Book 5: Chapter 126 - Successful Retreat

“Boss, she is definitely here to ask about Blue Shield City. We shall leave with her first,” Blue Feather said, looking at Gehenna anxiously. “You be careful."

Gehenna’s face grew grave. He beckoned everyone to leave. Everyone retreated to a corner while Gehenna looked at me, and I stood next to him, saying, “I’d like to see this Queen.”

“Now…” Gehenna’s eyes were wide as he asked, “What should I say?”

“Do you keep in contact normally?”

“We don’t.” Gehenna sounded like an adulterer afraid of being caught in the act by his wife.

I told Gru to hide with Vanish. Gru walked over with a glum look, keeping his distance.

“How does the Ghost King know that I am your goddaughter, then?” I asked.

“Godsister, godsister, okay?” Gehenna pleaded. He pointed at himself and me. “I’m not that much older than you are."

I looked at him and nodded. “Watch your words.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry,” Gehenna reassured me, forming an ‘OK’ sign with his fingers.

Ghostie continued to stay by my side. He looked more like a member of the Ghost Eclipsers than I did.

The monitor in front of us turned on, and a woman with a red, low-cut dress appeared. She was as beautiful as the Goddess of Venus. Her fair skin was smooth and clear, her blonde hair shimmered, and her lips were as brilliantly red as a rose. Her sexy body was seductive; especially her perky boobs, which could easily hold a banana in between her cleavage.

She lounged sideways on a luxurious, yet unusual chair that seemed to convey the position of a spaceship captain. There were also two handsome guys in long purple and gold robes, whose necklines plunged deeply in a V-shape. Their muscular chests almost seemed to form ample cleavage as well.

“Oh, Margaery, why are you only here now? I’ve been waiting for you for so long,” Gehenna said flirtatiously. 

Margaery smirked coldly, “Gehenna, you are such a pervert. We said we’d depart together, but you overtook me. Hmph, I wouldn’t fight over Pink Baby with you. Ngaw~” Margaery saw me and lifted the corners of her lips in a smile. “You got Pink Baby? But I heard that Pink Baby’s hair was pink.”

“This is my god-sister, Xiao Bing,” Gehenna said immediately.

Margaery smiled. “Xiao Bing, how long have you been following Gehenna? How could he possibly treat you as his god-sister? He’s preparing to do you! Hahaha!” Margaery covered her mouth and chuckled.

“Margaery, let me tell you good news. Pink Baby is a guy,” Gehenna said, drawing Margaery’s attention away from me.

She immediately shot him a curious look, asking, “A guy?”

Gehenna broke into a smile. “But because he’s a guy, I got pissed off and I killed him. Hahaha.

Pfft!” Margaery rolled her eyes at him. “Stupid Gehenna. What’s the point of you telling me, then?”

Tsk, Pink Baby is really beautiful,” Gehenna said, throwing out compliments. “His skin, tsk, tsk. I heard that he was still a virgin,” Gehenna said as he intentionally glanced at Margaery. 

Margaery’s expression immediately grew grave. She slammed the table and roared, “F*cking a**hole. Did you take care of our real business?”

Gehenna’s expression changed to match hers. “Don’t bring it up! Pink Baby blew up the map. That’s why I killed him. Ugh, I’m so pissed off. Then Silver Moon City came too. I lost two spaceships and many of my men died.”

Hahaha! You mean you ran away?” Margaery burst out in laughter and lay down. “One of the Ghost Kings, Gehenna’s Eyes, was defeated. Hahaha! This is so embarrassing. There’s more reason for me to come and get you, then. I’ll come over and see your stupid face that lost a war. I’m so excited, I could do a few more babies of mine.” Margaery’s finger glided across the chest of the man next to her chair, and the man closed his eyes. “Mm, I wonder if there are any beautiful boys for my baths in Koont Village. Their blood is sweet and fragrant.” Margaery stuck her tongue out and twined around the man’s body like a beautiful snake, licking his nipple.

Retch.” Gehenna retched, and Margaery turned to glare at him unhappily. He continued to maintain his disgusted expression on purpose. “Can you not do this in front of me? I am a man! This is disgusting. You know, I’d prefer a woman doing it with another woman,” he said, raising his eyebrows.

Margaery rolled her eyes at him. “You failed your mission and dragged me down with you. Hurry up and come back. We will meet at Koont Village,” Margaery said and cut off the image.

“Oh no, they’re going to Koont Village!” I immediately looked at Gehenna, asking, “How long would it take for them to get there?”

Gehenna calculated the time and replied, “There should be two more hours."

I creased my eyebrows and took off my communicator. “Ice Dragon, take over Gehenna’s spacecraft.” The communicator immediately turned into a data drive. I placed it on Gehenna’s console, and the data drive immediately stood up and extended several small limbs to move around on top. Gehenna’s people were astonished at the sight.

“What is that little thing?” They gasped.

The data robot seemed to have found an access port. It placed its limbs into the port, and the console blinked with blue light. Every button lit up at once.

“System compromised. System compromised.” The AI’s voice became distorted. Then, the display monitor blinked, and Ice Dragon gradually took shape.

Ice Dragon cracked its neck and touched its face. It looked at me with a smile, saying, “Takeover successful.”

“It’s, it’s over already?” Gehenna and his men asked; they had obviously never seen such high technology.

I looked at Ice Dragon solemnly. “Ice Dragon, connect to Uncle Mason.”

“Alright, but the signal is distant. The transmitted image might be delayed,” Ice Dragon reported, “Signal connected. Image transmission begins. Delay is within three seconds.”

Koont Village immediately appeared on the screen. The women and their children were quickly retreating, carrying luggage with them while the men helped evacuate. I looked at Sis Shirley, who was directing people off to the side.

“Koont Village...” Gehenna and his men gawked at the sight. Gehenna rubbed his chin. “D*mn. It turns out that they hid so many women. That one is beautiful!” His eyes were wide open. I glared at him coldly. He couldn’t help but continue to look at the beautiful women, exclaiming, “Oh, this one is even prettier!”

“Boss.” Nathan nudged Gehenna and he came back to reality. He seemed to notice that I was watching him, and he immediately changed his tune, saying, “These women look too ordinary. They’re nowhere near my sweetheart. They’re ugly!”

I rolled my eyes at him and continued to look at the screen. “What’s the matter, Luo Bing?” Uncle Mason whispered. He seemed to be trying to conceal himself, as if he were afraid that Akbu would find out he was Mason.

“Uncle Mason, the Ghost Eclipsers will arrive in two hours.”

“So quick? We can’t manage to retreat in time.” Uncle Akbu heard him, immediately coming over and asking nervously, “Something’s wrong, isn’t it, Luo Bing?”

Uncle Mason looked at him and said, “Xiao Bing says that the Ghost Eclipsers are coming in two hours.”

“What? Then get the women and children to leave first. We will stay back to buy some time,” Uncle Akbu said decisively.


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