Book 5: Chapter 116 - Who Is Cang Yu’s Spy?

Ah Zong walked voluptuously towards me with a smile across his face. “I can increase the female population here.”

I didn’t understand what he meant. I looked at him with a puzzled look and asked, “What do you mean?” 

He smiled mysteriously. “When you are done with your proper business…” He measured me up and down before he moved his red lips, saying, “I will tell you then.” 

Ah Zong kept me in suspense. Does he have a secret recipe for giving birth to girls? 

Sis Ceci came to me. She held my hand and implored me, “Lil Bing, is there someone named Akbu and Shirley in Koont Village!?” Sis Ceci looked at me earnestly. 

Xue Gie was usually always in a daze, but her eyes suddenly shot open when she heard the name ‘Shirley.’ She moved closer to me. 

I looked at her for a while and lifted my hand. “Pelos, come here.” 

Pelos came to me obediently. Sis Ceci naturally glanced at Pelos, and she was surprised. She seemed to find Pelos’s facial features familiar. 

I introduced him to Sis Ceci. “He is Pelos. His mother is Sis Shirley. His dad... sacrificed himself.”

Tears welled up in Sis Ceci’s eyes while Xue Gie was stunned as she fixed her gaze upon Pelos. 

Pelos panicked when he saw Sis Ceci crying suddenly. “Sis Luo Bing, I…” Pelos looked at me helplessly, and his face turned red.

“You are already a grown-up now...” Sis Ceci stroked Pelos’ face with tears glistening in her eyes. His face got even redder. I smiled at him to reassure him that it was fine.

The crowd soon dismissed. I looked at Lucifer and Ah Zong, who remained by my side. I looked at their clothes and realized that Ah Zong was still wearing a tattered shirt under his cape. 

“Come follow me. Let’s get a change of clothes for you.” 

“Alright!” Ah Zong smiled sweetly. 

“Why do we have to change?” Lucifer was puzzled as he looked at himself. “I think I look pretty good. Can we get some food first?” 

“All you know is to eat!” I patted his head. 

I saw Ghostie’s water cabin and thought that it wasn’t viable to keep him that way. There would be many more battles on the ground in the future, and I couldn’t just let him live in a fishpond because I didn’t want to be separated from him. 

I turned and looked at Sis Ceci, who was still holding Pelos. “Sis Ceci, I am going to take them to pick up some clothes. You can pick some for Pelos as well. They will be staying here from now on.” 

“Okay! Sure!” Sis Ceci wiped off her tears emotionally. She looked at the battle suit on Pelos and urged him, “Come, follow me. I will pick a few handsome outfits for you! You’re finally back, finally back!” Sis Ceci choked in tears. She pulled puzzled-looking Pelos, and Xue Gie followed behind. 

Bill was confused too. He looked at me and asked, “What is happening?” 

I looked at him and asked, “Do you know Xue Gie’s parents’ names?” It seemed like it had been a taboo to talk about Xue Gie’s parents in Noah City back then. They rarely mentioned them. I wasn’t quite sure what their names were.

Bill thought for a while and replied, “I think it’s Shir…” He was stunned then. I smiled at him. “I hope your parents are in Koont Village as well.” 

Bill looked dumbfounded. His eyes were rippling like water. 

I would be dumb if I still couldn’t figure out the identity of Akbu and Shirley. They must be the ones who have shielded the retreat—the parents of Xue Gie, Sis Cannon, Bill, and Williams!” 

Of course, Uncle Akbu said that Noah City has sacrificed them to buy time. 

The truth of whether it was a misunderstanding can only be revealed after Uncle Mason brings them back.

I hope that it was a misunderstanding. I hope that there is always a bright side in this world

Sis Ceci and I headed to the clothes storage together. Ghostie’s water cabin moved alongside us. He watched Sis Ceci’s back the whole time, and his eyes were welled up in tears.

“Sis Ceci, is Raffles allowed to come back?” I asked while walking. I didn’t understand why Raffles had stayed back in Silver Moon City. Was it because Silver Moon City didn’t let him go, or was it because he wanted to stay in Silver Moon City. 

The people of Noah City don’t know that Raffles has a split personality. It has been a year since both of us were separated. I wonder how he is doing right now. I miss him.  

Sis Ceci shook her head. “After your passing... Raffles has been staying in Silver Moon City...” 

Raffles had never come down in the past one and a half years. Perhaps, he had his own agenda. 

“Noah,” I called. Noah’s image immediately appeared in the tunnel. “What can I do for you, Captain Luo Bing?”

“Send a message to Silver Moon City. Tell them that Elder Alufa is very sick and to send Raffles down to see him for one last time.” 

Sis Ceci suddenly looked at me in surprise. I looked at her calmly and explained, “Are there any other better excuses?” Elder Alufa had fainted earlier. I felt sorry for saying that, and I was not let him find out about this.

It was undoubtedly the best excuse to get Raffles back here, regardless of whether Silver Moon City had held him back or because he personally didn’t want to.

Noah sniggered and replied, “Got it. I will send the message now.” Noah vanished at the entrance of the clothes storage.

“It’s fine,” Xue Gie said dully.

Sis Ceci blinked and smiled stiffly. “It seems… there’s isn’t a better option.” She couldn’t help but chuckle. 

Sis Ceci opened the clothes storage. When the lights turned on, rows of clothes-racks were in view.

“Wow!” Pelos was astonished when he saw the storage full of clothes. He’d probably never seen that many clothes since birth. 

“Come follow me.” Sis Ceci brought Pelos into the storage welcomingly. Xue Gie fixed her gaze upon Pelos, and there was a glimpse of warmth in her eyes.

I looked at Ah Zong and Lucifer. “Ah Zong, you’re going to decide for Lucifer. Get a suitable outfit for him.” 

Ah Zong leaned against the door frame lazily. Then, he sweetly measured Lucifer from head to toe. “No problem.” 

Zi Yi guarded Ah Zong closely.

I turned and left. 

Ah Zong looked at me and asked, “Where are you going?” 

“I am going back to my room to get changed. Get Noah to bring you back to Ice Dragon after you’ve changed. We shall interrogate Gehenna together.” 

Ah Zong smiled. He licked his lips while he removed himself from the door frame and stood straight. His pink wavy hair fell on his chest, and he looked seductive. “I love interrogating people because…” He winked at me and continued, “We can use many tools for it.” 

I knew that he wasn’t a serious person, and I was already used to it. He wouldn’t be Ah Zong if he weren’t this playful and coy. 

Ah Zong dragged Lucifer into the storage, and Zi Yi walked past me. I glanced at Zi Yi, who was always following Ah Zong, then I turned around and walked in the opposite direction. I could faintly feel that someone was watching me from behind. When I turned around, I saw Zi Yi turn and enter the clothes storage.  

“I have been wondering…” I said to Ghostie in his cabin as I walked. “When did Cang Yu find out that I am a girl?” 

Ghostie looked at me, blankly. It seemed that he was surprised that I had suddenly brought it up with him. He turned and looked around as though he was checking if there was anyone else around. 


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