Book 5: Chapter 142 - Morality Is Not What It Used to Be

“Alright, come back and get ready!”

“Yes!” Gru immediately turned and ran back. He didn’t seem worn out from staying up all night.

“Ice Dragon, bring Gru over.”


“Sweetheart, when are you coming back?” Gehenna took over the screen again. Suddenly, someone pulled him away. It was Earl and Blue Feather.

“Boss, pay attention to Queen Luo Bing’s outfit.” Earl pushed his glasses up elegantly with his middle finger again. He put on his detective look, saying, “After she met her husband, she changed her outfit. That means that ‘it’ happened.”

I was instantly stunned. “No!” I cut off the connection as Gehenna roared tragically. These people are so lame!

“Queen, are you leaving?” Ah Zong asked.

I looked at him, “I’m going to the Ghost Eclipsers. Do you want to come?”

He smiled charmingly. “Wherever my Queen goes, I’ll be there.”

I was moved. Everyone who was willing to approach the Ghost Eclipsers with me knew that it might be a path of no return, but they were still willing to go along.

The noise grew nearer as I brought Ah Zong back to the square. The people at the square were still busy. They’d suddenly had to settle almost a hundred people, and there were so many items to be distributed. It wasn’t something that could be done in a short while.

However, they had settled Ah Zong and the other boys very quickly, because they had only given them tents and sleeping bags.

I saw Arsenal, Sis Ceci, Uncle Mason, Sis Shirley, and the others directing the settlement efforts in the middle of the square. They happened to be standing by my statue.

I pulled Ah Zong over to them. The crowds parted to make way for me as I walked up to the leaders of the city. Arsenal glanced at me and at Ah Zong suspiciously, asking, “Why did you bring him here?”

Sis Shirley was surprised when she saw Ah Zong. “This child… is he a boy or a girl?”

Ah Zong smiled and bowed politely at them like an elegant cat.

I let go of Ah Zong and asked Sis Ceci, “Sis Ceci, why did you allocate Ah Zong and the other boys living space in the north? It is noisy and hot, and isn’t suitable for living in.”

Sis Ceci became awkward, “They’re gigolos…”

“Even if they were gigolos, I brought them back!” Sis Shirley looked at me in surprise as I continued, “I brought these people back. Since when have lowliness and nobility existed at the end of the world?!” I couldn’t suppress my anger and I roared. My voice reverberated in the square, and silence fell. Everyone looked toward me or Ah Zong.

“Are they not satisfied?” Arsenal asked grimly.

I turned to look at Arsenal. “They’re fine. I’m the one who is not satisfied.”

Arsenal smiled elegantly. “He’s your man, right? That’s why you care so much. That’s exactly what we’re worried about. Gigolos will bring about unhealthy conduct, and they will affect our men in Noah City.”

Sis Ceci nodded faintly in agreement to what Arsenal said.

“The Queen is right!” Xiao Jing suddenly stood out and looked at Ah Zong in disdain. “Look at them! They look so flirtatious. The moment they arrive, the men in Noah City are in no mood to work, but are constantly thinking about seeing them!”

The busy women nodded simultaneously, and they looked concerned.

“Bing… Let’s go back…”

“With an upright heart, there’s no need to be apprehensive of depravity! This is a test! If they can’t even resist such temptations, Noah City will always be a city of cowards!” I cut off Ah Zong loudly. My forceful voice echoed in the silent square.

Arsenal, Sis Ceci, and Uncle Mason were stunned on the spot. Uncle Mason began to crease his eyebrows and clench his teeth. He looked angry. Sis Shirley smirked coldly, as though her thoughts aligned precisely with mine.

Raffles walked out from the side and observed the scene. He immediately squeezed through the crowd and came to my side. “Lil’ Bing,” he called as he looked around. He then looked at Arsenal and the embarrassed Sis Ceci, saying, “Let’s settle Ah Zong and the other boys elsewhere."

“I think we should,” I said in a low voice.

“Luo Bing, so many people came all of a sudden. Actually, Noah City is really overloaded…” Sis Ceci said awkwardly.

I looked at her sorrowfully. “Harry never forsook Ah Zong and the other boys. If Harry were still here, he definitely wouldn’t treat them like this.” My eyes welled up with tears as I looked at the people of Noah City who was once my family. “When the Ghost Eclipsers attacked Blue Shield City, when the Ghost Eclipsers wanted to kill them and force them to hand out the map of the Eastern Hemisphere, none of them were afraid of death! None of them handed out the map! They were safeguarding the entire Eastern Hemisphere with their lives so you could live in peace!” I roared in anger, stunning everyone.

“They are your benefactors! They are your heroes! They are more qualified than any of you to stay in Noah City!” The anger that I had suppressed for the entire day finally burst like a dam and surged out from my mouth.

“I can prove that!” Suddenly, Pelos came out. “I saw everything. Brother Ah Zong and the Honeycomb boys didn’t submit to the Ghost Eclipsers or hand over the map of the Eastern Hemisphere!”

“Luo Bing…” Sis Ceci looked at me in embarrassment. “We will…”

“Forget it.” I took a deep breath to calm myself down. “I’ll bring them with me. I’ll give them a place with more freedom.”

“You’re leaving?! Captain!” Sis Cannon, Khai, and the other troop members walked out from the crowd.

“Why are you leaving?”

I looked at them, “There’s still a war waiting for me. I’ll bring a few of you with me, too.”

“Who?” They looked at me in surprise.

“I’ll follow Luo Bing,” Raffles said calmly.

“Dad! I packed your bags!” Little Carl walked through the crowd with a backpack on him. However, there was a car following behind him. It seemed that Raffles had decided to take the lab along with him.

“Luo Bing wants to leave?”

“Luo Bing just came back.”

“Is she… really disappointed with us?”

“Sister Luo Bing!” Gru ran over from afar, also carrying a backpack. “I’m ready too.”

Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason looked at Gru in shock. I looked at Uncle Mason, saying, “Uncle Mason, you don’t have to go to Koont Village. I’ll bring Pelos, and he’ll bring the rest of the people from Koont Village back here.

Uncle Mason came back to reality and looked at me. I bowed to them, saying, “Thank you for taking me in. I have no idea when I might see you again. I hope I can come back alive. Please don’t miss me.”

“Luo Bing…” Uncle Mason looked at me, at a loss for words.

“Arsenal!” Sis Ceci looked at Arsenal, but she remained quiet. “Arsenal! Luo Bing is leaving. Are you not going to say anything?”

Arsenal slowly lifted her face and looked ahead, “She’s going to do big things. She has to protect the entire world. I only want to protect Noah City and complete this one small thing.”


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