Book 5: Chapter 124 - ‘Lolalty’

“Master.” Ice Dragon suddenly appeared next to me and looked at me with a smile, “Silver Moon City sent a message. They are preparing to send Raffles back. They want to talk to Ah Zong and Queen Bee as well.”

Gehenna and the others suddenly became quiet. They stared at me closely. They were worried that I would hand them over to Silver Moon City.

I looked at Ice Dragon, “Silver Moon City is definitely here to investigate what happened in Blue Shield City. Contact Ah Zong and Khai. We need to speak along the same lines."


I looked at Vanish and the other men, “The people from Silver Moon City are here. If they find out that you held as captives, they will take over. Don’t worry. I won’t hand you out, but I need your cooperation.”

“No problem,” Gehenna immediately charged out, but Earl pushed him aside. He then pushed up his glasses again and scolded, “You have no right to speak now.”

Gehenna’s face grew glum. He stared at Earl with a murderous look, “Are you trying to fight for my sweetheart?”

“Stop your nonsense,” I roared.

Gehenna immediately pointed at Earl and the other men, “Hear that? Stop your nonsense.”

“I’m talking about you!” I roared, and everyone pointed at Gehenna. I glared at Gehenna, “Shut up!”

Gehenna crossed his arms in distress. His muscles bulged tensely. He flipped his head, and his long black hair strand fluttered in the air. He turned away and didn’t look back at us.

I looked at the rest of them and said, “I want to hide your spaceship and spacecraft. I will return with you in your spacecraft. Can I trust you?” I stared right into their eyes while they looked back at me solemnly. I continued, “Let me make this clear to you that I am going to fight against Silver Moon City as well."

They were surprised.

“You want to fight against Silver Moon City?”

“Aren’t you Silver Moon City’s man?”

“You are the North Star!”

“Silver Moon City is the same as the Ghost Eclipsers. They are all b*stards,” I said without hesitation. They looked at one another, and Earl pushed up his glasses again, “This makes sense. I like it.”

“She said that you are a b*stard, and you like it,” Vanish rolled his eyes at him.

“Aren’t you…” Earl asked in reply, “If you weren’t a Ghost Eclipser, would your wife be strongly against you?”

He seemed to poke where Vanish hurt the most, and he creased his eyebrows in silence.

Everyone looked at Vanish while Earl patted his shoulder, “Although she married you, she minds your identity as a Ghost Eclipser. We know that you are not a Ghost Eclipser at heart, but we are Ghost Eclipsers now. This identity will continue to follow us. We wouldn’t be able to shake it off.”

“You can,” I looked at each other. “As long as we unify the world, there wouldn’t be Ghost Eclipsers, Silver Moon City, Aurora Legion, or whatnot. Everyone can live on freely with their own identity."

They looked at me in astonishment. There was hope in their eyes, but more of it was disbelief. They didn’t believe in the united world that I was talking about. They were more worried if either of the Ghost Eclipsers, Silver Moon City, or the Aurora Legion united the world in the future.

If the Ghost Eclipser were to unify the world, then they would continue to be Ghost Eclipsers.

If Silver Moon City or the Aurora Legion were to unify the world, then the death penalty would await them.

Regardless of any future, we wanted neither.

“So, are we comrades or enemies?” I looked at them glumly, “How do I trust you if you are loyal to the Ghost Eclipsers or me?”

Their gaze became serious. They no longer made jokes and were quiet as they looked at their Ghost King, Gehenna.

Gehenna walked out from behind them. He looked calm and steady. He stood before everyone and suddenly spread his arms and chuckled maliciously, “Are we loyal? Do we have loyalty?” The image was all gone in the split of the moment. When he was serious, I thought he was handsome. I had never expected him resumed his original self so quickly. He looked at the others with an air of a bandit. “I don’t even know how to spell the word ‘loyalty.’ Do you know how? Do you?”

Old Iron, Nathan, and the others shook their heads. Even Vanish shook his head awkwardly.

Earl pushed his glasses up with his middle finger again. I felt awkward every time I saw him pushing his glasses. I wondered if he did it on purpose.

Earl smiled thoughtfully, “I told you to read more and spend lesser time on women. You don’t even know how to spell loyalty. This is so embarrassing.” Earl shook his head. He seemed like the most cultured person among them. “Let me show you.” 

Earl began to draw in the air. When his index finger swept across the air, there was a long black line in the air.

Oh yeah, Earl’s superpower was to turn imagination into reality.

Then, Earl wrote the word ‘Lolalty.’

I couldn’t hold back but laugh.

My image as a ‘cold interrogator’ was ruined. Luckily, they didn’t notice because they were looking at the word seriously.

“I see. Loyalty is written like this."

“Earl, you know the best.”

Earl pushed up his glasses with his middle finger with pride.

I held back my urge to laugh and looked at them with a glum look, “So, you wouldn’t be loyal to anyone?

“No,” Gehenna immediately grabbed the word and placed it before me. “We will be absolutely loyal to you. Please accept our loyalty.”

He placed the wrongly spelled word before me and stood behind the word solemnly.

I looked at them. They looked especially serious as they stood next to Gehenna.

“Girl, we share similar ideas,” Nino said in all sincerity, “We know that we are the Ghost Eclipsers, and you don’t trust us. But just like you said, we want to be bad guys in a better world. The current world isn’t the world we want.”

“We aren’t full of food. We aren’t warm from clothing. Everywhere is filled with radiation,” Nathan shook his head continuously, “The air quality is bad, and it hurts my eyes.”

“When the culture spreading stops, there is no meaning for us to live,” Earl seemed worried, “The place I want to visit the most is the legendary Raffles City. I have heard that the books from the pre-apocalyptic era are kept there.” 

Earl really wanted to study. However, in the barren Westen area, people who could read were rare, let alone the spreading of culture.

According to the development timeline of the Ghost Eclipsers, there should be a second generation. No matter how barbarous it was, some civilization would take shape during reproduction. When it reached a certain level, humans would desire civilization and hope for the next generation to master knowledge and culture.


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