Book 5: Chapter 114 - The Queen’s Confrontation

I laughed, then explained to everyone, “He is Lucifer. He is Second Sis’ son. Do you remember how Raffles injected human genes into Second Sister? Lucifer now has the genes of a human and a flying corpse, combined.” 

“What!?” All of them exclaimed in unison. They were really surprised. 

No one had expected that the almost three-meters tall flying corpse had become a cute little boy who was only 1.6meters tall.

It took a while for them to recover from the surprise before they could accept this magical reality. 

“Team leader, why are there no humans around you?” Sis Cannon asked jokingly. “Flying corpse, water ghost, spirits. I think you only need a day monster to complete the package.” 

Yeah, there weren’t any humans around me. They weren’t human anymore but all of them had a more truthful heart than a human. They had become my most trusted comrades, my closest family. I would continue to fight alongside them! 

Ice Dragon returned to Noah City at full speed. I had yet to hear from Uncle Mason. By now, they probably had yet to pass through the west ocean but they should be about to reach. I believed that there would be news from them soon. 

As the golden sunset poured onto the ground, we saw the city gate of Noah City in the warm golden lights. The gate had been kept open, like a mother spreading her arms, waiting for her family to come home. 

“We are home! We missed you!” Williams said excitedly. 

I smiled without replying. 

“Luo Bing.” Ming You tugged me gently and I turned to her. She seemed serious. Glancing at the people gazing at the outside scene, she looked back at me as she said, “We are very happy to have you back. However, Arsenal was very surprised by the sudden takeover of Noah City. Nobody informed her about it. Luo Bing, Arsenal became the Queen after you left. So, your action made Arsenal fall into an awkward position.” 

I understood what Ming You said. No queen would be happy to have someone else taking over her country all of a sudden. It was a provocation to her queenship. 

From another angle, it would look like I was seizing power. 

I didn’t plan to beg for forgiveness from Arsenal because I wasn’t going to stay in Noah City. It wasn’t the best place for me anymore.

“Don’t worry. We will support you.” Sis Cannon suddenly came between us. 

Ming You frowned, complaining, “Why do you always have to eavesdrop?”  

“Since Princess betrayed Team Leader,” Xue Gie came in expressionlessly with a sharp gaze and waved her hand forward as she continued, “Team Leader, seize power!”

I stiffened, raising my eyebrows.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea.” Xiao Ying popped in as well. “We are all sisters.” 

“Calm down and be more mature.” Ming You revealed the spirit of an eldest sister. “Team Leader is indeed stronger in terms of capability, but what would the people in Noah City think of her if she just seized power like this?” 

“Stop it, everyone. I don’t intend to stay in Noah City.” All of them were shocked upon hearing my words. It also ended the short meeting about the fight for power. 

I wasn’t interested in seizing Noah’s power in the first place. 

They gaped at me in shock but I didn’t say another word. Glancing at one another, they only sighed, anxious and restless. 

The ground in the north opened up, revealing a huge tunnel that led to a spacious hangar below, big enough to park several spacecrafts. 

We had taken over all the spacecrafts that had belonged to Gehenna. Their spacecrafts would come in handy in the near future. Ice Dragon led the other spaceships and descended. The acquired Ghost Eclipsers spacecrafts and spaceships stopped above the ground while the rest entered the basement hangar in Noah City. The spacious hangar was filled with people. 

The population of Noah City had grown tremendously, as had Noah City itself.

“Do you remember the miners you saved back then? They are all there.” Khai pointed to one side. There were people standing there, dressed in catsuits in various colors. They stretched their necks, eagerly waiting for someone. 

“There are quite a number of them that have great superpowers. They are now members of our scouting troops.” 

“There’s a guy named Toza. He is Ming You’s husband. His superpower is to heal from a distance, which is pretty impressive.”

“Oh yeah. Do you remember Gru?” Mosie asked, smiling. “The youngest boy, he especially admires you. He would go to your statue everyday to encourage himself to be like you and head to Silver Moon City one day.” 

Oh yeah. There’s a statue of me here. This is so embarrassing. That’s why I can’t stay in Noah City anymore. 

Gru, good boy, I am going to break the news to you that going to Silver Moon City will only impair you. 

When the hatch opened, it was pitch silent outside. Everyone stood on both sides quietly, looking at us. Just like how the people had stood on both sides of the red carpet to welcome the triumphant return of Xing Chuan, when I had first gone to Silver Moon City.

Their gazes were filled with excitement, admiration, peace, ecstasy, unfamiliarity and tears of joy, glistening with different feelings.

I saw many familiar faces and also some new faces. One of the boys came out of the crowd and stood at the front, staring at me in astonishment. 

Ghostie’s water cabin was transported by a robot. Pelos and Lucifer followed by his side, looking around at the great Noah City in excitement and curiosity.

Ah Zong and his men got down from their spaceships, immediately catching everyone’s attention and stirring a commotion among the crowd. They were puzzled, surprised and confused. But they measured Ah Zong and his men from head to toe with their eyes, and gasped in admiration.

Honeycomb had gathered all the prettiest boys in the east. Their beauty even surpassed the beauty of the girls in Noah City. 

Ah Zong’s smile bloomed like a flower. He walked down casually, not bothered by the crowd at all. He was used to getting all the attention. The Honeycomb boys held Queen Bee by her arms and followed behind Ah Zong timidly. They were also watching the people of Noah City with cautious eyes. 

There was a figure coming towards us calmly. Her steps were elegant and graceful, holding a one-year-old girl in her arms. Sis Ceci was next to her, holding a little boy.

She had given birth to children in the past two years.. 

Things really did change over time. 

As they came closer, I saw that the girl and boy were a pair of twins. 

The adorable children had big eyes and red lips, like exquisite Barbie dolls. From their comely facial features, I could see hints of both Arsenal and Brother Qian Li’s features. They had given birth to a cute pair of twins. 

“We are home!” Mosie went to Arsenal happily. But he became awkward when he saw her frowning in silence. He asked, “Arsenal? Are you okay? Look, Luo Bing is back.” 

Arsenal looked at me calmly and we stared at each other. The mood got awkward because we didn’t speak. The people on both sides were puzzled, and they became quiet again. 


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