Book 5: Chapter 137 - Go to Meet Ghostie

Sis Shirley looked at me. I knew that they loved Noah City, but they still held grudges. How could this hatred of eighteen years be dismissed so quickly? Arsenal had “betrayed” me with good intentions, but I had still found it revolting. Let alone the fact that these people thought they had been abandoned by their family.

I looked at Arsenal. “Arsenal, your father will be here in the next spacecraft. You’d better be prepared.”

Arsenal looked at me stiffly and tears quivered in her eyes. However, she maintained her elegance and toughness. She held her chin up. She wanted everyone to see her as a reliable queen, not a crying girl.

Faint morning sunlight pierced through the clouds to the east. It poured over us and melted the ice between Xue Gie and Arsenal. It brought the warmth of our family back to us.

It was a long day in Noah City. Raffles and I took a slow stroll under the morning sunlight. The entire world became silent again, as though there were only Raffles and I… no, there were Ah Zong and Little Carl. They were following behind us at a distance.

Of course, there were Little Har, Little Bing, and Little Raf. They walked alongside Ah Zong and Little Carl. They had already grown up into huge lucid birds that could carry people.

Sis Shirley had temporarily buried the hatchet with Elder Alufa because the current master of Noah City was Akbu’s daughter, Arsenal. As Sis Shirley had remarried to Akbu, Noah City was indirectly Sis Shirley’s, too.

Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason would help Sis Shirley and the others settle down. It was bound to be the busiest and the most unforgettable day in Noah City. It was Noah City’s first time taking in so many people from Koont Village and Blue Shield City.

I told Raffles a very long story…

It was the story of Hagrid Island, a bunch of people who had survived the end of the world. He listened to the story, surprised. They had been there since before the world had ended, but they couldn’t be considered true ancients. However, I had yet to mention Professor Yin Yue and Xing Chuan, as well as the shocking secret…

I said enough that day, however. After I told him the story, I brought him to see “Harry”.

“Ah Zong keeps following you…” Raffles’s expression and tone seemed conflicted.

“He likes me,” I said straightforwardly.

Raffles tensed. I smiled at him, saying, “But he knows that I don’t like him.”

“Why is he still following you then?” Raffles was confused.

“Because he likes me,” I replied. Raffles was stunned. His scientist’s brain didn’t quite seem to understand people’s feelings.

I turned and looked at Ah Zong from far away. He walked coquettishly near the horizon, almost seeming to walk the line between heaven and earth. He plucked a weed from the roadside, swishing it idly. It was the first time I had seen a peaceful and innocent expression on his face, instead of his usual bewitching and seductive look.

Little Carl seemed to like Ah Zong a lot, and kept running around him. Little Bing, Little Har, and Little Raf liked him too. As he swished the weed in his hand, the three of them took turns to catch it.

I turned around and smiled. “Ah Zong is a hundred percent infatuated and loyal. In his heart, there’s only me. So, he won’t leave me.” I looked at Raffles, continuing, “You can believe in him. He’ll be nice to you too.”

Raffles stopped and turned to look at Ah Zong. His pink hair fluttered near Little Har, Little Bing, and Little Raf. Raffles smiled too. “Animals like him. He must be a good person.” He observed Ah Zong like a scientist, forming a profile of his character. Raffles and I looked at each other and smiled. We turned around and continued to walk leisurely. We had not taken a stroll in the morning for a long time.

The water glistened nearby. The reservoir that Raffles had built reflected the blue sky and white clouds above. The refreshing morning breeze blew a light spray of water into my face. It was a brand new day for us, and a brand new day for Noah City.

We stood by the reservoir, and a figure appeared on the clear water.

Ah Zong, Little Carl, and the others stood off to the side. Little Bing, Little Har, and Little Raf pounced at me, and their huge bodies nearly pushed Raffles and me into the reservoir. Their feathers were fully grown and glistened with oil under the sunlight. It was as though a bucket of bright oil paint had been poured over their bodies. They kept showing their affection for a while before going to drink water from the reservoir.

The figure suddenly appeared in front of us with a splash. It shocked Little Bing, Little Har, and Little Raf. Raffles was startled too.

Raffles looked at Ghostie as he floated in the water, and was stunned. His grayish blue hair fluttered in the wind. Ghostie broke into a smile and waved. His wide smile overlapped with Harry’s under the sunlight.

Little Bing, Little Har, and Little Raf looked for a while. Then, they moved closer to sniff Ghostie. Ghostie extended his hand to touch Little Har’s huge bird face, and his gaze turned gentle.

Suddenly, Little Har leaped and jumped into the water. It pressed down on Ghostie affectionately.

“Hahaha…” Ah Zong chuckled lightly by the side of the reservoir, wearing a leisurely smile. Raffles continued to watch blankly.

Every time Ghostie came up, Little Har would lean its head into Ghostie affectionately. Little Har was too heavy, so it kept pressing Ghostie into the water, even if it simply wanted to lie down on Ghostie.

“This is Ghostie. He’s a water ghost,” I said softly to Raffles.

Raffles looked at me as I gazed at Ghostie’s figure, which was continually immersed in water. “When I was on Hagrid Island, he swam across half the planet to find me, just to bring me Harry’s ring.”


“Back then, I thought he was just curious. He had followed the direction that Harry’s ring showed to find me…”

“Impossible! Harry’s ring could only be activated with his own genetic signature. A water ghost wouldn’t be able to activate it!” What Raffles said made my heart skip a beat. I looked at him and he blinked quickly, as though he were analyzing each and every possibility of a water ghost activating Harry’s ring.

“Unless he has Harry’s dead body.” Suddenly, Haggs took over Raffles. Raffles’ face changed into Haggs’ because of his sudden interruption. Besides splitting, they could also rotate!

Haggs was calm as he looked down at me. “I think it’d be best that I analyze things. Raffles is too emotional right now, and it’ll affect his judgment. If the water ghost had Harry’s body, it could activate the ring.”

“I thought about that too. But… look.” I looked at Ghostie, saying, “Ghostie, come and greet Raffles!”

Ghostie snuck out from under Little Har and pounced on top of him. Then, he looked at Raffles. Suddenly, he was stunned because he didn’t know Haggs.


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