Book 5: Chapter 131 - Haggs and Raffles

“He wanted to leave with the two of you, but I didn’t,” Haggs said grimly. “I wanted to stay behind and take revenge. I wanted Moon Dream, that b*tch, to live a life no better than death.” His gaze turned cold, and his calm tone was chilling. “I also wanted to know what happened to Nora. However, we only had one main body. We shared our body and brain. So if that body were to lose its life, I’d die too. In the end, through pain and struggle, we split apart.”

“Completely split?” I looked at them blankly.

“Yes, Lil’ Bing.” Raffles looked at me with a smile and touched my face. “It turns out that my superpower was not only operating two brains simultaneously, but also splitting cells.” Then, he held hands with Haggs, and Haggs slowly merged together with Raffles. It was just like the Ghost Eclipser I had met on Hagrid Island.

In the blink of an eye, Haggs moved around to Raffles’ back and melted into Raffles. Raffles turned around to show me his back, and there was nothing there. But then, he turned around again and Haggs reemerged from his back. It seemed that they didn't want me to see the splitting process. One person emerging from another was a terrifying scene.

Raffles’s superpower was like a split body, but there were similarities and differences. Split bodies tended to be identical to the original. However, Haggs and Raffles had independent forms and personalities. Similarly, they had one main body. If the main body were to be killed, the split body would die along with the main body.

“We can only stay apart for a limited time. In one day, we can only stay separate for one to two hours. The current limit is three times a day,” Haggs continued.

I looked at Raffles and Haggs, feeling emotional. Raffles superpower had evolved so much.

“Lil' Bing, where have you been for the past two years?” Raffles touched my face worriedly.

“I think we can talk about that later,” Haggs said solemnly. “Sharing an intimate moment is more important now.” He suddenly kissed my lips again.

“Haggs, stop your nonsense!” Raffles quickly pulled him away. Haggs wiped his lips and smirked, saying, “Let’s do it together.”


No way. Even if Raffles hadn’t split, he operated two brains. From a different angle, it was as if Haggs were watching off to the side. It was unrealistic.

Raffles grew grim, saying, “I’m not in the mood. I only want to know where Lil' Bing went for the past few years and if she lived well, unlike you.”

Haggs looked at Raffles grimly too, replying, “You’re the same as me. I’m simply more honest than you.” Haggs looked away, and didn’t bother looking at Raffles again. Raffles glanced at him angrily before looking back at me.

I looked at them blankly. I was dumbfounded at this new, magical relationship. It was as though I’d gotten an extra husband out of nowhere. I hadn’t even fallen in love with him, but he wanted to go straight to the level of being sexual partners.

“Lil' Bing, where did you land?” Raffles held my hand again. “At first, I really thought you had died. The world down there…” He looked terrified as he continued, “...has nothing. You can resist radiation, but you can’t not eat. If you were to fall into the center of a radiation zone, it’d be fine. If you were to land at a place with nothing, and we didn’t have your signal… Silver Moon City sent a search team to look for you too, but they couldn’t find you. I was disheartened then. But just as I was about to give up, the ring suddenly responded.” His voice grew excited. “The ring color changed. From that very moment, I knew that you were still alive.” Raffles hugged me again joyfully.

Haggs lowered his head quietly next to Raffles. “We hesitated for a long time over whether to tell His Highness Cang Yu you were alive.”

“Definitely not,” I immediately said.

Haggs chuckled lightly, “We didn’t. As long as we knew that you were alive, we could be at ease. We thought you might not want to be disturbed, so we put all our energy and attention into Silver Moon City’s research.”

“Oh yeah. Why did everyone think that I died?” I looked at Raffles suspiciously. “Didn’t you know the truth? Why did Elder Alufa and the others think I was dead? Didn’t you tell them?”

Raffles and Haggs exchanged a look and their expressions darkened. “Because the people in Silver Moon City are brainwashed,” Haggs said grimly.

I was surprised. Raffles nodded too. “You are the North Star. What you did dampened the morale of Silver Moon City’s army. Cang Yu made a metahuman alter everyone’s memories of you. You sacrificed yourself, and your sacrifice encouraged many people.”

It was the same ending - death; and yet, there was a difference between self-sacrifice and suicide.

“However, as we were made from split cells, we had a backup memory in our heads,” Haggs said solemnly. “Actually, Cang Yu should have realized that our memory wouldn’t be altered, but he wasn’t worried that we would reveal the truth."

Yeah. In Cang Yu’s view, Raffles is a fanboy that respects and admires him. Raffles is simple and stubborn, fixated on science experiments. He wouldn’t betray him.

“Although we’ve been investigating Silver Moon City for the past two years behind His Highness Cang Yu’s back, he’s been of great assistance in other fields,” Haggs said admiringly.

“Don’t believe in Cang Yu,” I immediately said. They looked at me and I shook my head continuously. “Don’t believe in him. In short, he’s the least reliable one.”

“Lil' Bing, what’s wrong?” Raffles held me with concern.

“What is this?” Haggs saw my luggage and became emotional. He pulled me away from Raffles and asked, “Are you leaving us again? Luo Bing, what are we to you? Do you even love us? I won’t let you leave again.” Haggs suddenly threw my luggage away and pushed down on my shoulders to kiss my lips. His fierce and obsessive kiss surprised me.

“Haggs.” Raffles pulled the emotional Haggs away. “Calm down. We have to respect Lil' Bing’s decision because we love her. We can’t tie her down with us. We can’t be so selfish.”

“But our selfishness is in my head!” Haggs pointed at his brain angrily. “Raffles, that’s why you could never take initiative. Even Harry went ahead of you!”

Pak!” I slapped Haggs, and the two of them looked at me, stupefied. 

I glared at Haggs angrily, yelling, “I love Harry and Raffles. Not you!”

Haggs and Raffles were equally stunned.


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