Book 5: Chapter 113 - Unusual Taste

There was a loud bang.

Everyone was shocked, staring at Ghostie. 

“Team Leader! Why did you catch a water ghost? He is so scary.” Xiao Ying rested a flustered hand on her stacked chest. “But... You can be considered one of the better looking water ghosts.” 

I went forward and looked at Ghostie who was squinting, seemingly distressed. I introduced him to everyone, “This is Ghostie. He is my partner.” 

“Are you serious!?” Sis Cannon exclaimed in surprise.They stared at me with their eyes wide open.

I explained, “Ghostie is an evolved water ghost. He is also a human. He is my friend and also my comrade. Ghostie, say hi to everyone!” 

They watched him curiously with the same gaze they would use to watch a water ghost, like they were zoo visitors watching a gorilla in a cage. 

Ghostie narrowed his eyes unhappily, and raised his middle finger at them!

Everyone instantly froze. 

I couldn’t help but laugh, leaning against the cabin door in front of Ghostie. I said, “Ghostie is my friend and also my comrade. He is good at water battles. I have been with him for the past one year. We will be together in the future too.” 

“Together… Forever...” Sis Cannon repeated awkwardly. 

“Oh, right! There’s Lucifer too.” I introduced him to everyone happily. 

“Lucifer?!” Sis Cannon chuckled again. “Sounds just like a pretty boy.” 

“Right! Right! Team Leader! Quickly show us!” Xiao Ying clasped her hands together in excitement.

Suddenly, a huge shadow flew past before our spaceship. *Bang!* Lucifer landed on the windscreen, waving at us. Everyone was shocked as they cried, “Flying corpse!” 

“Lucifer.” I gave everyone a meaningful look. Everyone’s expressions started to twitch as they pointed at the flying corpse awkwardly in question, and I nodded, laughing. “Yes. That is Lucifer. Isn’t he handsome?” I winked at everyone playfully. I finally started getting back the old feeling of how I had felt when I had used to be with them.  

They gawked for very long, as though their jaws had dislocated. 

Lucifer hopped off the windscreen and vanished before us. 

“Lil Bing.” Sis Cannon was about to speak but she paused before she continued, “I know that… you are going through a lot of pain from losing Harry. But... you can’t give up on yourself and refuse to choose humankind anymore...” 

*Bang!* Ghostie hit the glass again. 

“Bro Bing. We agree with what Sis Cannon said.” The boys looked upset, gazing at me with heartache. “Harry would want you to be happy. How are you going to be happy… with a water ghost and a flying corpse?” 

“You guys are perverts. Don’t go overboard on your jokes…” Xiao Ying crossed her arms angrily. Joey immediately hugged her shoulders, explaining, “We aren’t joking.” 

“That’s enough, you guys! Do not involve Harry in your jokes!” Ming You was really agitated. “Harry is dead already!” Ming You couldn’t continue. She lowered her face and took a deep breath, before stomping to a corner. 

Everyone became quiet because we knew that Ming You had loved Harry. 

My heart was aching too. I glanced at Ghostie. He lowered his face quietly; he was being exceptionally quiet in the water. 

*Bang!* Khai punched Ghostie’s water cabin in frustration. “It’d be so great if Harry’s death was a mistake as well. Then, all of us can reunite.” 

Everyone was quiet. Sadness suffused throughout the spaceship.

“Harry is not dead,” I muttered.

“Team Leader...” Sis Cannon placed her hand on my shoulder as she looked at me helplessly, at loss for words.

“Are you done looking!?” Bill suddenly shouted, catching everyone’s attention. He had also broken the silence between us. Only now did everyone else realize that Pelos and Xue Gie were still looking at each other.

Bill was staring at Pelos glumly.

Everyone became improper again once they saw this scene.

“Bill, you’re jealous!” 

“Bill, you monopolized Xue Gie for about two years now! She already gave birth to your child too. You are still not letting her have another husband?” 

“Don’t be so petty. Xue Gie is very lonely at home when you’re out for missions.” 

“Oh yeah. Mosie belongs to Arsenal now.” Joey wore a wide smile as he told me, “He is officially Princess Arsenal’s second husband now.” 

I glanced at the bashful Mosie in surprise. “Really!? Congratulations!” Mosie had always wanted to be Arsenal’s man but Arsenal had chosen Bro Qian Li when I’d left. 

Ming You calmed herself down and came back to us, joining in the conversation, “Luo Bing, a lot has changed while you were away.” 

“Yeah!” Xiao Ying jumped next to Ming You, chirping, “Sis Ming You has a husband now too!” 

“Really!?” I looked at Ming You happily. She blushed and looked away with a smile, overflowing with happiness. I glanced at Ghostie in the water cabin. He was smiling happily too, popping his head out to look at all of us. 

“So, Bill, don’t be jealous. Sis Cannon has three husbands, Princess Arsenal has two, and Sis Ming You is going to choose her second husband. Xiao Ying will be married to us soon too. It is too little that Xue Gie only has you.” Everyone started jeering. 

“All of you, stop it! I don’t agree!” Bill was staring at everyone glumly, his possessiveness and dominance over Xue Gie flaring up. 

Pelos looked down embarrassedly. He blushed. “I’m sorry. I just thought that this sister looks a lot like my mother.” 

Bill was stunned. He asked, “Your mother!?” 

“Boy, this is a shitty excuse.” Everyone made fun of Pelos. 

I walked up next to Pelos and faced everyone seriously. I said, “Pelos is not joking. Xue Gie does look a lot like his mother. Wait until Uncle Mason brings Pelos’ family over. The truth will be revealed then.” 

Everyone was surprised, looking puzzled and curious.

*Swoosh.* The door opened and Lucifer came walking in, gnawing his bread. “Sis Luo Bing, I am back.” His face was puffed up with bread, looking like a chewing hamster.

He caught everyone’s attention again. Sis Cannon, Xiao Ying and Xue Gie’s eyes were glistening. Even Sis Ming You who was always serious looked surprised too. 

“He’s so cute!” Sis Cannon ran over and hugged Lucifer. Sis Cannon was taller than me and Lucifer was only at the height of her chest. Now, Lucifer’s face was buried in between her huge boobs. 

Xue Gie slowly reached out and patted Lucifer’s head. Her eyes were filled with love, just like she was stroking her own child. 

“Such a cute little brother.” Xiao Ying pounced over too, wanting to touch Lucifer’s head as well. Lucifer was in a daze as he had no idea what was happening. 

“You’re hiding such a cute boy!?” Ming You who rarely joked made fun of me too. “Who is this child?” 

“Lucifer.” All were surprised when I repeated the name. 

“What?! He is Lucifer!?” Everyone exclaimed in unison, scaring Lucifer. He immediately pushed Sis Cannon away and ran to me with his bread in his mouth. Hugging my waist, his eyes flickered between them in a panic as he said, “Sis Luo Bing, I am scared.” 

I laughed. How can a flying corpse be afraid of humans?! 


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