Book 5: Chapter 117 - Missing Love

I continued to talk to myself, “He obviously didn’t know that their attention was on studying my superpower when I first got to Silver Moon City. But… after I went to Blue Shield City with Xing Chuan, Ah Zong brought me to the Aurora Legion to meet Harry…” 

Ghostie became quiet as he just watched me closely.

“That night was an unforgettable night for Harry and me. The scenery and the kisses were as beautiful as a poem and a painting. Panting and moaning had brought us happiness.” 

Harry wouldn’t have stayed indifferent upon hearing this, even if he had turned into a spirit.    

I looked at Ghostie in the water cabin. He was looking at one spot blankly, and his huge eyes were quivering.

“After that night, I returned to Silver Moon City. At that time, Cang Yu found out that I am a girl. Harry and Ah Zong were the only ones who knew that I am a girl. Also, Zi Yi and the others on the spaceship knew. Do you think anyone among them could be Cang Yu’s spy?” 

Ghostie continued to stare ahead blankly. 

“Actually, it doesn’t matter if Cang Yu knows that I am a girl. What matters the most is if there is anyone around Ah Zong who works for Cang Yu. We will be in deep sh*t if there is.” I looked at him while he was still in a daze. I smirked and said softly, “That night, Harry and I… slept together.” 

“Pfft! Cough...” Ghostie finally reacted. He spurted water and stared at me with his eyes widely open. I laughed, saying, “You are a water ghost, but you know quite a bit! Pervert!” I puffed my cheeks and scornfully looked at him. 

He immediately wore a dejected expression that Harry used to have. He opened his mouth, trying to explain, but he panicked because he couldn’t speak. 

“Pervert!” I pointed at his face. “You even wanted to peep when I was changing the other day. You are a perverted monster!” 

“Pfft!” Ghostie curled his body and immersed himself in the water. He blew a bunch of bubbles in the water and covered his face with his claws.

I laughed at him for a while. When I turned around, tears unknowingly rolled down my cheeks. I found you, Harry. I found you. 

No, you found me. It was because of you. You swam halfway across the planet to look for me, right? 

It was because of you, Harry. 

That was why I always felt like Harry was with me. 

That was why you were always by my side. 

That was why you got jealous whenever any guy came close to me. 

I am getting more and more confident with my gut feeling. Ghostie is definitely Harry.

This world does have spirits. Spirits do exist. 

I stood in front of our love hut. I wiped my tears and opened the door. It looked just like before. Everything had been the same since Raffles had left. 

The table and chairs were not dusty at all. Our cups were still on the table. Raffles used to do the house chores all the time, even though he was the busiest among us. He was always thinking about improving Noah’s programming code while doing chores.

Harry and I were the laziest. I would fold my blanket and tidy up my room, but Harry wouldn’t even fold his blanket. He enjoyed seeing Raffles folding it for him. Heh, Harry loved “bullying” Raffles that way. 

An outsider would think that I had two ‘husbands.’ But it seemed more like Harry had two ‘wives’ instead. 

I touched the two cups. Harry, Raffles… 

The memories in the room began to replay before me.

I used to study with Raffles at that table. 

Raffles used to wash Harry’s clothes in the bathroom. 

Harry used to lie on the sofa, reading some suspicious magazines. 

Our lives were simple, but we were happy.

We only understand some things after growing up. Some feelings grow stronger as we age. 

I opened the door to my room. The room was exactly the same as before. It looked like someone had been cleaning the room every day. 

Our room was tranquil. That’s strange. Where’s Little Carl?

I opened the wardrobe and saw my family portrait. It was framed in an exquisitely beautiful photo frame. 

I picked it up and touched it. I placed it in front of Ghostie. “Look, it’s my dad and my mom. I never got to show Harry. You’re benefiting from it.” 

Ghostie leaned on the glass and watched as though he was meeting his in-laws. 

I took out my backpack while Ghostie looked at me with a puzzled look.

I quickly packed my clothes and photos. I was going to leave Noah... I was going to leave Noah for good. 

I kept the uniform that I had worn when I had first got there. The aunties had already washed it. Those were the only clothes from my own world. 

Then, I started to pack the clothes that I needed.

I saw the ring box and also the jewelry box when I opened the drawer. 

Harry had given me those things, and he had explicitly told me that it was a pair of couples rings. It was during the second year of Spring when we had moved resources from Klos Ruins, right after Harry and I had reconciled. 

I touched the box lovingly and opened it. The pair of rings was inside it. “I was silly back then. I wasn’t aware that Harry used to like me back then. It was mainly because he had always said that he liked me and wanted me to be his wife since rescuing me. I had always misunderstood it as a joke and his way of fooling around with me. I used to get mad at him and fight with him...” 

I looked at the starlight ring in the box. My nickname in Noah was a meteor. The people used to think that I was the star who had brought hope and future to Noah City. 

Harry must have wished for me to put on that ring one day. It was a pity that I hadn’t taken it with me to Silver Moon City. 

“Harry gave me this pair of rings with advice to look for a fiancé. He must have felt… a lot of pain...” He hid his feelings from me so that I wouldn’t hate him. He disguised romance as friendship and family. He stayed by my side and secretly matched me with Raffles.

I only understood this later. 

My nose prickled. I chuckled and patted the water cabin. The water level lowered, and the door moved down. 

I looked at Ghostie. “Give me your hand.” 

Ghostie gave me his wet hand and looked puzzled. I took out the rings while holding his hand. I slowly put the rings on two of his fingers. His fingers were slender and slimy. The female ring slipped onto his little thumb easily. 

He was surprised. I smiled and said, “I am giving it to you. You brought Harry back to me, and you stayed with me on his behalf. This is for you. You can give it to the female water ghost that you like when you find one.” I made fun of him, and he wore a complicated yet awkward expression. He looked at the rings on his fingers and thought deeply.

Harry, you hoped that I would put the male ring on you back then. 

Today, I hope that you will put the female ring on my hand one day. 

I held his hand, and the symbiotic flower suddenly appeared on the back of my hand. A tiny red flower bud crawled on my finger. Simultaneously, the golden symbiotic flower appeared on Ghostie’s chest. The tiny golden flower pattern started to bloom on his chest as though it could feel my love as it sprouted on his body. 


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