Book 1: Chapter 53 - Magical Superpower

The metahumans in Noah City.

“Shut up!” Harry yelled grumpily. He stepped forward with an irritated expression. “You are going to scare away Luo Bing! Then, we wouldn’t have any female teammates!”

Harry’s remark served as a deterrent. Everyone immediately stopped fooling around and stood at ‘attention.’

Harry’s face grew solemn. It was funny to see a goofy person like Harry putting on a serious face. His amber gaze became sharp. “Luo Bing’s superpower is radiation resistance…”


Before Harry could finish, Khai, Mosie, and Joey had already started laughing.

Harry narrowed his eyes as he side-eyed them. They quickly wiped away their drool and tried their best to hold back their laughter. In the end, their faces turned red from holding their breath for too long.

The others looked confused.

“Everyone, be serious,” Sia said calmly. He looked like an Indian young man, with his black curly hair, straight nose, and extraordinarily big eyes. He was pretending to be more mature than the others, pursing his lips and rubbing his short goatee as if he had a long beard.

“Radiation resistance?” Moorim looked at Harry. He was smiling bashfully with dimples on both of his cheeks. He rubbed his nose; too shy to make fun of me, he could only make fun of Harry. “We all have radiation resistance. How is that a superpower?”

“Luo Bing’s level of radiation resistance is very high,” Harry said solemnly.

“How high of a level could that be?” Williams didn’t seem to care too much. He was busy combing back his long blonde hair into a small braid at the back of his head. “Could she be on a higher level than you? You are already on level five. No one else would be higher than you.”

“If she could come in here, I reckon she should be on the same level as the captain,” Bill said carefully. He looked serious with a pointy chin and sharp gaze. While the others had been joking around, he was the only person to be more serious. He wore his long brown hair tucked behind his ears.

“You mean she is also on level five?” Mosie responded from Bill’s side. Mosie’s hair was a vibrant ombre gradient of blue and purple, with a tinge of burgundy. He seemed to have gotten it highlighted too. After Mosie had spoken, the others chimed in. “Oh… level five… but that can’t be considered as a superpower either…”

“It’s level nine!” Uncle Mason’s voice boomed in reply. Everyone’s expressions froze, their taunting smiles stiffening too. Those who were in the middle of saying something were left agape. It looked like someone had pressed the pause button and froze all of them in front of me.

Harry lifted the corners of his lips in a smug grin. It looked like he had been deliberately holding back telling them just to enjoy everyone’s shocked reaction.

Arms crossed, he strutted over to Khai, barely even trying to hide his grin. His step was obviously much lighter now, showing his usual joviality. He pointed at me, then at Khai. “This is Khai. His superpower is his muscular strength. His muscles can store more energy than ordinary people. Therefore, he’s the main strength of our troop…” Harry started introducing the troop members to me leisurely, while they were still frozen with amazement.

“How about Da Li? What’s the difference between him and Da Li?” I asked.

Harry extended his hand and rubbed Khai’s chest. “Although Da Li is strong, she is a child after all. She is not good at fighting, but Khai is a strong fighter. He is very useful on the battlefield and his body is tough. At his full strength, he can even be a shield against all sharp weapons.” He patted Khai’s muscular chest. Khai slowly came back to himself and glared at Harry’s hand. “Are you done?!”

“Don’t be so petty. Sis Cannon can touch you, but I can’t?” Harry smiled mischievously. But his reply had successfully defeated Khai. Khai’s upset expression was replaced with embarrassment and he turned away. He spoke through gritted teeth in a deep voice, “Can you stop bringing her up!? There’s nothing going on between the two of us!” Khai sounded distressed and aggrieved. He was filled with anger yet had nowhere to vent. 

“Hahahaha.” Harry recovered his original attitude. Then, he pointed at Sia who was next in line. “This is Sia, he can control the gravitational field around him…”

Sia came back to reality and flashed a smile at me. His big eyes were like a goldfish’s; he looked cute when he was trying to look mature and steady. He spread his hands slightly and made a lotus-like finger gesture. Then, he closed his pair of huge eyes and pursed his lips. He hummed, “Omm.” Then, he levitated like a nitrogen-filled balloon. But then…

Everyone was looking up at Sia as though they were looking at a balloon that had been accidentally released by someone. Floating away, rising higher and higher in air…

“His shortcoming is that he still can’t control his superpower properly. He can go up but can’t come down…” Harry looked up and shook his head as he sighed. Then, he lowered his face and covered his mouth, supporting himself against Khai’s muscular body as he laughed.

“You did it on purpose.” Bill saw through Harry’s tricks and glared at him. Then, everyone secretly laughed at Sia anyway.

By now, Sia had already floated to the top and was bumping against the roof. He looked down and shouted, “Who is going to get me down?!”

Bill sighed and shook his head. He pulled out a thick mattress and placed it right below Sia. Then shouted, “Done.”


Sia simply started free-falling from the ceiling. *Bang!* He landed right on the mattress that Bill had placed underneath. He didn’t move for quite some time.

I was dumbfounded. So, his superpower is to levitate so that he can fall to death? Does this superpower exist to help him commit suicide? 

*Pfft.* Everyone waved and looked indifferent. “Wasn’t enough to kill him.”

“Leave him alone,” Harry said. Everyone stopped looking at Sia, as if this was a common sight for them. Then, Harry looked at Williams. “Williams, show Luo Bing what you can do!”

“Okay!” Williams smirked. I looked at him and suddenly, two arms popped out from behind his back. In the blink of an eye, he was holding a gun in each of his four arms. Two in the front and two in the back!

I was stunned. Williams had grown an extra pair of arms out of nowhere, shocking me speechless. I cocked my head curiously. Now, the racerback cut of his battle uniform made sense; it freed him to pop out an extra pair of arms! I watched, fascinated, as he simultaneously spun all four guns smoothly. Then, he slid them back into the holsters on his chest and on the back. The two arms on his back were extremely flexible!

William’s arms disappeared from his back as soon as he returned his guns to their holsters. It felt like they had never appeared in the first place and might have been mere shadows of his regular arms.

This ability was so magical, much more magical than the other abilities I had seen so far.

“You have seen Moorim’s ability…” By the time Harry walked up to Moorim, Bill had already helped Sia back to his feet and both calmly returned to their original positions. As if nothing remarkable had happened, Harry continued to introduce me to the other members.

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