Book 5: Chapter 141 - Prepare to Leave

“That’s why you’re gigolos!” Queen Bee glanced at them and snorted. She wasn’t looking at them with disdain, but she was complaining like a parent to a child who didn’t strive for self-improvement.

“Ha!” Butterfly snorted. “Queen Bee, didn’t you buy us and raise us to become gigolos? Did you want us to become princesses instead?”

“Hahaha!” The gigolos laughed.

Queen Bee shook her head and looked at me, ashamed. “I don’t blame them for giving us the cold shoulder. So, Luo Bing, it’s okay. There are many good children here. They will behave themselves in Noah City, and they won’t cause any trouble.”

I felt a prickle. Looking at the same people at different times really felt different. Once, I had held them in contempt and despised Queen Bee. I remembered the time she’d had a date with Fat-Two. Heh.

However, this bunch of lowly people who were always held in contempt had displayed courage that ordinary people wouldn’t have managed before the Ghost Eclipsers. Even as they were disrespected and humiliated, none of them had retreated as they protected the map that the Ghost Eclipsers had wanted.

I creased my eyebrows and glared at Butterfly coldly. “Do you really want to go with the Ghost Eclipsers? I can send you to them.”

When I asked the question, they fell silent. They looked tense as they turned to look at Butterfly simultaneously. Butterfly humphed in embarrassment. Then, he turned to enter the tent.

Some of them were gigolos, but only on the surface.

Some of them were gigolos to the bone, but they might stand a chance of being saved as long as there was a patch of innocence in their souls.

Once one was a gigolo in soul, not even God could save them.

“Ignore them, Luo Bing. We are content,” Queen Bee sighed. “When the war ends, we can return to Blue Shield City.”

Humans naturally desired to go home, even if their home were beyond recognition.

“No, they can’t do this. It’s not right.” I shook my head. I grabbed Ah Zong’s arm and began to leave.

Suddenly, Zi Yi jumped in front of me and blocked my way coldly, asking, “Where are you bringing Ah Zong?!” Zi Yi looked anxious. It seemed that he had not seen Ah Zong around him for very long.  He stared at the hand I had used to grab Ah Zong’s arm, and clenched his sword.

Ah Zong smiled sweetly and flirtatiously. The Honeycomb boys slowly surrounded us. Even Butterfly came out of his tent to see. His gaze was fixed upon Ah Zong’s flirtatious smile.

I let go of Ah Zong’s arm, and he walked in front of Zi Yi. He squinted his eyes sweetly, but chilliness soared from his body. “Yi, do you really listen to me?” Ah Zong’s voice was tender, like a cat licking one’s ear lobe. It was enough to make anyone feel weak in the limbs.

Zi Yi looked at him with a confused expression. Ah Zong maintained his smile as he continued, “Or do you… listen to His Highness Cang Yu?” Zi Yi’s expression immediately tensed, and he looked in front of him blankly.

Queen Bee and the other Honeycomb boys looked at Zi Yi in surprise. Queen Bee looked at Ah Zong and Zi Yi confusedly, asking, “Ah Zong, what do you mean? What are you trying to say?"

Zi Yi stood frozen on the spot. His soul seemed to have been shattered by Ah Zong’s doubt, leaving only an empty shell.

“If you listen only to me, I will continue to keep you next to me,” Ah Zong said gently. Then, he returned to me and smiled.

I took a glance at the absent-minded Zi Yi. He suddenly turned, as if to take Ah Zong with him.

Zi Yi’s expression revealed everything, but he wasn’t a bad guy. So, Ah Zong gave him another chance to stay by his side. They were still Honeycomb boys that had grown up together. Honeycomb boys were like brothers. They might fight the way girls would scheme against one another, but they were family, after all.

“Butterfly is crazy for you too.” I looked at Ah Zong.

Ah Zong smiled sweetly and looked at me like a lazy cat. “There are too many who admire me; but only you don’t, my Queen.”

“Are Butterfly and the others reliable?” I had developed antibodies against Ah Zong’s sweet talk back then, but I still found it repulsive occasionally.

Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously at me. “In this world, everyone is trying to survive. No one is reliable.”

He was right. I felt as if I were treating everyone the way people in Noah City did.

Are the people in Noah City reliable ‘just because’? Would they not change if they were to come across the Ghost Eclipsers?

Humans would only reveal their true natures in the depths of hopelessness.

I brought Ah Zong back to the square. We stood in the elevator, and it was as if fire churned through my chest.

“Bing, we are actually living well…”

“Shut up!” My expression grew grim. Ah Zong’s smile faded as he leaned against the elevator lazily and watched me in silence.

I wouldn’t demand for Arsenal to let Ah Zong and the other boys have the best place to stay, but it had to at least be a place fit for humans. For instance, the cabin in the east where I used to stay could work; it was actually vacant now.

“Ice Dragon.” The thought of Ah Zong and the other Honeycomb boys being treated unfairly struck a chill in my heart. But along with my bitter disappointment, I also thought about leaving. The Bloody Queen would reach Koont Village soon. We had to rush over soon, so I said, “Connect Gehenna.”

“Alright. A moment please.”

The elevator stopped, and the door opened. A scouting device hovered in front of us as I stepped out from the elevator. Light poured down from the device and formed a small monitor. Gehenna and his men were on the screen.

“Have you eaten?” I asked.

Gehenna brought his face up to the monitor and looked at me emotionally. “You’re asking if we’ve eaten?! Hehehe…” He chuckled with a silly look

I didn't bother looking at him as I said, “I’m asking Lucifer and Gru.”

“Sister Luo Bing! We’ve eaten!” Lucifer and Gru shouted from the back.

“Thank you for your hard work.” I glanced at Ah Zong as he continued to look at me with a smile. He wasn’t curious as to why I was in contact with Gehenna and let them run free. It was as though no one else would be in his sight, nor would he care about any other matter, when I was in front of him.

Gehenna continued to take over the screen. I looked at Lucifer and Gru behind him, saying, “Gru, get ready. We are going to depart soon.”

“Really?!” Gru looked at me excitedly.

I nodded, “You have time to reconsider this. Leaving here means your comfortable life will come to an end. I can’t guarantee your safety either.” I looked at Gru solemnly, because the future was out of my control. I couldn’t promise anyone else their future.

“Sweetheart, don’t worry. I will protect this child!” Gehenna roared at me in front of the screen and conquered the entire screen with his chest muscles.

Pfff!” Ah Zong laughed.

“Sister Luo Bing! I will not regret this!” Gru shouted behind Gehenna, who turned to look at his determined expression.


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