Book 5: Chapter 125 - Bloody Margaery

In the development of the Ghost Eclipers history, there was a slow transformation.

The people in the world I came from evolved from apes to barbarians and continued to evolve. Civilization had also developed from nothing. 

Then, in regards to how to view the Ghost Eclipers objectively and make people treat them correctly, it would require a law! The world needed rules to make a correct judgment about the Ghost Eclipsers.

We needed to build a new order!

“There are many intentions among the Ghost Eclipsers. Our boss didn’t have it easy. As soon as he gets removed as the Ghost King, the women in our fortress will be doomed!” Old Iron sighed.

Gehenna patted Old Iron’s shoulder, “You worked hard too.”

“We are willing to follow you because you don’t belong to the Ghost Eclipser nor Silver Moon City. We have a new option!” Blue Feather looked at me seriously, “You have your risk to believe in us, and we have our risk to believe in you. It has been so many years that we almost forgot how trust feels like.”

They were frank with me. They told me that there was no trust between the Ghost Eclipers, nor loyalty.

I looked at them and smiled faintly, “You have trust, and you have loyalty."

They heard what I said, and they smiled. They looked at one another as though I was telling the funniest joke.

“What you have for one another is trust. What you have for Gehenna is loyalty.” When I said that, they were stunned. They exchanged gazes.

I pressed the button on the table and turned off the electric wall. They exchanged a look and smiled. Then, they hugged one another.

“Thank you, brothers. I went overboard this time and nearly killed all of you.” Gehenna hugged them and rubbed their heads. Then, he moved his hand down and touched their butts. 

Just as I thought they would hit Gehenna, they touched Gehenna’s butt as though they were doing a fist pump like the other guys usually did.

“We forgive your stupidity,” they lowered their heads. 

“The time is pressing. Hurry up and take action, “I said.

They immediately dispersed. They were shocked when they saw that I had turned off the electric wall. They walked out and looked around.

They had already recovered their superpower. The prison actually couldn’t contain them. It was merely a display.

“Ice Dragon, take Old Iron to the medic cabin,” I told Ice Dragon.

Ice Dragon bowed with a smile and led Old Iron outside.

Ah Zong and Khai’s image appeared next to the table.

They were surprised when they saw that I had released Gehenna and the other men. However, I didn’t have time to explain. I immediately told them, “Khai, Ah Zong, Silver Moon City is sending Raffles down. They will definitely ask about the situation in Blue Shield City. You have to speak along the same lines. Tell them that the Ghost Eclipsers came in one troop only. The leader and the others ran away. However, the route to Blue Shield City is exposed. We can’t let them find out that we brought back captives.”

“Understood,” Ah Zong winked at me.

Khai came back to reality. He reined back his angry gaze at Gehenna and looked at me, “Understood, Captain.”

“Let’s get ready.”

Khai and Ah Zong disappeared before me. I looked at Gehenna, “Now, it’s your turn.”

Gehenna smiled and brought out his malicious temperament of a Ghost Eclipser. He had been a bad guy for too long, and it would take a while for his malicious vibe to go away.

I returned to their spacecraft with them.

Ghostie, Gru, and Lucifer followed me. They couldn’t believe in Gehenna and the other men yet. Compared to Ghostie, who was calm, Lucifer didn’t know the concept of the enemy. Gru’s performance was the most satisfying one. He hated the Ghost Eclipsers, and his gaze showed that he wanted to kill them instantly, but he listened to me. He held back his grudges and walked alongside people that he hated. 

That would decide if I would take him with me in the end. I was once held captive by my hatred. This time, we were planning to blend in with the Ghost Eclipsers. It was going to be a place filled with demons. If there were any flaws, it would put us all in danger.

Gehenna’s spacecraft was advanced. When we entered, the AI was already waiting by the side, “Ghost King, you are finally back. Are you going to contact the HQ now?”

I looked at the AI that looked more like a robot and thought to myself. Ghost Eclipsers’ technology was advancing too.

“There’s no need for that!” Gehenna replied.

“Yes.” The AI vanished by the cabin door. Then, the lights in the spaceship lit up. Gehenna bowed at me politely. “Now, let me give you a tour around my perfect spacecraft.” 

I looked at him and spatted, “No time.”

Gehenna stiffened, and the others burst out in laughter again.

Vanish shook his head in disdain, “Didn’t you hear that Silver Moon City is arriving here soon? Hurry up, activate the spacecraft and the other spaceships. Turn them into invisible mode!”

The spacecraft immediately buzzed, and Gehenna looked even more embarrassed.

“Master, Officer Mason, has already arrived in Koont Village,” Ice Dragon reported in my ear.

“Alright. Hurry up and evacuate. Evacuate the women and children first.”

“Woman!” Gehenna suddenly turned to look at me. I looked at him coldly, and he blinked awkwardly, “Cough.” I turned back and went forward. “This is our cockpit.” Gehenna opened the door in front of us. The black and silver combination made the entire cockpit look modern. It was a pity that these uncivilized people drove such a luxurious spacecraft.

“Ghost King,” a monotonous male voice resounded in the cockpit. “Queen Margaery on line one,” the AI reminded, andGehenna’s face grew grave. Even the other men’s expressions looked tense. 

“We are in trouble,” Earl said.

Vanish patted Gehenna’s shoulder and said, “Boss, you take care of it yourself.”

I looked at them and asked, “Queen Margaery?”

“One of the four Ghost Kings,” Nathan said. “Ghost King Gehenna’s Eyes, our boss. Judge of the Demon King's Prison, Napoleon, Corpse King Nubis, Bloody Queen Margaery, the four Ghost Kings.

“Queen Margaery is terrifying!” Old Iron looked pale, “She is the total opposite of our boss. She likes men. There are many male Ghost Eclipers, but she doesn’t like them. She likes the ones who are caught; those clean and fair men. She had kept over three hundred pet lovers alone. Every one of them is an impressive metahumans. However, their life and death depend on her mood. If she isn’t served well, she punishes them ‘lightly’ with a ‘cut.’ It’s actually okay if they are ‘cut.’ There are regeneration metahumans. So, they can fix it. However, heavy punishment would be death. It wouldn’t be a headshot, but she has various tools to torture them to death slowly. It is so pitiful.”

Gehenna’s men were shivering in fear when they talked about the bloody Queen.

“She likes to shower using virgin men’s blood. That’s why she’s called the Bloody Queen,” Nino said as he played with his mustache. “D*mn it. The men among the Ghost Eclipsers aren’t as crazy as she is.”

In the world that I came from, there was a Bloody Mary. She showered with virgin men’s blood. In the end, she had even showered in the baby’s blood. She was killed in the end, but the spiritual world had always circulated her terrifying legend.


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