Book 5: Chapter 134 - Unforgivable Abandonment

Ah Zong popped his head out and sniffed Raffles’s neck, saying, “You are my Queen’s man. You have to take care of her and make her happier. Don’t part with her again. I felt heartache seeing her alone.”

Raffles was stunned. He began to blush blankly. Although he blushed, he continued to look at Ah Zong’s beautiful eyes, as though what he said had changed Raffles’s mind about him.    

Ah Zong smiled sweetly. He bit his lower lip and placed his hand on Raffles’s shoulder. He blinked at Raffles and said, “If you’d like to know how to make her happier, come and look for me.”

“Ah Zong...” I couldn’t help but stop him. This guy had been teaching my men so many secret tactics. Harry had told me that Ah Zong had shared quite a bit with him last time. Ah Zong broke into a smile and winked coquettishly.

Pitter-patter!” Suddenly, there were people running in the corridor. Pelos, Xue Gie, Bill, Sis Cannon, Williams, and the rest were running; their shadows overlapped one another on the wall.

“Captain!” They saw us and stopped.

Pelos quickly glanced at me and ran outside, yelling, “Mom!”

Xue Gie and I exchanged a look and quickly caught up. The atmosphere outside was bitterly hostile. Pelos ran in between Elder Alufa and the water wall. He looked at Sis Shirley, confused and anxious. “Mom, what are you doing? Elder Alufa is willing to take us in. It’s great here. There’s hot water for showers, and everyone can finally have a full meal and wear warm clothing.”

“Come back, Pelos!” Sis Shirley shouted from behind the water wall.

“Mom, how could you hit a good person?!”

“I will repeat myself one more time. Come back!” Sis Shirley’s angry roar put Pelos in an awkward position. He stood there and stomped his feet anxiously.

“What's going on?” Arsenal looked at Sis Ceci confusedly. “Who are they?” Sis Ceci looked down in shame.

Arsenal immediately looked at me, saying, “Luo Bing, you brought these people back. They pose a threat to Noah City. You have to take responsibility.”

“If it weren’t for Luo Bing, I wouldn’t have been polite to you,” Sis Shirley roared again.

Arsenal was shocked.

“Stop it, Arsenal!” Sis Ceci held Arsenal’s arm tightly, but she found the situation hard to explain. Arsenal’s face grew grim and she looked at Elder Alufa, saying, “Grandpa.” 

Elder Alufa raised his hand and beckoned Arsenal to stop. The two groups of people stood opposite each other in the dark. It was extremely quiet.

“Shirley...” Uncle Mason walked forward. He had already removed his disguise, “Back then…”

“Shut up!” Sis Shirley bellowed and glared at Uncle Mason. “If I knew it was you, we wouldn’t have followed you back!”

Just as expected. Luckily, I told Uncle Mason to disguise himself before he went.

Many people looked at them, confused. There were people from Noah City, as well as people from Koont Village. Most of the confused people were the younger ones from the second generation, and those people who weren’t from Noah City or Koont Village in the past.

“Shirley.” Elder Alufa took a step forward. “I was the one who gave the command back then. It has nothing to do with them. Blame it on me. Please let everyone settle down. Noah can protect them. There is no place better than Noah.”

“Better, huh?” Shirley smirked coldly, “It’s because you sacrificed us back then that you could become better now. Why are you trying to be nice and make us stay now? So when there’s danger in the future, you can abandon us again?” Shirley reprimanded him. Elder Alufa closed his eyes in agony. His aged expression looked even more haggard in the dark night.

Raffles was immediately stunned. He quickly came forward and looked at the opposite crowd. Is he looking for his family?

“Mom…” Xue Gie walked out. She called out, and everyone looked surprised. Ming You, Sis Cannon and the others looked emotional. They began to walk forward like Raffles. They stood next to Pelos before the water wall and looked at the women behind it. Their eyes were quivering with anticipation.

Shirley was stunned too. Xue Gie walked in front of her. Her expressionless face suddenly quivered, and she looked at Sis Shirley emotionally, saying, “Mom, I’m Xue Gie. Can you recognize me?”

The water wall collapsed entirely at the very moment Xue Gie’s eyes connected with Sis Shirley’s. It was the reunion of family that removed the wall of hatred.

Pelos stood there blankly. Bill quickly carried a baby who had the same eyes as Xue Gie over to her. “Xue Gie!” Sis Shirley’s eyes quivered.

“Mia!” Suddenly, there was a woman who recognized Sis Cannon. She came forward and tears rolled down her cheeks. “Is it Mia? My Mia!”

“Mom!” Sis Cannon immediately went forward too. It was family, after all. Even after eighteen years, they could recognize one another at first glance.

Even though they were just kids when their parents had left… even though they couldn’t remember how their parents looked when they were “sacrificed”...

“I’m Khai. Mom, are you here? I’m Khai!” Khai shouted tearfully. “Is there anyone here who knows me?”

“Khai!” A woman suddenly burst out and hugged Khai. “Khai, you’re so grown up!”

One woman after another ran out behind Sis Shirley. They recognized their children who might have been in swaddling clothing back then. Williams, Joey, Sia, Ming You, Xiao Ying, Moorim, Mosie, and so on; all of them ran towards their family. As they ran, Sis Shirley hugged Xue Gie tightly while Pelos looked puzzled.

Arsenal stood blankly on the spot. Her eyes began to well up with tears. Is she looking for her family too?

“It’s them. It’s them. Isn’t it, grandpa?” Arsenal asked Elder Alufa anxiously as she looked at Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci.

Elder Alufa, Uncle Mason, and Sis Ceci wiped their tears and choked back sobs.

Arsenal’s tears flowed. “It’s really them. Is there a misunderstanding, grandpa? Explain to them. There must be a misunderstanding.”

Elder Alufa became silent. He shed tears without a word.

Raffles looked around anxiously and he ran forward too, but no one came forward.

Raffles became disappointed and I held his hand, saying reassuringly, “Half of the people have yet to arrive.” Raffles looked at me happily, and I nodded at him with a smile.



“Mom, you had a tough time.”

“You grew so strong!”

“This is your superpower?”

Before the Noah City gate, families resumed their relationships after a long separation. The touching reunion made people shed tears.


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