Book 5: Chapter 123 - Using Both Hard And Soft Tactics

“Nathan looked nervous, “She is going to kill us all.”

Old Iron and Nino immediately hugged together.

I stood up and said, “Ah Zong, go out. I am going to take care of them.”

“Alright.” Ah Zong left very quickly. The robot hastily moved Ghostie’s water cabin out as well.

Gru was confused, but Lucifer pulled him and ran, “Hurry up. Sister Luo Bing’s superpower is very scary.”

Blue light spots were appearing on my palm.

“It’s not that easy to kill us.” Syringes suddenly started hovering around Vanish. I was shocked. He and Blue Feather smiled maliciously, “You never expected it, right? I am a demon doctor. I can resist inhibitor and develop any medicine. We have already recovered.”

Blue Feather began to spread his wings and laughed hysterically, “My child, we have been playing with you. Are you happy?”

“Hahaha!” Nino laughed for a while. Then, he spread his arms, turning them into two colossal gun muzzles. “Let’s take you back and make you our boss’s queen.”

“Don’t do that,” Gehenna chuckled and combed his long hair, “Don’t frighten my little sweetheart. Don’t hurt her.”

I smirked coldly, “It seems like you have yet to understand my superpower. I forgot I have helpers too.” I took out my heart-shaped box. They had never seen Jun and Zong Ben before because they were fighting from their spaceship earlier.

They had only heard about the spirits from the runway soldiers, but they had never seen them with their own eyes. So, they might not have believed in the existence of spirits.

Blue Feather and the others stood before Gehenna and looked at me glumly. Vanish sent Old Iron an eye signal, and Old Iron suddenly roared, “Ah!”

“Bang!” Suddenly, a huge iron fist plunged out next to the electric wall and instantly pierced it.

Suddenly, the syringe appeared next to my neck. Ah Zong and my men were not around, and I had no scruple. A small blue crystal energy range was not enough to hurt Ah Zong and the others who had already left. Let alone the fact that Ice Dragon had layers of anti-radiation setup installed.

Ice Dragon’s set up was upgraded explicitly for my superpower.

The syringe flew at me, and the blue crystal energy in my body exploded. It formed a protective shield around me, and the needle disappeared when it reached the blue crystal energy.

There was another reason why I couldn’t use my superpower on a large scale, as it would melt my clothes away. I would lose an outfit whenever I used it, leaving me entirely naked. I was very annoyed about that.

Just as Vanish was dumbfounded, I opened my heart-shaped box and let Jun and Zong Ben out. Jun stood proudly on the egg-shaped chair behind me while Zong Ben crouched on the table in front of me like a blue jaguar. His long tail of light swayed behind him as though he was preparing to launch an attack. 

“Ahh!” Old Iron’s fists began to melt in the spreading radiation, and he groaned in agony.

“Old Iron!” Nino immediately pulled Old Iron back. Everyone behind the electric wall retreated hastily. Only Gehenna stood on the spot and gawked at me in astonishment. When he had entered the spaceship with injury, I had cleansed the radiation on him and told Ming You to heal him. He could understand the pain of radiation.

He stared with his eyes wide opened and stood there without moving an inch. He stared at me, blankly. It was as though he couldn’t notice the world melting around him while he stared at the blue glow around me. 

“We will take you with us.” Suddenly, Nathan was the first one to surrender again.

He raised his hands high and ingratiated himself with me, “It’s okay if Boss disagrees. We can take you there! We can tell them that Boss died in the war, and you became our new boss. Right?” He looked at the others. 

Old Iron was the first to raise his burned hand from the radiation, “That’s right. You will be our new boss, the new Ghost King!”

“Yes, yes, yes. Who wants to follow him?” Nino said as he dragged Gehenna behind them. They were protecting Gehenna, “We will follow you. It is the law of nature in the Ghost Eclipsers. Follow whoever is stronger."  

“Ghost King!” Suddenly, Blue Feather and Vanish, who were more serious, bowed at me. I was surprised because I had thought that the two of them were people of integrity.

I put away the blue crystal energy, and they sighed in relief. They were frightened pale.

“It turns out that you have been giving way to us.” Earl quickly pushed his glasses that slid down because of his cold sweat, “Thank you for showing us mercy. We really believe that you can destroy Steel Ghost City alone.”

Everyone looked paler. They hid Gehenna behind them and wiped their sweat.

“You are immune to all metahuman’s superpower. The blue crystal energy wall can resist all attacks. With that alone, no weapon in this world can hurt you.” Earl wiped his sweat and continued, “You can also release intense radiation to attack. Why would you need any spirit?” Earl looked at the heart-shaped box in my hand in fear, “How did you catch them?”

“That’s none of your business,” I replied coldly. I closed the heart-shaped box. I thanked Jun and Zong Ben for cooperating again.

Yes, yes, yes. We have no right to ask those questions.” He bowed at me politely. “Please allow us to ask one last question. You have such destructive power. You can kill along the way. Then, why do you want to go to the Ghost Eclipsers?”

The few of them gathered in a corner and looked at me panic-stricken. They looked thankful to have survived by sheer luck.

I looked at them and replied, “Because any city I wipe out would become a radiation center. I want to see a beautiful world instead of causing catastrophic damage one after another. If you want to live and rob, do bad and get girls in a better world, bring me to the Ghost Eclipsers.” 

They looked at one another. Suddenly, Old Iron patted his arm, “Who doesn’t want to be a bad person in a better world? Let’s fix this world first. Then, let’s be bad guys then!” His logic wasn’t wrong.

“Exactly. When the world becomes better, things that we rob will become more valuable too. It’s useless for us to take out a bunch of gemstones now anyway.” Nino put away his gun nozzles.

Blue Feather and Vanish crawled up from the ground. Vanish adjusted his hair while Blue Feather patted his shirt, “You are much stronger than our boss. Who should we listen to if we don’t listen to you?”

“I’m glad that we came to a mutual agreement. Old Iron, you can go and get your wounds healed now.” I looked at Old Iron, and he was tearing gratefully, “It’s great to have a female boss. She is concerned about me. Did you see that?” He knelt before everyone and raised his hands to the sky. One of his hands were burned. He looked like he was thanking God, “Our boss never showed concern for us. He only cares about the size of a woman’s boobs.”


“That’s right!”

“Not going to follow him anymore!”


“You sleep with so many women, but you don’t let any of us sleep with them.”


It instantly became a staff meeting inside the prison.

I suddenly felt that Gehenna was pitiful, but there was more joy to be with the bunch of drama queens.


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