Book 5: Chapter 119 - Women Supremacy

I heard Gru’s footsteps running behind me. He stood in front of me again. He wore maturity and determination that surpassed what his age could carry. “Sis Luo Bing, I understand your intention, but my family is dead. I have nothing left to protect. You’re wrong if you think that I want to go to war just to take revenge. From today onwards...,” he paused and looked at me in the eye and blushing. Then he continued, “...I want to protect you! I want to protect my savior!”  

He looked at me with a scorching gaze. I didn’t see hatred in his dazzling eyes but the courage and determination of a soldier.

He was a warrior. He was a man.

The kids his age in Noah City or Silver Moon City were not as mature and decisive as him because they lived in a peaceful and comfortable environment. 

I looked at Ghostie next to me and asked, “What do you think?” 

Ghostie crossed his arms before his chest and nodded his approval. 

Gru fixed his gaze on me. I looked at him and asked, “What is your superpower?” 

Gru let out a sigh of relief. “I can turn everything into fresh flowers,” he said with a bit of embarrassment and worry. “I know that my superpower is not the strongest, but I can resist level six radiation!” He emphasized that he could resist radiation higher than level five, which was rare in this world. 

I nodded in agreement as I said, “No superpower is strong or weak. What matters the most is if one can use it correctly. Follow me and take part in the interrogation. I will reconsider my previous decision if you can follow my lead and keep your calm.”

Gru was delighted that he was given a chance. He stood up straight with trembling energy. His golden-brown braid was tied high on his head, looking energetic. 

I remembered that Gru was barely breathing when I had saved him back then. A mask hid his face at that time, and it had rotted from prolonged radiation exposure.

I was relieved to see him again. He had turned into a youthful, energetic, and cheerful young man.

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Sis Luo Bing!” Gru followed next to me excitedly. He walked by Ghostie’s water cabin with his chest held up high, imposing a dignified appearance. 

I thought of bringing some of them with me when leaving Noah City.  

I couldn’t go to war alone. So, I would bring the people who were willing to leave with me and partake in the war. 

I needed my team. I needed a team that I could fully trust. 

After much consideration of what Arsenal had said, I had told Ice Dragon to bring the captives out of Noah City. Ice Dragon had stopped under a nearby cliff, where we had rebuilt a reservoir.

We took a miniature spacecraft and stopped by Ice Dragon. Gehenna’s humongous battleship was stopped right next to Ice Dragon. 

The hull of Ice Dragon’s B2 model was slightly bigger, equivalent to a miniature battleship. The cabins were well equipped, and it held a huge cargo. The dozens of captives were locked up in the cargo, separated by electromagnetic walls. 

Gehenna and six of his generals were detained separately. There were prison cells and an interrogation room in B2. The cell wasn’t big, but it was enough to detain Gehenna and his generals. 

We entered the interrogation room painted in white and furnished with an oval white streamlined table. There were two oval hanging chairs behind the table and a monitor at the front. The entire prison cell was clearly visible from the room. 

“Let’s make a bet! My sweetheart is surely a girl!” Gehenna said proudly while tying his long hair as he exposed his muscular chest.

Gehenna’s six generals, Vanish, Earls, Nathan, Blue Feather, Nino, and Old Iron, were seated on both of his sides. 

Blue Feather was the man who could grow a pair of wings on other people. He looked around twenty-five years old. He had comely features, blonde hair, and amber eyes, like an angel in western fairy tales. He was in a crossed-back vest, which was convenient for his pair of wings to grow out on his back, just like Lucifer.

Nino was short and petite. He had a beard, and he looked a little older. 

Old Iron wore a glum look, and he was quiet. His face was squarish, like a piece of iron, with a sturdy-looking stubble on his face. He was tall and burly, and his arms bulged with thick muscle.

The average age of Gehenna’s team was much older compared to us. They were adults. Gehenna looked like he was twenty-six or twenty-seven. He was at least seven years older than me.

They were exasperated and shaking their heads when they heard what Gehenna said. 

“Boss! You will die in the hands of a woman one day!” Nathan said with his low and thick voice. Similar to his body, he sounded like he was a natural speaker. “They nearly froze my eyes and made me blind!”

“Hm! They are capable!” Gehenna nodded, rubbing his chin. 

“It is all because you are a randy man!” Vanish stood up suddenly and pounced at Gehenna, but Earl and Blue Feather held him back. 

“Vanish, Calm down!” Blue Feather held Vanish.

Gehenna sat still, smiling at Vanish. 

“It’s impossible that we lost! It’s my first time being a captive! This is so embarrassing! It was all because you wanted to get a girl! Oh right! You’re not even sure if she’s a girl! I reckon he is a boy!” Vanish said loudly as if he was cursing. 

I took a seat and watched them quietly.

Gru was initially surprised, but then he got angry. I looked at his eyes, burning with hatred. He realized that I was watching him, and he quickly turned away to calm himself down. 

I had brought him along to see his reaction. He was only sixteen years old, after all. I was once impulsive when I was his age. I had gone to Kro alone and had almost killed Harry.

We were going to face a more ruthless and brutal war. An impulsive soldier often kills his teammates. So, we can’t be controlled by hatred on the battleground. We shall not lose our calm on the battlefield. 

Even though I demanded that from Gru, I had once lost control, and it was fortunate that there weren't any innocent people around. Thinking back, the past one and half years on Hagrid Island was really important to me. 

“Boss, stop fooling around!” Blue Feather said sullenly. “We will all lose our lives if you continue to fool around.”

“Hm!” Old Iron harrumphed as he sat in the corner. He rolled his eyes at Gehenna and said, “It was for Pink Baby at first. Now, you’ve eradicated the whole team because of Luo Bing! She wouldn’t be touched even if she was a girl because you’re just a stinky Ghost Eclipser!” 

Sigh, what’s the matter with being a Ghost Eclipser?” Earl said graciously while he adjusted his glasses. “I could tell from the girl’s eyes that she is wise. She will understand that the Ghost Eclipser, Silver Moon City, and the Aurora Legion are all the same.” 

Earl was right. To a certain extent, the Ghost Eclipser, Silver Moon City, and the Aurora Legion were all the same. They were all bastards.

There was a saying that went like this ‘the pot calls the kettle black.’

Gehenna chuckled at him and licked his lips. “I believe that the woman will definitely follow me as long as I show my sincerity. Who am I!? I am a Ghost King, Gehenna’s Eye! No woman can resist my affectionate and charming eyes.” He looked at Vanish affectionately. Vanish was triggered, and he narrowed his eyes, wanting to punch Gehenna. “You are so disgusting!”

“Vanish! Calm down!” Blue Feather hugged Vanish again, stopping him from punching Gehenna. 


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