Book 5: Chapter 132 - The Happiness of Three

I looked at Haggs’s eyes that had suddenly blanked, and I felt my heart aching.

I jumped off the table and stood in front of him, saying, “I’m sorry. I acted on impulse. I-I’m not used to Raffles turning into two people. The person that I first fell in love with was Raffles. But the complete Raffles is made up of both of you. So if I couldn’t accept you, it would mean that I hadn’t fallen completely in love with Raffles... Raffles, can you give me some time to adapt to this? You scientists do experiments over and over again, and it requires time too, right?” I looked up at Haggs. “You just... appeared too suddenly.”

Raffles looked at Haggs too. Haggs’s eyes dilated, and there was a familiar gentleness in his cold eyes. He choked back a sob and smiled. He nodded at me, saying, “I’m sorry, Lil' Bing. I-I merely didn’t want to part with you. Do you know how much Raffles and I missed you for the past two years? We really couldn’t find you.” He sobbed and his eyes turned red.

Even before, Haggs had always been tougher than Raffles. When Raffles had felt hopeless after losing me and Harry, Haggs’s strong will had kept them alive.

“I know.” I held his hand and felt a pang of piercing guilt. “That’s why I came back and lied to Silver Moon City, telling them Elder Alufa was dying, so you could come down and reunite with me.”

“Lil' Bing, Haggs missed you for too long. He never expected that you would leave again right after we reunited.” Raffles lowered his head helplessly. He looked away, as though he didn’t want me to see his sorrowful expression.

I held both of their hands and looked at them. “Why don’t you follow me?” I asked.

They suddenly looked up at me simultaneously. I looked back, concerned. “Can’t you let go of Silver Moon City? Can’t you do those experiments here? You’re so smart, you can turn any place into your lab. In the future, there’s going to be a lot of fighting, and I won’t return to Silver Moon City. I don’t want to part with you, too.”

Their eyes quivered with emotion. Suddenly, they hugged me simultaneously. Their four arms brought the same warmth along with their breaths. Then, the other two arms disappeared and the complete Raffles hugged me tightly. “We will go with you. We will be with you forever. We will never be separated again."

“Mm.” I buried myself into his chest and gripped his silky shirt tightly. I took deep breaths and took in the familiar scent that had been kept in my heart and in my memory.

His hand gradually moved up my back and reached the back of my neck. His body stiffened, and his warm palms stopped against the skin on the back of my neck. He leaned down and rubbed my head gently. The room became quiet and he kept me in his arms. He didn’t let go of me, nor did I want to leave my lover’s embrace. We had been apart for too long.

I hugged him tightly, and he planted kisses gently on the top of my head. Then, he slowly pecked his way down to my fringe, my eyebrows, and the tip of my nose. I gradually lifted my face and our gazes met. His affectionate gaze drowned me like a hot spring. I immersed myself in the gentleness and affection of his look. His yearning for me and his accumulated love had turned into this intense sensation.

He slowly kissed and touched me gently. It was as if he were afraid that he would shatter me into a figment of imagination. I could feel his gentle touch acutely. His soft lips pressed against mine gently, along with the burning heart of his love. He gently sucked on my lips, wetting them like the drizzle of spring rain.

It wasn’t as fierce as when we had first gotten back together, but I melted into his gentle touch. The silent room was filled with breathing he tried to suppress. His guttural breathing made me blush and my heart raced. His suppressed desire tickled my own, drawing it out from the depths of my heart and leaving me unable to stop.

Suddenly, there was another hand to support my falling back. I felt my brain buzz. It was Haggs.

In the end, Raffles, Haggs, and I lay sprawled on the sofa in the living room. Haggs was behind me, while Raffles was in front of me. The three of us were hugging tightly.

I had just said that I wanted to adapt to this; and yet, in the end, it had become such a scene. I suddenly recalled what my filthy cousin said back then: Nothing can’t be solved with a good bang.

In the end, I didn’t have to adapt to Haggs at all...

They hugged me tightly and Haggs lay on my shoulder. Raffles tucked my wet hair behind my ears and he looked at me apologetically, saying, “Sorry for making you so exhausted. We…”

“Lil' Bing shouldn’t be tired,” Haggs supported me from behind. “With Lil' Bing’s constitution, she should be able to go further. Raffles, our efforts into researching a woman’s body structure weren’t in vain. We succeeded!” Haggs combed the hair by the side of my face lovingly.

I immediately blushed furiously. Raffles blushed too. “Do you have nothing better to do? Do your research!” I said, embarrassed.

“Understanding how to make you happy is our most important research subject,” Haggs said wearily. “Phew. Lil' Bing’s constitution is really good. I’m tired. Raffles, I’m going to take a nap.” Then, he held Raffles’s hand and their hands merged together. Haggs flipped over my body and lay above Raffles. They then merged back into one.

I was stunned at the sight. Only the complete Raffles was left in front of me. He looked weary too, but he fixed his loving and affectionate gaze on me. “My superpower is to split cells. So, there will be some losses in terms of stamina. Sorry,” he apologized. He blushed and lowered his head. “I didn’t do well this time.”

I immediately blushed, but I didn’t know what to say. I averted my gaze as I stuttered, “No. You did really well. I, I, I, am happy.” This is so embarrassing. I immediately covered my face and kept avoiding his eyes.

“Heh, you look so cute.” He kissed my hand, which was covering my face. “Lil' Bing, let’s not part again,” he repeated, pulling me into a tight embrace. I was so happy that the person I loved was hugging me.


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