped wiping up his nosebleed, while Nino’s cigar dropped out of his mouth.

“Ah!” Gehenna jumped. He covered his eyes and squatted down in front of his seat. “This is so d*mn painful!”

I drew back my hand and looked at my fingers, remarking, “I see. I can suppress your superpower by simply poking your eyes.”

“It’s so simple!” Earl suddenly stood up in excitement. It seemed that he had been badly bullied by Gehenna in the past.

“Captain, the other party seems to be the Aurora Legion.” Suddenly, Nathan’s voice resounded from the screen.

I looked at the screen, where Nathan had projected his vision. The spacecraft must have been modified to interact with his superpower. There were a few fighter planes on the screen, with cross star symbols printed on them. Indeed, they were the Aurora Legion!

“Sis Luo Bing, I found them.” On the other side, Pelos had arrived next to Angelina and his group of friends. They hung their heads low as they stood behind Pelos.

I first looked at Pelos before saying, “Bring them to the cabin to rest. The current situation is a little dangerous.”

Angelina and the others became anxious when they heard the word ‘dangerous’.

“Yes!” Pelos remained calm. The boy who had fought once alongside me had changed. He took them along without delaying.

Little Har, Little Raf, and Little Bing moved closer to me and gave me a curious look. I looked back at them sternly. “You are too naughty!” The three of them were frightened. They stepped back and lay on the ground obediently.

“Gru, inform Raffles and tell me to get a cabin to settle them in."


I sat in the captain’s seat and stared at the fighter planes in front of me. Now, it was time to find out who was tailing us.

“My dearest master, they are approaching us. They are entering attack range,” Ice Dragon reported with a smile.

“Boss!” Just then, Blue Feather came into view. He seemed to be too used to the previous title. He quickly corrected himself awkwardly. “Captain! Should we attack?”

On the screen, our team stood atop the spacecraft, and their hair fluttered handsomely in the wind. Vanish was surrounded by syringes, Nathan’s eyes flitted all over the place, and Blue Feather had spread his wings. They were prepared. With Xiao Ye’s spatial teleportation superpower, they were almost unmatched. 

However, we couldn’t attack because this was the Aurora Legion. On the other hand, we were still marked as Ghost Eclipsers, and they would definitely attack us.

Time wouldn’t allow us to hesitate. Every second counted, especially in a battle between metahumans.

“Nathan, first gather intelligence about the enemy. See if you can identify them.”

“No problem!” Nathan’s eyes suddenly split into many small ones, swarming like bees.

“Ice Dragon! Release a scouting robot to interrupt the enemy, in order to cover Nathan.”


The scouting robots launched into the air, flying ahead of Nathan. The countless small eyes instantly dispersed, vanishing completely into the air.

The other party was no doubt made up of metahumans too. If Nathan were to head over just like that, he would be noticed easily. The scouting robots could easily act as bait, though. They would pay more attention to the scouting robots and attack them.

The scouting robots flew forward to divert their attention. Every single one of Nathan’s eyes was about the size of a bee. It was hard to notice them after they had scattered.

The screen in front of us split into countless small screens. It was as though there were as many screens as Nathan’s eyes.

“Delete and select valid screens,” I commanded.

“Alright.” Ice Dragon started to filter the screens, reducing the total to eight. I couldn’t see if there were too many. My eyesight wasn’t that powerful.


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