Book 5: Chapter 138 - Bear Love for Him

“Splash!” Little Har pounced back onto Ghostie.

Haggs looked at me calmly, saying, “Nothing happened.”

I looked at Haggs, replying, “He obviously doesn’t know you. But when I was with Raffles, he clearly showed that he knew Raffles. He’s a water ghost. It’s normal for him not to know you, but how would he know Raffles?”

Haggs listened to my question, stunned.

“I observed him for a long time.” I looked at Ghostie again. He would look at Haggs suspiciously whenever he came out from the water. It was as though he was wondering why Raffles had suddenly become a different person wearing the same outfit.

“On Hagrid Island, I thought he had simply developed human intelligence. He could understand me, and he could express his feelings and thoughts. He knows how to fight in battles, and he likes to peep at me taking showers…”

A flash of sharp light crossed Haggs’ eyes.

“Plus, he has a superpower. He can resurrect humans. How could a water ghost evolve so quickly?” I looked at Haggs while his eyes glistened. It seemed as if he were searching for and calculating the probability of various scientific explanations.

“Then, on our way back, I realized that he knew Uncle Mason, Sis Ceci, and Elder Alufa. He responded to the name ‘Akbu’ too. Haggs… do you think Harry’s soul could have entered Ghostie’s?”

Haggs creased his eyebrows. He was calmer and more rational than Raffles. He was so rational that he was cold to worldly affairs. However, only coldness could eliminate all emotional factors and allow him to come to accurate conclusions. “There’s a possibility that Harry was resurrected in his body,” he suddenly said.

I looked at him suspiciously as he looked at me closely, and he continued. “Harry’s heart is different from that of a normal human being. Do you remember the time when you were trapped in the snowstorm? Theoretically, if a human were frozen, their blood would freeze too. Therefore, the heart would stop beating very soon. However, it was different for Harry. His heart was a separate entity. In other words, it could live alone for a certain period of time. In other words, as long as his heart were to survive, he could be resurrected. The heart would slowly regrow other tissue. His superpower is almost magical, as it can bring him back from the dead.”

“You mean… Harry is in Ghostie?”

“This needs to be verified.” Haggs was confused too. “Because if Harry’s heart had survived and he had been reborn, he should have broken Ghostie’s body apart. But instead, he seems to have taken over Ghostie’s body. It’s contradictory to the parameters of Harry’s superpower. I might need to examine Ghostie closely."

“No!” I immediately objected, and Haggs looked at me. I grabbed for his hand. “I don’t care if Ghostie is Harry. At least he’s still alive and by my side!”

Haggs creased his eyebrows slightly.

If Haggs were to examine Ghostie, what if he were to really kill Ghostie then?!

Poof!” Suddenly, a burst of water splashed onto Haggs and me. We looked in the direction it had come from. As expected, Ghostie was staring at Haggs. He was jealous again.

“Mm? Ghostie is jealous.” Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously, saying, “Ghostie, that man is Raffles. He is not any other man.”

Ghostie was stunned. He really did know Raffles. So, he knew about my relationship with Raffles. That was why he hadn’t splashed water at Raffles when we stood together, because he was never jealous of Raffles.

I suddenly felt a hand clenching mine, and I immediately looked at Haggs. His eyebrows were tightly knitted and I quickly asked, “What’s wrong?”

Haggs looked at the confused Ghostie and muttered softly, “Raffles feels as though Ghostie is Harry. He is very emotional, and wants to confront him.”

“No way!” I muttered hastily. “Based on Harry’s character, if he were to notice that we knew it was him, he would definitely leave me!”

Haggs creased his eyebrows and nodded. “You hear that, Raffles? Calm down.” Then, he turned to smile at Ghostie. “Ghostie, hello. I’m Haggs. This is Raffles’ and my superpower. We split.” Then, he slowly turned into Raffles before Ghostie’s eyes.

Raffles squinted his eyes and forced a smile. “I was originally a gestalt mind, with two brains. Then, I evolved and really became two people.” Then, he turned around and tears flowed down from the corners of his eyes. He looked at me emotionally. It was as though he were telling me he could feel that this was really Harry. 

I nodded at him. I lowered my face and took a deep breath, to calm myself down and push my feelings aside. When Raffles turned back, he had become the calm Haggs again. It was obvious that Raffles couldn’t face Ghostie calmly either.

Ghostie stared at Haggs, wide-eyed. He broke into a smile and gave Haggs a thumbs-up! He seemed to be happy about Raffles’s evolution.

I quickly told Haggs, “The issue now is that Ghostie is a water ghost. He can’t come ashore very often but I need him to protect me all the time. Can you figure out a way for him to stay on land?”

Haggs looked at Ghostie calmly, saying, “Let me take care of this. I will keep him close to you.”

Ghostie reined in his smile under the brilliant morning light. He watched Haggs closely and calmly, as if he were seeing an old friend.

Harry had once hidden his feelings from us. Now, in order for him to stay with us, we had to hide our feelings too. I had never imagined that it would be so tiring and tough to hide one’s feelings.

“I’m going back to design full equipment for him!” Haggs said excitedly. I knew him. Once his passion for invention surged, he wouldn’t bother taking a glance at me even if I were naked. Although it sounded exaggerated, it was true.

“Ghostie, we’ll go back and make you your equipment first,” I told Ghostie. He waved his hands at me and looked very happy.

Coo.” Little Har, Little Bing and Little Raf ran up to Raffles and me happily. Little Carl ran over too and looked at us happily, saying, “Dad, Mom, they want you to ride them.” 

Did Little Carl call me Mom? I blushed.

“Someone’s a mom now!” Ah Zong lay atop Little Har lazily and smiled sweetly at me. “Congratulations!”

“Brother Ah Zong, he’s willing to bring you back. He likes you.” Little Carl looked at Ah Zong excitedly, asking, “Can I sit with you? Can I? Can I?!” Little Carl jumped in excitement, and his bunny ears bounced along with him. He looked extremely cute.

Ah Zong smiled, “Of course you can!” Then, he carried Little Carl and put him on Little Har, before leaping onto Little Har’s back. Little Bing and Little Raf bent over in front of us. It was my first time riding a bird, and I was nervous too. Haggs mounted Little Raf calmly, and I quickly got onto Little Bing’s back.

The three birds immediately stood up and extended their necks. It seemed that they wanted to compete.


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