Book 1: Chapter 54 - Everyone Is Amazing

“Besides turning invisible, Moorim can also make everyone around him turn invisible,” Harry said. Moorim was already holding Williams’ hand. Then, he went invisible along with Williams. He and Williams reappeared again after a while. His face looked smug as he looked at me. “When we go on a mission together, I can protect you.” 

I stared at him in astonishment. The superpower of invisibility is pretty useful too! 

In my world, I had seen sci-fi movies where the superheroes could only make their own bodies invisible and not their clothes. Hence, they always had to remove their clothes. Superheroes who were rich would have their clothes made of high-tech materials that could also turn invisible with them. However, those heroes had never been able to make the people around them invisible. 

On the other hand, Moorim could make the people around him turn invisible along with him. It would be a very handy skill during an actual fight, allowing him to sneak his allies inside an enemy’s base as well as turn them invisible at critical moments. 

“Bill! Your turn!” Harry grabbed Bill who didn’t like to smile often. Bill pushed him away and rolled his eyes at Harry. “You crumpled my shirt.” 

“Bill!” Williams exclaimed in shock. “Bill, why not… just forget it…” Williams looked at Bill in fear. He wasn’t the only one, as the others also shook their heads strongly. 

Bill’s face grew dark. “You all have something against me?!” He glared at everyone, his long hair quivering from anger. 

“No, no, no. Show Luo Bing what you’ve got!” Harry smiled as everyone glared at him grudgingly. 

Since everyone is greatly terrified, is Bill’s superpower super terrifying and powerful?! 

“Luo Bing, Bill is the best singer here. He’s very good at singing,” Khai said excitedly. However, he covered his ears while saying so, and Harry and the rest had all covered their ears as well. It was obvious that Khai was joking. 

“Bill, let’s begin,” Uncle Mason said. Then, he put earplugs into his ears. He looked calmer than the others. 

All of you have covered your ears without bothering to tell me to cover mine? 

Bill raised his eyebrows and rubbed his throat. *Cough.* Then, he opened his mouth. “Ah!” 

The piercing noise in my ears immediately made me want to throw up! Technically speaking, Bill’s voice’s decibel level wasn’t high to the point of being unbearable for human ears. However, I still felt like throwing up for some unknown reason. 

“Mm!” Suddenly, Bill’s mouth was covered shut. It was Harry! Harry was covering Bill’s mouth with one hand and his own mouth with the other; most of the other members did the same, covering their mouths with their hands. Only Sia remained calm. He slowly turned around and bent down. *Retch!* He vomited. 

Even though they had covered their ears, they were still affected by Bill’s singing. Uncle Mason was the only one who took out his earplugs rather nonchalantly. 

The others made an obvious action of swallowing. And this made me feel even more disgusted. 

Billy glared at Harry who was covering his mouth. Then, Harry patted his own chest and released Bill’s mouth. He looked at me. “Bill’s superpower is the ability to make others throw up with his singing!” 

I was stunned. That is also a superpower? I realized that superpowers from this world were simply beyond my imagination. 

Khai’s muscular body, Sia’s floating ability, Moorim’s invisibility were superpowers that were commonly seen in sci-fi novels and movies. Therefore, I hadn’t been too surprised when I’d seen them. When I’d first arrived in this world, I had been introduced to the concept of radiationers and their unique powers from very early on. Therefore, the concept of the existence of superpowers in this world had already been seeded in my mind right from the beginning. 

I had also witnessed He Lei’s teleportation and the boss turning petrified after death. Hence, I could retain my calm when meeting other metahumans. 

When it came to Williams’ superpower, I found it amazing and slightly intriguing. But Bill’s superpower took me by complete surprise! No wonder he did not smile often! 

Bill looked down gloomily. “I want to be alone.” He walked to a corner while everyone was still laughing, holding the wall and letting out a heavy sigh. Even Bill found it depressing that others threw up when they heard him sing. 

On the contrary, I found Bill’s superpower very cool. His skills were like the commander in a game; when surrounded by enemies, he could shout and they would all vomit. Then, he could gain the upper hand and take the offensive position. 

Truth be told, I found all the metahumans and all of these guys’ superpowers amazing. Although Elder Alufa and Uncle Mason thought that I was amazing because of my level nine in radiation resistance, if I were to meet a metahuman like the guys in front of me, my superpower would be comparatively weak.   

“Next!” Uncle Mason shouted. 

Mosie stepped out from the line. He stood straight and looked at me with a smile. “Luo Bing, watch closely. Don’t blink!” 

I nodded. I was looking forward to learning about all of their superpowers. 

“Change!” Mosie shouted. Instantly, he changed into another color—from head to toes! Both his hair and face became red. He walked to the wall and he gradually disappeared, just like Moorim had. 

However, he was not actually invisible; rather he was camouflaging himself like a chameleon. This was apparent because, although his skin had taken on the wall’s color, his clothes hadn’t changed color. The effect was like an invisible person standing there with their clothes on. Then, I saw a row of white teeth. Mosie smiled and his face slowly appeared. His hair went back to its original contrasting colors. 

I couldn’t help but clap. 

“Everyone is so amazing!” I looked at everyone in admiration. They nodded and smiled at me, their expressions ranging from pride in themselves, to shyness at the compliments and modesty about their ability. Only Bill was still upset. 

“It’s my turn, it’s my turn!” Joey was the last in the line and couldn’t wait anymore. He leaped, and reached the ceiling in one jump. There, he grabbed the rings on the top and spun like a flexible monkey. 

“Joey has an amazing leaping ability.” Harry walked and stood next to me. “He can go even higher, but is restricted by the ceiling at the moment." 

I was getting more and more excited. I couldn’t wait to head out for fieldwork with everyone. I immediately turned to look at Uncle Mason. “When can I start training?” 

Harry whistled from next to me. 

Uncle Mason looked at me. “Anytime! But you need to change first.” Uncle Mason pointed at my clothes and I looked down. My goodness. How am I going to train in a dress?! Although there’s a pair of long pants under the dress, it would be inconvenient to train in them. 

“Harry, take Luo Bing to change,” said Uncle Mason. 

Harry was stunned and his amber eyes flashed. 

“Oh,” the boys at the back jeered. 

I couldn’t help but blush too. How could he tell Harry to take me to change? We haven’t even settled what happened previously.

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