Book 5: Chapter 139 - Who Is the Mole

“Phwiit!” Ghostie suddenly whistled.

Little Bing rushed forward in an instant. Its speed was so fast that I quickly bent down to lean closer to its neck. I held its neck tightly, and it suddenly spread its wings to fly.

She was flying! Little Raf and Little Har took off too, and followed closely behind!

They seemed to be flying very close to the ground because it was our first time riding them. Riding on a lucid bird felt completely different from riding a flying car. It felt more exciting and more dangerous, because a lucid bird wouldn’t enclose you in its body.

They flew steadily and brought us back to Noah City, where we were met with a bustling scene. Some were busy moving furniture from the warehouse to the east, and others were busy moving food. Everyone was busy with their own tasks and didn’t notice us.

A truck loaded with food passed by in front of us. Ah Zong took a piece of bread and placed it in front of me. He smiled flirtatiously as he looked at me, saying, “My Queen, you haven’t eaten anything.”

Raffles looked to Ah Zong, looking pensive. Ah Zong smiled at him, adding, “You too. Hurry up and eat.” He then took another piece of bread from the truck in front of us and handed it to Raffles.

Raffles looked at him for a while before accepting it. “Thank you,” he said politely. Raffles and Ah Zong were unfamiliar with each other.

“You’re welcome.” Ah Zong looked at Raffles with a sweet smile.

“Ah Zong, where do you stay now?” I looked at him with concern.

Ah Zong’s smile was still sweet. “They helped us settle down comfortably,” he said.

But I didn’t believe him, because his smile was too beautiful.

“Go and take a look. I need to head back to pack my bags. I can make Ghostie’s equipment too,” Raffles said casually.

But Ah Zong looked surprised. He looked at Raffles blankly. If one didn’t know Ah Zong, they would think he was crazy over Raffles. His smile was wide and beautiful, but it looked as if it could fade away the very next moment and hurt someone’s heart.

“You… are willing to let me and my Queen be alone?” Ah Zong seemed to be in disbelief that Raffles would trust him and dare to leave me alone with him.

Raffles felt awkward from Ah Zong’s gaze as he replied, “Mm. After all, Lil' Bing believes in you. Lil' Bing is not a Queen, though; you can call her Luo Bing or Lil' Bing.”

Ah Zong slowly looked down and his smile faded. “I… am not qualified to call her that.”

“In Lil' Bing’s perspective, she sees everyone the same way as long as they are her friends.” Raffles smiled. Ah Zong lifted his chin to look at Raffles again.

Raffles looked dumbfounded. He blinked and looked back. “Haggs said that you, Little Har, Little Raf, Little Bing, and Little Carl are the same in Lil' Bing’s perspective.”

Ah Zong was stunned. The next moment, he held his forehead and let out a burst of laughter, “Hahahaha! Hahaha!” Ah Zong laughed hysterically with the back of his hand against his forehead. His waist was so slender that I was worried he would break his waist when he shook with laughter.

Raffles chuckled too. He looked at me and said, “I’ll head back first.”


Raffles rushed into the bustling crowd.

“I’ll go and help dad!” Little Carl quickly caught up with Raffles.

Little Har, Little Bing, and Little Raf continued to run around us. I patted them and exhorted, “Don’t make a mess here.” The three of them flapped their wings and flew through the sky above Noah City, stopping at the platform.

“Sister Luo Bing!” Pelos ran to me while waving his arms. He looked at me emotionally, saying, “Thank you, Sister Luo Bing. You brought us to Noah City, and I found my sister!”

“How are Sis Shirley and Sis Ceci doing?” I asked with concern.

Pelos sighed, “They’re still in the meeting room. But you don’t have to worry. I know what my mom is like. They’ll be fine. My mom’s responsible for our tribe. There’s no other place better than here."

I nodded gladly. I also believed that everything would be okay, but it would need time.

“Are you going to pick up my dad and the others today?” He looked at me with a burning gaze. His eyes seemed to be churning with anticipation, like the time he had wanted to leave Koont Village with me back then. He patted his chest, saying, “I’d like to go and get them personally!” He stood straight and looked at me. He wanted Uncle Akbu to see him return. To him, it felt like a victorious return.

“Sure.” I didn’t hesitate.

“Of course!” Pelos clenched his fists happily as though he had won. He looked at me with his shimmering eyes, asking, “When do we go?”

“I’ll inform you when I’m leaving.” It should be soon. I would only be at ease after I had taken a look at the Honeycomb boys’ condition. I’d brought them back, and I had to take responsibility.

“That’s great!” Pelos ran back happily.

Ah Zong and I went to where they had settled the Honeycomb boys. The tunnel gradually became quiet, and Ah Zong kept staring at my face with a look of infatuation. Even though he was walking next to me, his gaze had never left my face.

“Ah Zong, can you stop staring at me?”

“No.” He put his hands on his back and smiled flirtatiously at me.

“What if I command you to?” I said without looking at him.

“Nope.” He bit his lips gently, and looked as playful as when he had been a girl.

“Fine.” I admitted defeat. I looked at him, saying, “I want to ask you something."

“What is it?” There was confusion in his charming eyes.

I became solemn, and hesitated. After all, what I was about to say would sound like I was doubtful of the brothers that he believed in. “Ah Zong, does His Highness Cang Yu know?”

Ah Zong nodded slowly but elegantly, like a cat.

“His Highness didn’t know I was a girl before. But he found out after you sent me to Harry. Only the ones on your spaceships knew that I was a girl then. Only Zi Yi and the other guys…” I looked at Ah Zong, whose expression faded. He looked down, and seemed to be in deep thought. I immediately explained, “I’m sorry. Not that I suspect your men, but there are too many coincidences. It should be impossible for the people around you to be in contact with Cang Yu…”

“It’s not necessarily… impossible…” He continued, “In Blue Shield City, it would have been impossible for His Highness Cang Yu to have no one on the inside. His Highness Cang Yu should be the real owner… of Silver Moon City…” He turned and looked at me.

I creased my eyebrows and said with uncertainty, “Cang Yu is very mysterious and he hardly appears personally. He seemed as though he wanted Xing Chuan to attend, but Xing Chuan behaves reverently when he sees Cang Yu."

Ah Zong nodded slowly. “Zi Yi… was not bought…” he suddenly said.


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