Book 5: Chapter 122 - Accept Amenity and Pledge Loyalty

Gehenna raised his eyebrows, and his expression suddenly became cold. He lifted his chin and glared at Vanish, “No matter how much of a pervert I am, I have never slept with any of your women!”

“Don’t you dare!” Vanish became agitated. He seized Gehenna’s shirt and roared, “Don’t you think that I never notice you staring at my wife’s butt whenever you come over to our place!”

“Her butt looks sexy. Can’t I even take a few peeks?! That’s an affirmation of your wife’s body!” Gehenna said it professionally as though he was giving comments like a judge in a beauty pageant contest.

“D*mn it!” Vanish punched and Gehenna squatted in pain. 

Earl and the others surrounded Gehenna. They patted his back. “Boss, don’t look again next time. It’s okay…”

“You know Vanish’s temperament. It’s okay if you look at his butt but not his wife’s. They share the love. They are different from us.” 

“That’s true. Vanish’s butt is quite perky too. It will do."

Everyone rubbed Gehenna’s arm as though they were comforting a child.

Poof.” Ah Zong lay on the table and sniggered.

Grooo.” Ghostie was blowing bubbles underwater.

Only Gru maintained his murderous look, and Lucifer was still busy eating.

It was a pity that Gehenna and his people were with the Ghost Eclipsers. They should have been doing stand up comedy instead.

I looked at them for a while and said glumly, “Gehenna, are you sure you are willing to do anything for me and only listen to my commands from today onwards?”

“I do!” Gehenna shoved everyone away and smoothed out his collar. He looked at me glumly. “The woman that I, Gehenna, decided on, I will follow her to the end of the world!” He announced solemnly. There was a drastic difference in his expression; he looked serious, solemn, and determined.

“Alright, then. Bring me back to the Ghost Eclipsers!” I said.

Ah Zong, Ghostie, and Gru instantly looked at me in shock. Only Lucifer was busy eating his fruits.

Gehenna and his men were stunned too.

Nino gripped his mustache tight, “Did Boss succeed?”

“How is it possible?” Old Iron scratched his head in confusion.

Nathan blinked, “This girl is not blind, though!”

“Maybe she has a bad taste,” Earl adjusted his glasses with his middle finger.

Gehenna grinned widely like an idiot, “You are willing to be my woman…” He was drooling all over.

My face grew glum, and I added, “As your God-daughter.”

Poof!” Everyone spurted. 

Everyone tried hard to hold back their urge to laugh. Gehenna’s expression changed. His gaze became empty, and he looked distressed, “God-daughter… God-daughter…”

“Boss, she does find you too old…” Old Iron covered his mouth and sniggered.

I continued to look at the drama queens and continued, “I want to return to the Ghost Eclipsers with you. I want to get to know the Ghost Eclipsers. I want to see the other Ghost Kings. I want you to help me to blend in!” I was serious. We knew too little about the Ghost Eclipsers. Were all the people among the Ghost Eclipsers really like the Ghost Eclipsers? Or were the people utterly disappointed in this world, and they had decided to muddle along with the Ghost Eclipsers?

Would there be people that I could use? Were there some people living in humiliation who wanted to fight back?

How many of them were like Chief Akbu, who actually took refuge among the Ghost Eclipsers? How many women and children were they protecting?

I had listened to what Vanish had said. It sounded like they protected quite a number of women too.

Who was the person who built up the order among the Ghost Eclipsers?

Who was the one who had turned the originally bandit-like Ghost Eclipsers into an organized army with strict discipline and scale that carried out an expansion plan with purpose? Even the removal of Steel Ghost City hadn’t shaken their fortress.

They were building an Empire. They were no longer a disorderly mob.

I didn’t want anyone on the ground to become an experiment for human evolvement.

From the clues and whatever Grandma Yin Yue had told me, it was obvious that the experiment was still going on.

The first step was to insert blue crystal energy to evolve new human kinds. It was a great sacrifice.

The second step was the survival of the fittest according to the law of nature. It would derive new stronger human kinds too, just like what was happening then. People were killing one another, and the strongest one would survive until the end.

It was just like the survival of the fittest white lab rat after drug injection. Was this the fastest and most efficient way?

In the very end, no matter if it was the Ghost Eclipsers, Silver Moon City, or the others, it wasn’t merely a win-lose situation for Hagrid Jones. It only meant the experiment progression and success of his experiment for him.

Who knew if he had the third or fourth retarded experiment. If it were a longitudinal experiment, he’d really need to live much longer. 

Live longer…

Hence, Hagrid Jones would definitely turn himself immortal…

Grandma Yin Yue had once mentioned that Hagrid Jones could have made her immortal, but she had refused.


If Hagrid Jones were to be immortal, I might have seen him in Silver Moon City!

He must be a young man…

In an instance, I felt chills down my spine. I might have seen the devil in person. I might have spoken to the devil. I might have eaten a meal with the devil. In my memory, there isn’t anyone with a demon look among the people who I have spoken to or eaten a meal with!

“What’s wrong?” Ah Zong noticed and looked at me with concern. He extended his hand and touched my goosebumps-filled arm, “What made you so terrified?”

Bang, bang!” Ghostie banged on the window. Ah Zong looked at Ghostie while he popped his head out to stare at him.

Ah Zong squinted his eyes, “Your scent…”

Ghostie went back into the water cabin again.

Ah Zong became confused as he continued to look at the water cabin.

I calmed myself down and looked at Gehenna, “I have to bring my men and return to the Ghost Eclipsers with you.”

Gehenna creased his eyebrows, “Sweetheart, can you change it to another matter? Don’t go to the Ghost Eclipsers. It’s too dangerous. Why don’t you ask me to stay here with you instead? I will listen to your command and fight against the Ghost Eclipsers! Fight those b*stards! Demons! The inhumane things!” Gehenna condemned the Ghost Eclipsers with a dignified look.

Vanish, and his other men glared at him in disdain.

Earl pushed his glasses and said glumly, “Boss, even if you win against the Ghost Eclipsers with Luo Bing, the world doesn’t belong to you."

Gehenna squinted his eyes.

From the very beginning until now, they hadn’t been serious until we talked about winning against the Ghost Eclipsers. What Earl said seemed to indicate that Gehenna had his own plan among the Ghost Eclipsers.

“That’s right, Boss. Luo Bing is too dominant. You wouldn’t be able to control her. You will use her to conquer the world, but in the end, she could become Queen instead.” Nathan touched Gehenna’s chest and chuckled, “And you… might just be her pet lover.”

Gehenna slapped his hand away and smiled at me. He placed his hand on Old Iron’s shoulder and said to me, “Sweetheart, you are young. The life with the Ghost Eclipsers isn’t suitable for you.”

I looked at him glumly and said, “Alright then. There’s no point keeping all of you alive."

The smile across Gehenna’s face stiffened. Vanish, and Blue Feather’s eyes dilated in shock. Even Earl, who was always joking, looked solemn.


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