Book 5: Chapter 111 - Go Ahead, Be Ostentatious

Somehow, I felt emotional at the scene before me. Although this war had been fought ridiculously, like adults accompanying a child in a war game, I could clearly see how the metahumans in Gehenna’s team cooperated with each other and compensated for their shortcomings. Nathan assisted Vanish in locating while Blue Feather enabled the entire team to fly up into the sky. They were actually a six-men SWAT team!

Whereas the army in front of me were just expendable combatants.

I didn't understand Gehenna’s thoughts. This was my first time seeing someone fight in a way that dragged down his own men.

Since he had an indifferent attitude, I was more than happy to accept this huge gift. 

I raised my hand. 

“Sweetheart, please show me the North Star’s superpower,” Gehenna shouted excitedly behind my back. As if his main purpose of this whole farce had been to use these expendable combatants to bait me into performing my superpower. 

I glanced coldly behind me. “You shut up!” 

Hahaha! I like it when you shout at me! It feels good!” Gehenna shouted from behind me again.

I threw a look at Pink Baby but he was smiling too. He seemed to enjoy Gehenna’s character. I’d forgotten that Pink Baby too had the mindset of being willing to die to be with me. Since they shared the same interest, It made sense that he liked Gehenna. 

I had no time to bother about them. Raising my hand, the blue light spots on my palm turned into a ribbon of light, entangling my entire body.

“What are you trying to do!? There are civilians here!” The Ghost Eclipsers shoved the hostages forward.

I smirked coldly. “Since you know that I am the North Star and that I massacred a Steel Ghost Town, do you think I will still pity these civilians who betrayed their family?!” With a flick of my hands, the light ribbon flew outwards.

Ah! We surrender! Surrender!” Before I could completely fling out the light ribbon, the Ghost Eclipsers had already knelt down, throwing their guns away as they surrendered.

They’d surrendered so quickly!

Their fear of death had made their lives more and more contemptible, especially since they had evidently surrendered over and over again. No wonder Gehenna hadn’t felt any grief when he saw them dying in wars.. 

The hostages collapsed one after another. They were either looking ahead dully in a trance, or weeping. Some even lost control of their bladders...

Retracting the blue crystal energy, I turned around. I looked at Bill and the rest. “Inject them with superpower inhibitors and bring them back!” 

“So many of them!?” Bill and Williams frowned, clenching their guns.

I walked forward and held their guns. Looking them in the eyes, I said, “I know what you want to do but some rules in this world should change. We need to do it justly, by giving them a trial rather than slaughtering them.” 

They didn’t seem to understand what I wanted to do but they followed my instructions. They ran towards the captives. 

I looked coldly at Gehenna, who was next to Ah Zong. “You, follow me!” 

“My pleasure.” He turned around and took the initiative to swing his rope towards me. 

“Let me walk you,” Ah Zong suggested with a sweet smile. Then, he tugged the rope hard and Gehenna gasped. Ah Zong smiled back lovingly at Gehenna. “Master Gehenna, didn’t you say you were here for me? Why did you shift your love to another person so soon?” 

Gehenna smiled at Ah Zong, explaining, “Because you are a fake woman. However, I feel that someone here could be a fake man.” 

Ah Zong smiled gracefully, pulling Gehenna along. He said, “My Queen is naturally charming.” The way Ah Zong walked was alluring, like a pink cat walking a husky. 

Ice Dragon had landed not too far away from us. Several small robots flew out of Ice Dragon, injecting the superpower inhibitor into the captive Ghost Eclipsers. 

I glanced at Vanish and the rest. They had neither surrendered nor fought. 

“How about them?” Sis Cannon glanced up at the sky. Xue Gie behaved the same as before, looking ahead in a daze. Although she seemed to be lost in a trance, we knew that her focus was actually on the sky too.  

I knitted my eyebrows. They should be the strongest metahumans under Gehenna. I can’t let them live or there will be huge consequences. 

But, I can’t let them die either.

They were waiting on standby for Gehenna’s order. 

They looked down on us from above, not at all like the defeated but more like gods watching over humans from above. 

Xue Gie’s calm pupils were blank. She raised her hand slowly and suddenly gestured at the sky. “Surrender! You scumbags! The glory of justice will completely destroy you devils!” 

Stunned, I didn’t react in time. It had been two years since I last saw the Xue Gie with middle school syndrome[1].

Turned out that Xue Gie was still the same. She had merely transformed from a teenager into an adult afflicted with middle school syndrome.

“Xue Gie still has the same syndrome.” Sis Cannon laughed and put her hand on my shoulder. “She has even passed down this sickness to her son.” 

Pfft! Cough! What!? Xue Gie has a child now!?” My brain buzzed. I could practically hear a loud boom in my head.

Sis Cannon laughed. “You have been gone for too long. If you were in Noah City, Harry and your child would probably…” 

“Sis Cannon!” Xue Gie bellowed. See, Xue Gie wasn’t actually in a daze. She is actually quite attentive. 

Sis Cannon hung her head in embarrassment, apologizing, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” 

Sis Cannon had already been pregnant, and Xue Gie and Bill had already been living together when I’d left Noah City. I really had been gone for too long...

I took a deep breath and looked around at everyone.  “Let’s go home!”



“Xiao Ying and Ming You are still in the spaceship. They will be so excited to see you! They will probably cry!” 

Xue Gie and Sis Cannon hugged me tightly again. Desert Rose has finally reunited. 

Oh yeah! I’ve got to settle the ostentatious men in the sky before we head home. 

I asked Sis Cannon, “How’s Sia’s superpower now?” 

Sis Cannon laughed and raised her thumb, complimenting, “Sia can control really well now.” 

“Good! Sia!” I called for Sia and he ran to me, asking happily, “Captain, what’s the order?” 

“Send Bill up!” 


“Bill.” I glanced towards Bill, commanding, “Go sing and make them throw up!”

Bill looked awkward. He seemed like he would be bothered by his superpower for the rest of his life.  

Sia couldn’t help but laugh. He lifted his hand and Bill flew into the sky, like a helium balloon. 

Then, the few stubborn men started to fall from the sky one after another.

Bill’s superpower could be the best in the world if it was used correctly. It was also really unpredictable.

They must have been highly guarded when Bill had been sent up. However, they would never have expected that Bill’s superpower to be this much of a surprise. 

Vanish and the rest were falling while puking. Sia caught them using his superpower, and the robots went up to inject the superpower inhibitor into their body.

They crawled up reluctantly as Bill and Sia dragged them up. Vanish stared at me glumly when he walked past me. There were still some stains on the corner of his lips. 

[1] Also known as chuunibyou, an often-derisive Japanese slang term for the embarrassingly melodramatic behavior of 13-to-14-year-olds who act like they have special powers that they clearly don't have. Explanation adapted from


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