Book 5: Chapter 130 - Split

Elder Alufa patted the back of his hand with a smile, saying, “Hurry up and look behind you.”

Raffles immediately turned around. The moment he looked at me, I ran towards him. I pounced on him as he sat at the edge of the bed. He fell back and stopped breathing. He was so surprised that he was left breathless in my arms.

Elder Alufa smiled and looked at us, saying, “I want to rest. Can you go back to your own room to share this intimate moment? You have to take the elderly’s feelings into consideration.”

I blushed in an instant and immediately let go of Raffles, but he quickly grabbed my hand. He held my hand firmly, and I didn’t dare to look at him, but I could feel his burning gaze on my face.

“Let’s go back to our room,” he said softly with a husky voice. He seemed embarrassed too.

“Mm.” I lowered my face and nodded. For a little while, my heart raced like a drumroll.

He pulled on my hand tightly as he got up. It was as though he would never let go, nor would he leave me again.

He half-dragged me along as he left Elder Alufa’s room. He pulled me along the quiet corridor, and walked past the bridges that crisscrossed like spider webs. He walked faster and faster over time, and his long, exquisite Silver Moon City robe fluttered in the wake of his rapid pace. The entire time, he said nothing. My heart was racing faster, and I felt panicked and anxious.

What would he say? Was he angry?

He had to have been angry.

I had left for so long, and I hadn’t contacted him at all.

We arrived at our room, and he immediately pushed the door open. There was a young man with rabbit ears in sight. His long, furry, grayish-blue ears hung behind his head, the same way Raffles’s braid had back then. His chubby cheeks looked rosy and cute.

The young man, who was holding my luggage, was stunned when he saw us barging in. He looked at me with his clear, glass-like red eyes and greeted me with, “Master.”

“Little Carl!” I exclaimed in surprise. I simply couldn’t believe that the former robot bunny had become a cute young man, and yet I could still recognize him.

“Little Carl, please go outside for a while,” Raffles said gently as he held my hand tightly.

Little Carl nodded and looked at me with excitement. He put down the luggage and walked past us, closing the door behind him as he left.

“Little Carl...” I looked at the floor, shocked. “You turned Little Carl into… Mm…”

All of a sudden, a kiss smothered my lips. He leaned down and cupped my face, kissing my lips affectionately. I could feel his burning lips, his burning kiss, his burning breath, even droplets of his burning tears.

He closed his eyes, and his eyelashes quivered like a butterfly’s wings. There were tears rolling down the corners of his eyes. I looked at him and felt a piercing pain in my heart. “Raf…” Just as I opened my mouth, he deepened his kiss and entered my mouth with his tongue. His other arm suddenly pulled me in tightly as if he were trying to knead me into his body. He kissed me deeply, and I could taste his bitter, burning tears… they felt like a reflection of his bitter, burning heart.

I’m sorry.

What else can I say?

I could only answer with my kiss. I could only tell him how much I missed him with my kiss.

I began to respond to his kiss. He was stunned, and kissed me back harder. It had been two years. He had become a grown man, but his kiss still belonged to a young man.

His breathing became faster and he hugged me tightly. He pressed towards me, and I took a step back and hit the table. He suddenly lifted me up and placed me on the table. He held my waist and continued to linger on my lips and tongue, only letting up to catch his breath.

He gazed deeply into my eyes and his breathing stopped. He lifted his hand and it gently glided past my eyebrows and eyes. I lifted my hand to touch his face, his eyebrows, and his eyelashes too. His eyelashes quivered under my fingertip.

“Is it you?” he asked with a shivering voice. He seemed to find it hard to believe what he saw with his own eyes. “Is it you, Lil’ Bing?”

“It’s me. Raffles, it’s me.’ I cupped his face and took the initiative to kiss his lips again. He smiled faintly and extended his arms to pull me into a deep hug. “I can’t believe it. I thought you didn’t want me anymore.”

“I missed you, Raffles.” I extended my arm to hug his waist. My tears flowed down uncontrollably. “I really missed you, Raffles.”

“I couldn’t find you. I couldn’t find you...” Raffles touched my long hair, combing through it with his slender fingers. He leaned down and kissed the top of my head. “I was in Music City but I couldn’t find you. I’m useless. I’m useless…”

“I came back. I’ve finally returned to your side.” I buried my head into his chest. His chest was heaving, and his heart was beating vigorously.

“Lil’ Bing! Lil’ Bing!” He called my name again and again as he hugged me tightly. Suddenly, I felt another pair of hands holding me. I pulled away from his body suspiciously. I wiped my tears, asking, “Raffles... did you become like Williams?”

Raffles was stunned, and he chuckled. He wiped his tears with one hand. Suddenly, Haggs came out from behind him.

I looked at Haggs in surprise. Haggs looked even more mature than Raffles. He had originally been more manly than Raffles to begin with. He looked at me for a while, and he suddenly locked my chin and kissed me.

I looked at him in surprise, while Raffles continued to wipe his tears by the side as though he didn’t mind that Haggs was kissing me. Then again, Haggs was him, after all; so really, it was still him kissing me.

“Lil’ Bing, my superpower leveled up again,” Raffles explained with a heavy sigh. Haggs let go of my lips and looked at me with a burning gaze, saying, “Don’t ever leave us abruptly like that again.”

I looked at Haggs, surprised. He retreated and put one of his hands into his long robe that looked exactly the same as Raffles’. He stood next to Raffles and looked at me, saying, “There’s an intense discrepancy between us because we lost you.” 

“Discrepancy…?” I had yet to come back to reality from their kisses. I sat on the table and looked at them blankly. Haggs no longer looked like an artificial human, because an artificial human wouldn’t be able to suddenly appear like that.

“Raffles isn’t doing so well.” Haggs looked at Raffles, while Raffles lowered his head in silence. “You died. Raffles died. The two of you were my everything. I felt as if there were no more meaning to life. So, I…”

“Raffles…” I immediately held his hand. My heart hurt so badly that I couldn’t breathe. His emotions began to calm down under my apologetic gaze. The billowing waves in his eyes began to subside, too.


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