Book 5: Chapter 128 - My Husband Grew Up

In this world, humans ate other humans and dead bodies. They would eat anything in order to stay alive. In order to survive, a tribe would naturally abandon those who were weak, sick, old, and useless. It was all so the tribe could survive and not be dragged down by these people. Humans could abandon anything just to live longer.

These people were adopted by those who had become Ghost Eclipsers. They were either eaten or brought into the fold as members. Those who had been adopted would see these people as benefactors, slowly coming to see them almost like gods.

This didn’t wash the Ghost Eclipsers’ name clean of wrongdoing, but it proved that there were people among them who didn’t really want to be Ghost Eclipsers. They had been pushed into it by those of us who had cast them away to survive. 

Among the current Ghost Eclipsers, there would always be some of these people who tried to integrate into the Ghost Eclipser lifestyle; but really, they were just missing a person who could save them and lead them to the light.

They hadn’t joined Silver Moon City or the Aurora Legion, because they saw no hope in either faction. Once, I had thought Silver Moon City and the Aurora Legion would be the hope of this world. But now, they were a joke to me.

But as long as they could see a thread of hope, even the faintest thread… as long as it could prove worthy of their trust, many would break away from the Ghost Eclipsers and form a new power in the world’s struggles.

“So, the people in Koont Village were the people who had once been kept as captives,” Earl pushed his glasses up and said. He looked at me, but I didn’t speak. However, everyone seemed to have an answer in their eyes.

“Isn’t it obvious? Pfft.” Blue Feather looked at him disdainfully.

“Eighteen years ago, Earl, you were a historian among the Ghost Eclipsers. You were still wearing open-slit trousers then, right?” Nino chuckled and looked at Earl.

Earl looked solemn. “No. There weren’t any in my tribe. I didn’t have any trousers.”

Pfff!” Blue Feather burst out in laughter.

Earl took off his glasses and wiped them with the corner of his shirt. He continued, “I only knew how to cry then. My cries turned into a lot of weird things and struck many people in my tribe to death, so they threw me away. It was the day monsters who took me in and raised me. It was then that Boss took me in, you know.” Earl put his glasses back on. There was no sorrow, hatred, or disappointment on his face. There was nothing. Somehow, his blank expression brought pain to one’s heart.

Earl gave Gehenna a salute full of gratitude and respect. Gehenna smiled and patted his chest: Brother, I have your back.

I listened to Earl’s calm voice, but felt an intense sorrow that made everyone fall silent again. Everyone I knew absolutely wouldn’t believe what a Ghost Eclipser said. Neither would the adopted Ghost Eclipsers who had been hurt.

On the contrary, it was easy for a Ghost Eclipser, because they lived frankly. We want to live, so we rob. We rob and we kill, kill, kill, and kill. They never hid their intentions.

Gru and Ghostie listened to Earl in silence. There was a complicated struggle in Gru’s eyes. There seemed to be something in the story that had made him doubt everything that he had once believed in.

“Silver Moon City is here.” In the end, it was Ice Dragon who broke the silence. Then, an image appeared. There were Silver Moon City spaceships that had landed at the entrance of Noah City. It was already dark outside.

“Silver Moon City.” Gehenna squinted, while his men’s faces grew grave too. Their drama queen behavior was nowhere to be seen. It felt as if they were beasts that were staring at their prey. They had instantly changed because of Silver Moon City; it was obvious that Silver Moon City was their true enemy.

“Silver Moon City.” Gru wore a different expression from the others. I’d heard from Khai that Gru’s ambition had been to go to Silver Moon City. Of course, it was only his ambition before he had met me that day.

“Brother Ghostie, you’re holding such a murderous look,” Lucifer, who had been eating on his own, suddenly spoke as he looked at Ghostie fearfully.

I looked at Ghostie, and his eyes were wide as he stared. He clenched his claws behind the glass, every inch of his muscles tensed.

I turned to look at the screen. I saw Arsenal, Khai, Mosie, and Ah Zong walking out from Noah City’s gate to welcome Silver Moon City’s people.

The Silver Moon City spaceship door opened and I had a conflicted feeling. I almost hoped that it was Xing Chuan, so I could rush over and kill him to take revenge. At the same time, I hoped not; if I took revenge, the world would immediately be in chaos. Only the Ghost Eclipsers would benefit from that. So, if it was Xing Chuan, I would have to work hard to control my anger and killing intent. I would experience the pain of wanting to take revenge but being unable to.

According to Silver Moon City’s usual practice, Xing Chuan wouldn’t come down to visit so readily.

When Gale walked down the ramp, I let out a breath of relief. After Gale, it was Blue Charm. It had been two years, and Blue Charm was giving off the charm of a mature woman, just like Sis Ceci. Blue Charm seemed to be the woman who had “lived” for the longest next to Xing Chuan, simply because she was obedient.

Gale looked the same as ever. The young man who had once been unrestrained was no longer as wild, but he carried the same swagger. He combed his fingers through his hair just as he got off the spaceship. Although he was short, he was still a showoff.

I couldn’t help but smile in my heart. In Silver Moon City, I had been closest to Gale and Yama. We were good brothers. I really wanted to see him. Was he trustworthy? Between Xing Chuan and me, who was more important?

Ah Zong walked next to Arsenal coquettishly, and greeted Gale and Blue Charm. His beautiful face, his flirtatious body movement, and his charm that was hard to identify as male or female, stunned Blue Charm and Gale equally. 

Even though they had seen Ah Zong before, they obviously couldn’t resist his charm. Ah Zong was poison. His eyes, smile, mysterious pupils, and devilish air drove both men and women crazy.

Tsk, Pink Baby is so beautiful. Even a man who doesn’t like other men, like myself, can’t help but palpitate,” Gehenna shook his head and sighed. It was the truest evaluation of Ah Zong.

Just then, I saw the silver hem of a shirt at the door. Then, a slim and well-built man walked out from the door. His long, grayish-blue hair had a braided tuft of hair on both sides, and the rest was tied back. His clean hairstyle set off his manly face.

My heart started racing because Raffles had just arrived.




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