Book 1: Chapter 55 The Training Begins!

Uncle Mason looked at everyone dumbfounded. Then he slapped his forehead. “I forgot that Luo Bing is a girl…”

“…” I didn’t know how to respond to that. Even though I looked like a girl, everyone always mistook me to be a boy.

Uncle Mason laughed at himself and looked at me. “Excuse us, Luo Bing. We’ve never had female teammates, so we are not used to it yet.”

“Isn’t the DR team made up of female members?” I asked out of curiosity. “Do they not go on any missions?” If I could have a choice, I’d rather be with the girls.

“They don’t leave Noah City,” Harry replied, as he stood next to Uncle Mason. His amber eyes were filled with solemnity. “How can we let girls take the risk by going out? Girls in our world are so precious. So, as men, we must protect them. Honestly, I disagree with you joining our scouting troop, waifu.” 

“Stop calling me your wife!” I glared at him.

Uncle Mason signaled Harry with his eyes and coughed. Harry pretended to not hear him and continued to face me with a broad smile. “When we head out, you must not stray too far away from me, so that I can protect you. Hehe…” His smile was very cunning.

“Oh Harry, don’t whisper sweet nothings to sis-in-law in front of us, okay?” Everyone was making fun of us again. “We are all still single.”

“Luo Bing, from today onwards, you need to wear a disguise whenever you go out.” Uncle Mason’s tone became serious. Harry lifted the corners of his lips and smirked mischievously. Uncle Mason pushed Harry aside and continued, “You have to disguise yourself as a man. Harry is right about one thing. Girls in this world are precious, and girls with superpowers especially are in high demand. This world is extremely dangerous for girls.” Uncle Mason looked extremely solemn, and it was obvious that this was a very serious matter.

“The outsiders will definitely turn green with envy if they see that you are a cute and beautiful girl with a superpower!” Harry suddenly got close to me and smiled playfully.

“Just like you Harry. Hahahaha!” Everyone burst out into fits of laughter. 

“You are all the same!” Sis Ceci suddenly reprimanded. Harry and Uncle Mason instantly tensed up, while the other teammates stood in the ‘attention’ position without making slightest of the sound. It was obvious that they were more afraid of Sis Ceci, the female military instructor of the DR special force.

The female teammates from the DR team, led by Sis Ceci, entered handsomely. Seeing them walk in, Bill who had been sulking by the wall returned to the line. In an instant he had switched from being petulant to brimming with energy and vitality! His line of vision slowly shifted to Xue Gie, who was standing behind Sis Ceci. 

Xue Gie, Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying were standing behind Sis Ceci. Da Li and Ming You were missing from the group.

As soon as they entered the room, all the guys were transfixed by their presence. The DR team members were beautiful and full of heroic spirit, comparable to celebrities back in my world. Everyone in Noah City gasped whenever they saw the female troop, and they were always awed by their presence.

“Where’re Ming You and Da Li?” I muttered to myself curiously.

“Da Li has to study,” Harry explained softly. “And Ming You is working with the medical team.”

“Hey! Khai! Sis Cannon is here!” The guys lowered their voices and made fun of him.

Khai blushed instantly. “Can you stop bringing up Sis Cannon?!”

“Oh! Oh!”

“What’s with the noise?!” Sis Ceci roared. The guys didn’t dare to move after that.

Sis Cannon raised her eyebrows and looked at Khai, while he stared in front of him with stiff limbs. Sis Cannon narrowed her eyes with a murderous look. 

Sis Ceci led the troop and marched to Uncle Mason. Uncle Mason’s expression grew distressed, while the guys became very serious and solemn.

“You haven’t come here to fight for her, have you?” Uncle Mason said. Sis Ceci went to stand in front of Uncle Mason. Uncle Mason narrowed his eyes and gazed sharply into Sis Ceci’s eyes. It looked like he was not going to give in.

Sis Ceci was also glaring at him. The pair of husband and wife stared at each other for a very long time. The atmosphere was very tense. It felt like the start of a World War!

