Book 5: Chapter 112 - Return To The Team

The arrival of the Ghost Eclipsers alarmed all of the cities in the east. The news of the Ghost Eclipsers invasion would spread quickly after the evacuation.

What would happen in the east was still unknown. However, the peace in the East had definitely come to an end. 

After all the captives had been detained on the spaceship, Ah Zong and the rest brought the Honeycomb boys along and left Blue Shield City. The location of Blue Shield City had been exposed so they couldn’t stay anymore. 

I glanced at the figures fighting in Blue Shield City. I didn’t feel anything at all. Perhaps, this was a normal phenomenon at the end of the world.

Gehenna had led the Ghost Eclipsers to that place but they had been defeated and hadn’t been able to plunder any resources. On the contrary, it was those who were still alive and originally from the east themselves who fought with each other instead.

They hadn’t become Ghost Eclipsers because their ancestors had left them with a good habitat, far away from the Ghost Eclipsers. However, their natural attributes coincided with those of a Ghost Eclipser. 

Ghost Eclipsers weren’t a specific group of people; rather, you could say it was a type of human attribute. Anyone could be a Ghost Eclipser. 

The defeated Ghost Eclipsers had become Ghost Eclipsers because they had surrendered to stay alive. Now, to stay alive, they had put down their weapons and became the people of the east. 

Not looking at them anymore, I turned and walked away. 

That was the reason why we had to fight and work hard to change the world. 

Sis Cannon and Xue Gie extended their hands to wave at me before Ice Dragon took off. Bill, Willians, Khai, Joey, Sia, Mosie and Moorim lined up on both sides behind them, welcoming me home. It felt as though Harry was there too, waving at me with a smile at the end of the line.

Harry, let’s go home together. 

Ice Dragon took off the moment I held Sis Cannon and Xue Gie’s hands. The spaceship that Xue Gie and the girls came in as well as Ah Zong’s spaceship trailed behind. They formed a neat line, heading to Noah City altogether. 

“Team leader!” 

“Luo Bing!” 

Ming You and Xiao Ying ran out from behind and pounced on me. We hugged each other where we stood before the closed hatch for a very long time, just like the group hug we had used to share back in Noah City, spreading strength and warmth to one another. 

Xiao Ying had grown taller and her boobs had also grown bigger. 

Sis Ming You had become more mature. Just like Sis Ceci, she had become a woman. 

“It’s great that you’re still alive!” Xiao Ying cried. Triggered by Xiao Ying’s tears, everyone else started tearing up too. 

“It’s great to have you back... It’s great...” Ming You hugged me, patting my back. 

Sis Cannon’s eyes welled up with tears as Khai hugged her shoulder. Xue Gie leaned on Bill’s shoulder quietly while Bill stroked her long hair. 

I knew that Sis Cannon and Xue Gie had come to back me up, and also to save their men.

No matter if it was the scouting troop or Desert Rose, they were all brave warriors! 

“What happened?” 

“Yeah. Why did Silver Moon City spread fake news?” 

“What happened in Steel Ghost Town?” 

“Since you’re alive, where did you go in the past one year? Why didn’t you come home?!” 

“Yeah! Why didn’t you come home!?” 

Everyone began shooting all sorts of questions one after another, not giving me the chance to actually answer.

“Okay, okay. Let Luo Bing have a good rest first.” Ming You looked at everyone. “We have plenty of time to ask later.” 

Watching their worried faces quietly, I smiled and said, “I am back now, right? Oh! I have three new friends to introduce to everyone!” 

They all looked curious. 

I brought them over to the cockpit. 

“Blue Shield City’s spaceship is following us,” Khai said with his arms crossed.

“I’m not sure what the gigolos have in mind but they are quite powerful,” Mosie praised. 

“Who else can they follow other than us? Silver Moon City will not take in any gigolos,” Moorim sneered. 

“I hope that they’ll follow us. Pink Baby is so pretty!” Williams suddenly covered his face, leaning against the wall. 

Everyone stiffened. Sia clasped his hands together as he murmured, “Ohmm... calm down...”

We all knew that Williams liked boys. He had used to like Raffles. Somehow he seemed to have a taste for androgynous boys.

I gave them a serious look. “They were fighting alongside us earlier. So, they are now our team mates. Please stop calling them gigolos.” 

Stunned, the boys stared at me in a daze. Then, they coughed and looked away embarrassedly. 

I knew that Ah Zong and the other Honeycomb boys were still gigolos in their heart, which wasn’t untrue after all. It was understandable that they wouldn’t be able to get used to the idea of treating them as their teammates right away. 

“This is our Brother Bing’s charm.” Sis Cannon smiled maliciously as she draped her arm around my neck, placing it right on my chest. “Back then, Pink Baby would die just to follow Brother Bing. Has anything happened between the two of you over the years? It looks like you are in a good relationship with him.” She wriggled her eyebrows playfully.

“Mia!” Khai frowned. He seemed to be telling Sis Cannon not to touch my breast. 

Joey and the rest were blushing. 

Xue Gie immediately reached out to grab Sis Cannon’s restless hand. 

“Sis Cannon! You’re still so indecent!” Xiao Ying pouted and shouldered us apart. “Brother Bing’s chest is not for you to touch. It is for me…” Xiao Ying reached out for me playfully. 

“Both of you are just the same!” The serious Ming You had never been used to seeing such behavior. She immediately held Xiao Ying, nagging, “We are all girls. What’s there to touch.” 

The surrounding men got even more awkward.

Actually, I was happy because I had not behaved like this for a very long time. It had been a long time since I had last fooled around with Sis Cannon. We used to be best friends because both of us were the more musculine ones out of all the girls. Plus, Sis Cannon was the only one who could understand my dirty jokes. Otherwise, it would have been awkward. 

“It seems like our Brother Bing has been keeping many secrets these years. Am I right? Have you... been hiding many men too?” Sis Cannon teased and winked at Xiao Ying. Both of them fought to get into the cabin first.

Pelos stood up immediately, greeting, “Sis Luo Bing!” 

Hahahaha!” Sis Cannon laughed. “There’s a man here indeed!” 

Pelos was stunned. His attention was caught by Xue Gie while Xue Gie stared at Pelos confusedly.

“There must be more! Bro Bing has never had only one man.”

“I want to see Team Leader’s new man!” 

Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying rushed towards Ghostie’s water cabin curiously, thinking that the water cabin was hiding someone behind it. They rushed over hurriedly, only to stop stunned before the water cabin. 

Everyone went forward once they saw Sis Cannon’s reaction. Xue Gie was the only one still looking at Pelos while he stared back at Xue Gie. Bill’s face grew grave, seeing their transfixed gazes. He stepped forward to block in front of Xue Gie but she continued to stare ahead blankly, as though her gaze could pass through Bill’s body and reach Pelos.   

Everyone before Ghostie’s cabin stood stunned, looking at Ghostie.


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