Book 5: Chapter 121 - Fighting To Betray

He had yet to finish, but Old Iron shoved Gehenna aside and pounded forward. “Me! Me! I have insights!”

“Me, me, me!!!” Blue Feather pushed Old Iron.

“Let me do it! I have had enough of you! I don’t want to spend any more time with you, filthy people!” Vanish held Blue Feather back.

“My insight is the most important!” Nino squeezed himself out from under Old Iron’s crotch.

“How could any of you know more than I do?!” Earl walked out calmly.

I twitched my eyebrows and looked at them. They had changed too quickly and had interrupted my interrogation tempo.

“Cravenly cling to death instead of braving death. Humph!” Gru harrumphed at them in disdain and looked away.


Pfft.” Ah Zong and Ghostie burst out in laughter at their sight. They could tell that the bunch of drama queens were at it again!

I glanced at Ghostie sideways, and he tried hard to hold back his urge to laugh. He then slowly immersed himself in the water.

I rolled my eyes at Ah Zong, and he smiled coquettishly, “Sorry. I couldn’t help it."

“Is what Nathan said true?” I asked.

Ah Zong nodded, “Very true!” He supported his head with one hand and looked with infatuation at the few people in the prison fighting to confess first. “I had never thought that Gehenna’s people would be this interesting. Why not keep them? We can use them to kill time,” he glanced at me as though he was interviewing the candidates for choosing my pet lover.

“Stop fooling around!” I roared.

“You heard her! Stop fooling around!” Gehenna pushed them to both sides and looked at me with a smile, “Sweetheart, don’t worry. They wouldn’t fool around again.”

I looked at Gehenna glumly and asked, “I heard you saying that you are willing to do anything to sleep with me. Am I right?”

Gehenna suddenly stiffened, and he blushed hard. He looked away and coughed onto his fist, “Cough.” As he coughed, he pumped his bulging arm muscle.

Poof! Boss, she heard you! Don’t be shy!”

“Exactly. Who knows how many times you have already slept with her in imagination?”

Gehenna clenched his fist and glared at them, “Shut up!”

Vanish chuckled, “Your filthy thoughts are written all over your face.”

“Pak!” I slammed on the table, and the men immediately looked at me. I glared at them coldly, “You are already at this age. Can you be more serious?!”

Their faces grew grave, and they looked at one another, “She is talking about you!”

“She is definitely talking about Nino. He has a mustache.” 

Nino moved to the corner. He creased his eyebrows and shook his head, “Judging a book by its cover… Sigh…

I looked at Gehenna glumly, “Even if I refuse to sleep with you, will you be willing to do everything and anything for me?”

“I do! I do!” Gehenna ran forward and chuckled with his hands on his waist.

I looked at Ah Zong, “Is it true?”

Ah Zong smiled and nodded.

“How could it possibly be true?” Vanish looked at Ah Zong in doubt. “Are you sure you are capable?! The b*stard’s face obviously says ‘first come, first serve.’

“Shut up!” Gehenna lifted his leg to kick Vanish.

Although I didn’t know how Ah Zong judged, I believed in Ah Zong. Vanish merely wanted to pull the rug from under Gehenna’s feet anyway.

I turned to look at Gehenna, “Have you ever eaten a human?”

“No! Absolutely not!” Gehenna waved hastily.

“We don’t eat human pigs. That’s our bottom line!” Suddenly, Vanish became solemn. He looked at me with a glum look when he walked towards me, “Please do not ask us about this again. It is humiliating!”

I was astonished at Vanish’s attitude. However, his attitude changed my mind about them. I could tell that Vanish abhorred ‘human pigs.’

I looked at Ah Zong, and he nodded again.

“What kind of bad do you do then?”

"Fight for women!” Old Iron was the first to reply. “Our boss likes women. So, we used to fight for women. He… Mm!” Suddenly, Gehenna covered his mouth from behind.

“How many women in total?” I asked glumly.

Old Iron began to count with his fingers, and Gehenna covered his hands again. Gehenna chuckled and looked at me, “Not many, not many…”

I looked at Ah Zong.

Ah Zong smiled happily like a blooming flower. He took a deep breath, “His smell changed. You are nervous, Mister Gehenna. How many do you mean by not many? If you had too many women, our Queen wouldn’t like you.”

I glanced at Ah Zong sideways. Even if he didn’t have many women, I wouldn’t like him. Okay?!

“There is a total of two hundred and thirty women.” Earl suddenly spoke like he was giving a lecture, “Among these women, there were thirty-six below sixteen, one hundred and thirty-two between sixteen to thirty. From thirty…”

“Earl, that’s enough!” Gehenna immediately stopped Earl from giving a detailed report.

“Then, Mister Gehenna’s women…” Ah Zong lifted the corners of his lips, “You know what I mean. I am referring to… those who he slept with…”

“Definitely not many!” Gehenna shouted.

Earl smiled politely, “There are… Mm!!” Earl was interrupted again.

I knew that the Ghost Eclipsers had their preferences in crime. Some liked to kill; some ate humans.

“Gehenna! Don’t interrupt me!” I roared.

Gehenna smiled stiffly and stared at Earl and the others. His eyes were filled with threats and a warning.

“Mm… The smell changed again. And there was a murderous intent. Mister Gehenna, I can smell more than a hundred of women’s scent on you…”

“You gigolo!” Gehenna immediately pounced at Ah Zong, “You shut up!”

Ah Zong blinked at him bashfully, “Mm… What’s wrong, Mister Gehenna? Earlier you said that you came here for me. Now, you are roaring at me. I am so scared…”

I felt goosebumps all over. Ah Zong leaned on my shoulder and acted in a spoilt way, “My queen, he threatened me…”

“Go away!” I muttered.

Ah Zong returned to his original spot lazily. There is no simple man around me, including Ah Zong. I have to be careful. If I were to be careless… it would be unimaginable. 

Hence, I have to suppress them!

“But our boss is nice to women,” Vanish continued sincerely. Among them, I thought that Vanish was the one with the best prospects, and what he said had the most credibility. “Boss always distributes the resources to the women first. The women who are captured are settled down nicely. Boss is using his unique way to protect the women in this world.”

“Yes! Boss is doing it to protect them! The other Ghost Kings will catch them if our boss doesn’t! They absolutely wouldn’t stand a chance!” Old Iron quickly added.

Gehenna smiled and flipped his silky black hair, “I never show off the good things that I have done. I keep a low profile, everyone! Keep it low. We have to continue to live with the Ghost Eclipsers.”

“But he is lustful! He is a pervert! Pfft! He put all of us into trouble for Pink Baby!” Vanish spitted. Gehenna was stunned, and he didn’t know what to say. 


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