Book 5: Chapter 143 - Become Girls

“Luo Bing!” Sis Shirley glanced at Arsenal and Sis Ceci before she walked towards me, saying, “You can entrust them to me. I will help them settle down well.” Sis Shirley looked at Ah Zong and then at me solemnly, continuing, “Because we were abandoned.”

Ah Zong looked at Sis Shirley solemnly. He was definitely trying to sense whether Sis Shirley was trustworthy, because these people were his family. He had to hand his family to a reliable person.

I looked at Ah Zong and asked for reassurance. “Ah Zong, what do you think?”

Ah Zong nodded slowly and looked at Sis Shirley. “I can feel her sincerity. Sis Shirley is trustable. Sis Shirley, I can turn my people into girls forever..."

Sis Shirley was surprised, including everyone else at the scene. Whether it was men, women, Khai and his troop, Arsenal and her team; everyone was surprised.

The original man to woman ratio in Noah City was ten to one. There were over two hundred men, but there were only twenty women. Hence, there were almost two hundred men who were single and only had one another as companions.

If this were the case, it simply meant that Ah Zong had brought over fifty girls with him.

Even though Sis Shirley had brought some girls too, there were more men than women in Koont Village. Their ratio wouldn’t bring balance to Noah City.

There was only one place with a balanced ratio of men and women. The number of women in that place was a surprise to anyone else, here in the end of the world. That place was Silver Moon City.

“Can you really do that?” Sis Shirley looked at Ah Zong with surprise.

Ah Zong smiled sweetly. “But they themselves have to be willing to. I know some of them want to become girls, but some… might not,” Ah Zong said slowly and tenderly. It was a soothing voice.

“Alright. Great. Can we follow you and take a look?”

“Sure.” Ah Zong smiled charmingly at everyone. “Please follow me.” Ah Zong turned around flirtatiously and went forward. Sis Shirley immediately put down the things she had on hand and followed behind him. Everyone followed suit out of curiosity.

They walked past us, one after another, and the square emptied. Gru seemed to be curious too. He looked at me and reported, “Sis Luo Bing, I am going to take a look too.” He ran after them after I nodded.

“This Pink Baby has such a superpower?!” Khai’s eyes were glistening.

Sis Cannon immediately pulled his ear. “What are you thinking about?!”

“Hahaha!” Moorim and the other guys laughed. “Khai, don’t even think about it.”

“Do you think you’re allowed to think about it either?!” Khai glared at them.

Their expressions grew tense. I could immediately feel the coldness from Xue Gie and Xiao Ying.

“Arsenal, we are going to take a look too.” Mosie walked next to Arsenal and looked at her tenderly.

Arsenal looked up; her expression looked conflicted, with a tinge of grievance.

“I know that you are doing this for Noah City.” Mosie held onto Arsenal.

“Let’s go,” Sis Cannon said as she quickly shoved Khai and the others. They walked past me and stole a glance at me before catching up with the rest.

“I’m not going. Sis Shirley can decide.” Arsenal turned to leave quietly. Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci creased their eyebrows and sent Mosie an eye signal. Mosie quickly caught up with her and accompanied her in a different direction.

“Arsenal is a child.” Sis Ceci walked up to me. “A sudden surge of people has increased Noah City’s burden. That’s the truth. Luo Bing, as you know how merciless this world is, please try to show empathy for Arsenal. Your excellence is giving her great pressure.” 

I became quiet for a while, and I looked at Sis Ceci. “A war is coming. Does Noah City intend to hide forever?”

Sis Ceci’s expression was obscured. Uncle Mason walked next to her and held her shoulders. His grip became tighter, as though he were determined about something.

“Sis Ceci, you used to act resolutely and decisively. What happened?” The Sis Ceci in my memories didn’t behave like this.

“Because Harry died…” Sis Ceci looked down as she choked back tears. Raffles looked away sorrowfully.

Uncle Mason hugged Sis Ceci tighter as he said, “Harry was Ceci’s everything. Luo Bing, losing Harry is a great blow… to us.” Uncle Mason looked at me, his eyes welling up with tears, but he smiled faintly. “But then, we have nothing to worry about now. Please let us follow you!”

I was stunned.

Sis Ceci left Uncle Mason’s arms and wiped her tears away. Her eyes were glistening with vigor, and she became the superwoman she used to be. “Yes, Luo Bing. Let us join your troop and fight alongside you!”

I saw the determination in their gaze. No one would be able to change their minds.

“But Noah City…”

“Shirley and the others came back,” Sis Ceci said solemnly, “and the kids grew up. They have the capability to protect Noah City. You need people.”

Sis Ceci brought up a good point. I needed people. I needed my own troop. So I no longer hesitated. I looked at Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason, saying, “Alright. Pack your bags. Meet me at the back entrance in an hour."

“Yes, Captain Luo Bing!” Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason saluted and quickly left.

Only Raffles and I were left in the empty square with Little Carl, as well as Raffles’ lab and the furniture, food, and clothing that everyone had left behind.

There was also my golden statue holding an apple, that still stood tall in the middle of the square. I stood underneath it for a long time, feeling an intense, indescribable emotion.

I walked up to Raffles’s lab, which was almost the size of a small house. It looked completely sealed, like a white box without any visible seams.

“This is my portable lab.” Raffles could tell I was confused, and he explained it to me. He walked up to his lab and touched it lovingly as if he were holding his child. “I once hoped that I could leave Noah City on an adventure. So, I built this portable lab. Today, I’ll finally get to use it."

He patted it lightly and a small box popped up on the smooth white wall. Suddenly, the surface opened to reveal a rack of weapons!

Among the weapons, I saw the light sword that I had once used in Noah City, right in the middle.

“I made some improvements. It’s more powerful, more stable, and safer to use,” Raffles said next to me. It seemed that the weapons had brought back old memories of him making weapons and equipment for me.

“Is there anything that can melt metal?” I looked at the variety of weapons and asked.

Raffles picked up a miniature bomb-like cannon by the door, saying, “This focused particle cannon can melt any solid, including metal."

I took it and weighed it in my hand. Then, I instantly aimed at my statue.


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