Book 5: Chapter 144 - Departing Again

“Lil’ Bing!”

Vwoom!” A burst of golden light shot out from the nozzle and hit my statue. As I watched it melt, I felt great. “Phew. I felt like destroying it long ago.” It was awesomely cathartic.

“Lil’ Bing…” Raffles looked at me helplessly and quickly took the particle cannon away, putting it back on the weapons rack.

The entire statue began to melt and collapse. My statue’s face began to distort like melting ice cream.

“I know you always thought the statue was ugly…” Raffles ran to the statue and grabbed the golden apple as if he were saving it. “It’s a token of everyone’s regard, though. Uncle Rudy sculpted it himself with an awl…” Raffles let out a sigh as he looked at the molten remains on the ground. “Uncle Rudy will definitely be heartbroken."

“For every day this statue stands, the bigger the knot in Arsenal’s heart grows,” I looked at Raffles. “Raffles, Arsenal’s burden doesn’t come from the fact that I’m stronger than she is. It’s because in the hearts of the people of Noah City, I’m the best candidate to protect Noah City. Humans change,” I said, and fell silent.

Raffles looked at the golden apple in his hand quietly and sighed. He looked down in a despondent mood. “Yeah… humans change. Arsenal was once a Princess. Everyone loved her and spoiled her. She never saw the merciless outside world, and she’s never even killed anyone. Noah is her home, and she even has her own children now… In terms of physiology, a woman grows more attached to her home with age. It’s made her sense of possessiveness grow stronger…”

“As long as you understand. It’s time for Noah to grow up.”

Raffles nodded and sighed. There was regret and sorrow in this parting.

In front of Ah Zong’s warehouse, there was a big crowd. Everyone in Noah City had come, whether it was old residents, new residents, or residents who had been working. The children were in front. Everyone wanted to watch the birth of new girls.

In this world where girls were lacking, the only thing that mattered was that they were girls. No one cared whether they were naturally born, or man-made, or changed by a metahuman.

The warehouse door was tightly shut. It was the first time the North District had ever been so packed. Raffles and I stood on the second floor, where we could see everything.

Suddenly, the door opened. A girl in Xiao Shui’s clothes walked out. Xiao Shui had become a girl.

Xiao Shui had originally been soft and beautiful. She looked even more lovely as a girl. The wound at the corner of her lips, her insecure gaze, and her tense body tugged at every man’s heartstrings. 

The guys surrounding the door were dumbfounded.

Xiao Gang followed right behind Xiao Shui. Xiao Gang had been the boy who could turn water into steel. But now, she was a girl with short silver hair. He had been very close to Xiao Shui before. They had always held hands like real sisters, and now they had really become sisters.

Xiao Shui held Xiao Gang’s hand. They looked much happier this way.

Sis Shirley smiled and walked forward to hug them. They were taken by surprise, but they quickly felt touched and leaned on Sis Shirley’s shoulder. They looked to be enjoying the warmth that they had desired for very long. 

There were girls coming out one after another. They were all bashful and shy, hanging their heads low. They either didn’t dare to look around, or looked at the onlookers curiously.

The moment the originally beautiful Honeycomb boys had turned into girls, everyone was surprised. Indeed, their androgynous faces had already made the single men in Noah City jump when they first exited their spaceship. To them, these beautiful girls were no doubt a precious gift that God had given to Noah City!

After over thirty girls walked out, some boys exited the room following behind Queen Bee, including Butterfly. Butterfly looked at Ah Zong, who was lying against the door lazily.

Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously. He obviously didn’t mind Butterfly trying to fool him with Gehenna.

Butterfly blushed and immediately looked away out of pride. Williams walked forward happily and looked at Butterfly with an infatuated expression. He seemed to be happy that Butterfly hadn’t turned into a girl.

Oh? Williams is into Butterfly?

Butterfly rolled his eyes at him and moved next to someone else, as the women began to walk forward to give the insecure girls hugs.

Ah Zong lifted his chin and looked up at me. I smiled at him. Then, I looked at Ah Zong grimly.

It’s time to go.

His smile faded. He stood straight and saluted.

Everyone gathered at the entrance of Noah City. A huge spaceship hovered above the grassland in front of the door, casting a large shadow on the ground. Ice Dragon would leave with us, taking along its equipped cabins. It would attach to Gehenna’s spaceships. It would be very convenient to bring it along. Raffles’s lab began to float toward the spaceship door; Little Carl was seated happily on it, acting as if he were moving houses.

All the captives were still in Ice Dragon. They didn’t know what had happened outside. However, what awaited them was an interrogation.

I stood at the door to wait for everyone to arrive. Ah Zong and Pelos arrived first, and Xiao Shui and the others came to bid farewell to their favorite Brother Ah Zong. Ah Zong hugged them gently and kissed their foreheads, like a heartwarming brother bidding farewell to his sisters.

Zi Yi stood behind everyone else, holding only a sword in his hand.

The Honeycomb boys had fled the ruined Blue Shield City in such a hurry that none of them had packed any luggage. In the blink of an eye, their home had been destroyed.

Zi Yi walked to Ah Zong. “Let me follow you,” he asked.

Ah Zong looked at him and his smile faded. “Who do you listen to?”

"To you!” Zi Yi creased his eyebrows and said. He suddenly flipped his sword over and crushed the gemstones on the handle. He looked at Ah Zong, saying resolutely, “The old Zi Yi died in Blue Shield City!”

Ah Zong smiled sweetly, “Alright. You know who I listen to. I want your heart…” Ah Zong extended his hand and tapped on Zi Yi’s chest, continuing, “ carry my Bing as well.”

“I know. Your Queen is in my heart too.” Zi Yi looked up at me. Then, he looked down and stood next to me. Zi Yi was as solid as a rock. He could be thought of as a rarely-seen general.

“And me too!” Ah Kong ran over in a hurry. He looked at me excitedly. “My Queen, you will need me. I can save you.” Ah Zong extended his hand and rubbed Ah Kong’s head. Ah Kong immediately chuckled and ran to Ah Zong’s side.


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