Book 5: Chapter 145 - Becoming the Ghost Eclipsers

Xiao Ye’s space transfer superpower was very practical.

Just then, Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason ran out through the entrance too. They had packed lighly.

Sis Cannon and the others came out after them. They looked at Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason in shock.

“Officer Mason! Sis Ceci!” Sis Cannon, Xue Gie, Ming You, Xiao Ying, Khai, Williams, Sia, Joe, and the others surrounded them.

“What are you doing?”

“Bring us along too! Why didn’t you inform us?!”

“I’m going to pack my bag now!”

“Stop right there!” Uncle Mason bellowed, and everyone stopped. The city gate fell silent, and everyone looked anxious and confused.

Elder Alufa slowly walked out of Noah City with Arsenal, Mosie, and Brother Qian Li. There were more people behind them who looked at Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason with confusion, seeming loath to part with them.

Arsenal and Brother Qian Li helped Elder Alufa as he walked out of the city gate. Sis Shirley quickly turned away when she saw him.

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci bowed at Elder Alufa politely. Then, they looked at Sis Cannon and the rest of the members sternly and exhorted, “Noah City needs you to safeguard it! Your children need your companionship too! Don’t make them go through the same loneliness and pain you experienced...”

Uncle Mason’s last words brought about sorrow in the warm breeze. They had no one to leave behind because they had lost Harry. But these people still had children waiting to be fed, just like when Sis Shirley had left Xue Gie. So, Xue Gie and the others couldn’t leave. No one could guarantee that they would return alive.

“I!” Xue Gie stood up, and Sis Shirley pulled her back.

Sis Shirley lowered her head and held Xue Gie tightly. “No one would thank you for your sacrifice! People in this world only care about their own survival!”

“Xue Gie...” Bill held Xue Gie and shook his head with a conflicted expression. “Think about our child...”

Xue Gie hung her head low and slowly retreated into the crowd.

Sis Shirley looked at Pelos sternly as he stood behind me. “You too! Come back with your dad! Do you hear me?!”

Pelos scratched his head and looked elsewhere. “Oh!”

There were many of Pelos’ friends among the crowd. They looked tempted. Angelina was there too. She looked at Pelos with concern as though she had guessed something. Pelos immediately moved behind me as though he were trying to use my body to block Angelina’s gaze.

“Captain, I want to go with you!” Xiao Ying suddenly took a step forward. “I don’t have a baby. I am willing to!”

I looked at Xiao Ying and she broke into a smile. She turned and winked at everyone else, saying, “I’m going on behalf of all of you!” What Xiao Ying said comforted Xue Gie and the other members. They looked at her simultaneously.

Sis Cannon hugged Xiao Ying and encouraged her, saying, “Work hard! Don’t embarrass the Desert Rose team!”

“Xiao Ying, you represent all of us now!”

“Xiao Ying! Then, we are going too!” Joe and Sia immediately ran out. “We’ll pack our bags now!” The two of them pushed through the crowd and ran into Noah City.

Xiao Ying turned to look at me. “Captain, you can’t say no! I am definitely following you!” She pounced and hugged me from the side. My arm fell into her massive cleavage.

I reckoned I wouldn’t be able to shake off Xiao Ying. Plus, her superpower was unique. She could go anywhere through an electrical cable, so she would be much safer than most of us.

“Lil’ Bing...” Elder Alufa walked towards me. He looked like he had aged a lot over the few days, and he was no longer as energetic.

I came forward, saying, “I’m sorry, Elder Alufa.”

“I’m sorry...” Elder Alufa apologized with his hoarse voice. “We disappointed you...” He looked at the city gate of Noah City behind him and continued, “Noah City was originally a military base. We concealed her shine...” Elder Alufa turned back and looked at me. “I hope that you will bring Noah out from underground, so she can do what she must.”

I was stunned, and I immediately looked at Arsenal. She looked away, while Ming You looked at Arsenal anxiously.

Elder Alufa had said such a thing in front of everyone. It simply meant that he was giving Noah to me. It was a great blow to the current master of Noah City, Arsenal.

I looked at Elder Alufa again, saying, “Elder Alufa, Noah belongs to you. I couldn’t and I wouldn’t take it away. You need her to protect you. I will come and borrow her if I need her, but Noah belongs to you.”

Elder Alufa’s eyes glistened with tears. He nodded sadly and smiled gratefully. He placed his hands on my shoulders and said, “Lil’ Bing, you will definitely be a Queen. You will...”

I smiled at him and turned to look at Raffles, Pelos, Gru, Ah Zong, and the rest, saying, “Let’s go!”

“Yes!” They were full of vigor under the sunny sky. The breeze that came from the horizon rustled their many-colored hair. They had become my first troop, and I believed that my troop would only continue to grow stronger.

In the end, Sis Ceci, Uncle Mason, Xiao Ying, Sia, and Joe followed me and left Noah City. They had left their home.

As the battleship took off, I saw Elder Alufa and the people of Noah City waving goodbye on the screen in front of me. A surge of emotions filled my heart.

“There’s another city here!” Gehenna exclaimed next to me. We sat in the positions of the spaceship captain and vice-captain respectively.  At the front, Vanish, Earl, Nino, Nathan, and Blue Feather were piloting the spaceship, while Old Iron sat by the side with a bandage on his arm.

On the other side, Uncle Mason, Sis Ceci, Raffles, Ah Zong, and the rest sat around the console. Gru, Pelos, and Lucifer were watching them closely, observing how to control the spaceship.

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci were shocked when they saw Gehenna and the others. They were dumbfounded. They had never expected that I wanted to go to Ghost Eclipser territory. On top of that, I was already working together with Ghost Eclipsers.

These once sworn enemies were now seated together. The mood in the spaceship was strange and awkward.

However, this spaceship was merely the beginning. One day in the future, after someone united the world, we would coexist under the same blue sky with the Ghost Eclipsers. It was only a matter of time. 

“Let’s go!” I commanded, and the spaceship shot forward at full speed.

What should I do? I have no idea yet.

But I believe that I will know what I should do when I see it.

I am no longer the future star of Noah City, nor the North Star of Silver Moon City. I am also not part of the allied army of the Aurora Legion. I am me. I am Luo Bing, and I have a unique troop...

No, the word is ‘us’. We are a brand new force in this world!


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