Book 5: Chapter 120 - Betraying The Boss

“To be honest, we haven’t seen someone this powerful for a very long time. Did everyone have fun?” Nino chuckled. He spoke very quickly, “Those we had fought back then were too weak. You had complained that it had been no fun. Wasn’t it fun this time around?” 

“What’s so fun about it!?” Vanish huffed furiously. He rolled his eyes and said, “We are giving them leeway to win. How was it fun? Look at the perverted face of yours!” Vanish couldn’t help pointing at Gehenna. “If Luo Bing is a girl, will you be her slave?!” 

“Sure!” Gehenna laughed sillily. “I would do whatever that she wishes me to do—as long as she sleeps with me.” 

“Bang!” There was a loud thud next to me. Ghostie was hitting the window.

The people in front of us immediately became alert, and they stood up simultaneously, looking in my direction. 

Gehenna was beaming. He stood up and spread his collar open, exposing his sexy muscular chest. He even posed in my direction. “Sweetheart, is that you? We have been waiting for you.”

The cabin door opened, and Ah Zong and Lucifer entered the room. We stared at each other. Ah Zong stood by the door in shock. It was his first time seeing me dressed as a girl. 

Lucifer ran towards me happily and exclaimed, “Sis Luo Bing, you look so beautiful in your dress!” 

Gru nodded and blushed. “Hm.” 

I measured Lucifer up and down, thinking that Ah Zong really knew how to dress well. He had made my cute Lucifer look like a cute, handsome prince. The exquisite light-golden coat with white and golden embroidered border complimented a white shirt underneath. There was a black gem brooch on his collar, and it brought out Lucifer’s noble disposition.

“Why are you always wearing men’s clothes?” Lucifer was puzzled. I smiled and stroked his head. I realized that he had a shoulder bag with him. When I looked inside, I saw that it was filled with food!

“Hehe.” Lucifer grabbed his bag tightly in embarrassment. He even took a few steps back to hide behind Ah Zong. He looked like a child hiding his sweets, not wanting anyone to find out. 

Ah Zong was wearing a simple linen shirt. There wasn’t any accessory, but a belt loosely tied on his waist. 

His pink hair was tied up behind his head with a few strands scattered casually on his slender neck and his clavicle. He still looked enchanting.

I looked at Ah Zong and asked, “Ah Zong, do you have anyone who has the superpower to detect a lie?”

Ah Zong came back to reality, and he resumed a lazy and expression. He smirked into his signature flirtatious smile while he walked coquettishly towards me and sat down next to me. He looked at me affectionately while supporting his head on one of his hands. “Me.”

I nodded solemnly. “Good! Let’s start the interrogation.” I placed my hands on the table. It turned transparent and became a monitor. 

The light-wall isolating us from the captives flashed like an ice-cube melting in the middle, revealing Gehenna and his men behind the wall. They looked surprised when they saw me.

Gehenna opened his eyes ecstatically. He quickly strode towards me and exclaimed, “Sweetheart! You’re my sweetheart!” 

“Zzzap!” He bumped onto the electromagnetic wall and bounced off. He flew back and hit the white wall. He slowly slid down, wearing a beaming smile.

None of his men went to help him but continued looking at me in surprise. 

“She is really a girl!” Old Iron exclaimed in surprise.

“Our boss is so astute when it comes to girls! Nathan, you couldn’t tell that she is a girl with that many pairs of eyes!?” 

“This girl is really beautiful! Most importantly, she can fight really well!” Nathan praised and gave a thumbs-up.

The six of them stood in a line in front of me as if they were trying to surround me. Gehenna was electrocuted and was unconscious behind them, but nobody cared if he was alive or not. 

“I got to say that Boss is pretty astute when it comes to girls.” Earl adjusted his glasses and said, “It is rare to see such a beauty in this world. She even has black hair, which Boss likes.”

“Hey, since you’re so pretty, we have decided to forgive our boss for his stupidity,” Nino chuckled and said. Vanish rolled his eyes and declared, “He wants to die, but I don’t. Woman, we are forced to be a Ghost Eclipser by that b*stard Gehenna. Let us go, and you can do whatever you want with him.” Vanish sold Gehenna.

“Vanish! Don’t give up on Boss so soon.” Blue Feather patted Vanish’s shoulder and suggested, “Isn’t it more fun to watch Boss getting heartbroken?” 

Others were stunned, but in the next moment, all of them burst out in laughter, “Hahahaha.”

They were close brothers, indeed! They were in a love-hate relationship. 

Nathan glanced at Vanish, then turned to look at Gehenna. He suddenly cried, “We are all innocent! We will surely change and become better people! Gehenna is the one who killed all those people! We have nothing to do with it!” 

The other five of them immediately looked at Nathan stiffly. Some of them didn’t even have enough time to rein their smiles, and they looked awkward. 

“Move out of the way! Stop blocking my sweetheart.” Gehenna suddenly stood up and pushed them away. He supported himself against Old Iron’s body and said with a broad smile, “Sweetheart, you can take all the lives you want. If mine alone is not enough, I have my brothers with me.” 

Others’ faces grew grave, and they narrowed their eyes at Gehenna. 

They betrayed and stabbed each other’s back.

I looked at them, thinking to myself—a bunch of drama queens. I was so amused that I nearly laughed, but I refrained myself. I couldn’t break my work. It was an interrogation. 

I looked at Gehenna glumly. “I don’t want any of your lives. I only want you to answer a few questions.” 

“No problem! Give me a chance! Let me do it!” Nathan was the first to rush up. He had the face of a traitor. “Do you want to know about the situation in the Ghost Eclipser? I will tell you. There are over hundred-thousands of Ghost Eclipsers. Those that you killed last year were merely our marginal members.” 

I was stunned. He was already blurting out before I had the chance to ask any questions. 

“However, Steel Ghost Town was an important base of ours. It was actually the supply station for us to move forward, not for the ones behind. That’s why it slowed down our expansion after you took down the place, but it didn’t cause too much impact to our rear. But you did the right thing! Good job! How could you let us expand?! Right!?” He even made a fist of encouragement after saying that. “I, Nathan, will be a good man from here on! Mm!” 

The entire cell became quiet in an instant.

Everyone looked at him in disdain. 

He turned and saw their despicable gazes. He straightened his neck and asked, “Is it wrong to be a good person? I have always wanted to be a good man, but you didn’t give me a chance. They are good people...” He pointed at me. “We can live if we speak frankly because they are good people. They won’t kill innocent people.” 


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