Suddenly, Uncle Mason reached out to hold Sis Ceci’s hand. The next moment, he had knelt down on one knee and said, “Wife, Elder Alufa assigned Luo Bing to me. I didn’t take her away from you.” Uncle Mason looked like he was full of grievances. 

*Pfft!* The moment Uncle Mason gave in, the guys on the side burst out into fits of laughter, before instantly stopping and trying to hold it in. Their faces grew distorted from holding back their uncontrollable laughter.

I instantly froze by the side. Uncle Mason is so disappointing!

Sis Ceci creased her eyebrows and shouted, “Get up!”

“Yes.” Uncle Mason quickly stood up and hung his head low. It seemed as though he was ready to take any order from his wife at any time.

I was still frozen in my spot. 

Sis Ceci turned around and looked at the guys. Her sharp gaze glanced through each and every one of them. The guys kept standing in ‘attention’ while staring straight ahead. However, I could see them stealing glances at Xiao Ying’s big boobs!

Sigh! Guys!

“From today onwards, the DR team would be training in close combat with all of you!” Sis Ceci said sternly. The guys’ eyes glowed the moment they heard that. It reflected the instinctual desire young men felt towards women, pure and youthful.

Sigh! Idiots!

“As for the military officer in charge of close combat training?” Sis Ceci pointed at me, catching me off guard. “It will be Luo Bing!” I had suddenly been announced as a military officer—I was dumbfounded.

“What? Luo Bing?!” The guys were shocked.

Sis Ceci looked at Sis Cannon. “Sis Cannon, take Luo Bing to get changed. Then, we can begin training!” Sis Ceci’s immediate and resolute style was entirely different from Uncle Mason’s leisurely and carefree style.

“Yes!” Sis Ceci’s teammates were as bright and capable as her. Sis Cannon left to bring me a set of black battle uniform, just like the one Harry and his teammates were wearing.

“Follow me.” Sis Cannon led the way. She looked sideways at Khai as she walked past him. “You have something to say against being my man?!”

Khai quivered. He was tall and muscular, but he didn’t seem to be able to even lift his head in Sis Cannon’s presence. I heard him mutter, “No, not at all…”

The other guys laughed secretly.

“Mm!” Sis Cannon glared at him before walking away.

I stole a glance at Khai. It’s no surprise that this kind of military officer would produce this kind of trooper. I thought that since Uncle Mason was extremely fearful of his wife, his scouting troop members would never be able to lift their heads in front of the DR team.

On the other side of the cabin, there was a small door, behind which was a changing room. Inside the changing room, a row of wardrobes lined up neatly against one side. Sis Cannon stood by the door and closed the door for me. I started changing as soon as she closed the door behind me.

The black battle uniform was new, with a light fragrance of lilies on it. It was probably made to fit a man since there wasn’t much space on the chest. However, mine weren’t that big, so it was just nice and fit comfortably. The material of the battle uniform was very stretchy. The collar, waist, long sleeves and cuffs could be tightened too. From top to bottom, the uniform sleekly outlined the lines of my body. On the hip was a pocket to fit a knife or gun, as well as many other pockets and hasps to hold other items.

I cinched the belt around my waist. Then, I punched and kicked in the air a few times. The uniform was very flexible, and it didn’t restrict my movements at all. It was as comfortable as a second skin.

I patted my chest in satisfaction. Then, I took out my headscarf and tied it around my neck, just like Harry and the others did. After that, I walked to the door.

*Swoosh!* The moment the door opened, I looked up at everyone with enthusiasm. Everyone looked surprised. Harry looked at me as though I had become extremely unfamiliar.

“Not bad!” Uncle Mason smiled as he rubbed his chin.

Sis Ceci nodded in satisfaction too.

“Handsome!” Sis Cannon gave me a thumbs-up. “I prefer your current look.”

“Thank you. Let’s begin then.” I looked at everyone. Although I am younger, I am strict as a military officer!

Training! Begins!

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