Book 5: Chapter 133 - War Among Family

“Harry died, but I can become two people and keep you company. You can also continue to look for men that you like.”


“I’m serious,” Raffles sounded the way he did when he was conducting an experiment. He pressed me down onto his naked chest and let me listen to his heartbeat. “Back then, we could tell that Harry liked you too, but he matchmade the two of us so that you could be happy. We only hope to make you happy, and Harry would want to see you happy too,” he said, choking back sobs.

“Harry is still alive.” I looked up at him while lying on his chest.

“What?” Raffles was confused and surprised. He looked down, and his grayish-blue hair slid past his beautiful face. “Are you sure?”

I nodded, “I am sure, and I brought him back.”

“What?” Raffles suddenly sat up, shocked. Then, he suddenly looked at the clothes scattered all over the place. He began to pick up the clothes, hastily covering himself and getting dressed, and looked toward Harry’s room subconsciously.

Pfff.” I couldn’t help but laugh. “He’s not here.”

Raffles was dumbfounded.

“I’ll tell you in detail later. You can go and pack your luggage first. When Uncle Mason returns, we’ll leave Noah City."

“Where did Uncle Mason go?” Raffles was confused. “What happened?”

“I’ll tell you in detail later too,” I hugged his body that was still half exposed under his shirt, asking, “Shouldn’t we take a shower first?”

“Mmhmm.” Raffles lowered his head and held down the hem of his shirt bashfully. His long grayish blue hair covered his blushing face, but I could faintly see the lifted corners of his lips.

Whoosh.” Hot water poured down from above, and Raffles washed my long hair carefully. “Lil’ Bing, you haven’t told me where you were when you went missing.”

“Hagrid Island,” I said.

“Hagrid Island?”

“You definitely couldn’t have guessed. It’s a place secluded from this world. There are humans from sixty years ago there, and Professor Hagrid Jones’ wife was there too.”

“What?” Raffles exclaimed in surprise. “Hagrid Jones’s wife was still alive?"

“Mm, I found out a shocking secret from her. In actual fact, this world…”

“Daddy! Master!” Little Carl suddenly called hastily from outside the door. “Master, master! Uncle Khai asked you to come out quickly. They’re fighting!”

“What’s going on, Little Carl?” Raffles looked out of the bathroom door. “Have the people from Silver Moon City left?”

“Brother Gale and the others from Silver Moon City left long ago. They said they would give you three days’ time to bid farewell to Elder Alufa before they come and pick you up again. I have no idea why there’s a fight outside. Uncle Mason brought some people back. In the end, they began fighting when they saw Sis Ceci and Grandpa Alufa.”

“They came back!” I looked at Raffles excitedly.

Raffles looked at me anxiously, “They’re fighting outside. Why are you so happy?” He was still the same honest guy after all.

I smiled, saying, “Xue Gie’s mother is back.”

“What?!” Raffles was stunned as the water flowed down his fringe and past his delicate features, gathering at his sharp yet gentle chin. His grayish blue eyes quivered in the running water. He should have understood what I said then.

I hoped his parents would be among those who came.

When we opened the door, Little Carl pounced. “Master, Little Carl missed you!” He cried when he hugged me. He was wearing a cute boy outfit similar to a sailor’s uniform. His body was soft, because he was a bionic robot. He wailed tearfully as he hugged me.

He was like a child who would never grow up. From a bunch of milk powder cans and digital expressions to a real body and a more advanced artificial emotion system, I had watched him grow as if I had been looking after a real child.

Raffles was amazing. Going to Silver Moon City had helped him a lot. That was why he wanted to stay in Silver Moon City; he could use his knowledge to the fullest extent there, unbound by equipment limitations and moral constraints. He could realize many of his wildest scientific dreams.

We ran through the corridor hastily. The people from Silver Moon City had left long ago. Ah Zong had said exactly what I’d told them to say, and Silver Moon City didn’t suspect anything. However, Silver Moon City didn’t intend to help Ah Zong and the other Honeycomb guys settle down after hearing their report, so it seemed that Noah City had temporarily taken over. How could Honeycomb boys go up to Silver Moon City?

Hmph. Blue Shield City had been working for Silver Moon City. The Honeycomb boys hadn’t been afraid when they fought against a strong enemy, but had safeguarded the Eastern Hemisphere fearlessly. In my eyes, they were like heroes who weren’t any weaker than the warriors in Silver Moon City.

I suddenly felt that Ah Zong and the other guys had been treated unfairly, and felt angry. It was only a matter of time until Silver Moon City’s arrogant mask could be torn away, and it would stand before us in shame.

When Raffles and I rushed to the city gate, I saw a huge water wall separating the area into two. Sis Shirley was on one side, and Sis Ceci was on the other. Sis Shirley glared at Elder Alufa angrily, while Elder Alufa held his staff and stood before Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason. Arsenal, Ming You, and the others stood behind Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason. Brother Qian Li, Khai, and the other members of Noah City were present.

Ah Zong leaned against the door, as if he were just about to join the crowd. He saw us and waved. His lazy and coquettish gaze fixed upon Raffles’s face, and he smiled charmingly. Raffles stopped and looked at Ah Zong with a complicated feeling. He knew that Ah Zong had saved me once, and had brought Harry and me together. 

He knew that Ah Zong was my friend, but he couldn’t accept Ah Zong because of things that had happened during their first and second meeting, so he tried to keep his distance from Ah Zong. Ah Zong smiled sweetly at Raffles, but Raffles seemed to be trying to ignore him.

It was normal behavior towards a stranger. On top of that, Raffles had a strong impression of Ah Zong pursuing me aggressively. He had been told about the fact that we had reconciled, but he hadn’t experienced it himself, after all.

Ah Zong didn’t mind the way Raffles seemed to coldly repel him, but he stopped and smiled at me, saying, “He made you happy.” His sweet smile made me blush. I felt as if he had seen through me.

Raffles didn’t seem to understand what Ah Zong had said, and he looked at Ah Zong. Ah Zong walked over coquettishly, the way he had walked towards Harry. Harry had tensed up back then, and so did Raffles. Raffles’s body stiffened as he looked at Ah Zong with his guard up. He held my hand tightly.


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