Book 1: Chapter 52 - The Teammates in Scouting Troop

Uncle Mason came back to reality and looked at me with admiration. “I would have never expected you to have such a clear distinction between right and wrong. Luo Bing, you really don’t remember anything from your past?” He gave me a regretful look. “It’s a pity. You have such high standards. You must have gone through some kind of strict training. If you didn’t, then you were simply born to be a warrior!”

Well, I did. But not in this world…

Plus, I am not an unreasonable person. At most, I would be uncomfortable for a few days. Although I am angry, I can’t be holding grudges and behave wilfully. Harry really didn’t know I was a girl. Hence, he didn’t do it on purpose. I just hoped that I could forget it sooner and pretend as if nothing had happened.

“Then, Harry has to work harder…” Uncle Mason sighed. “Otherwise, his position as a leader would be taken away by you… Hahahaha.” Uncle Mason laughed again. Harry’s cheerful character must have come from Uncle Mason.

Uncle Mason continued to laugh as he walked. I watched his back and wondered about his superpower.

There was an exit in front of us. Noah City’s overall layout still puzzled me.

The structure of Noah City was strange. Externally, it had neat gun muzzles, which were a defense mechanism. Internally, it had tunnels extending in all directions, with a variety of cabins and criss-crossed platforms. Many cabins were located under these platforms. At times, one could also hear the sounds of machines within these tunnels. Such a structure didn’t resemble an underground city but more like the internal structure of a ship. However, it was much bigger than a ship. What was it exactly?

I had yet to reach the door when I heard Harry’s voice. “Attention!”

Figures flew past the doors; I could hear people marching.


“Yes! Captain!”

Harry was taking attendance.







As Harry was taking attendance, I followed Uncle Mason out of the tunnel. Another huge cabin opened in front of me, different from the one before. This one was rectangular and contained a variety of training weapons. Faint sunlight poured in from above. I lifted my head and looked up. The top was made of translucent material with various kinds of crossbars and rings. At first glance, I thought I was in a training room for a circus.

“Hey? Luo Bing!” Khai greeted me since he was the first person to notice me. Soon, a great commotion stirred up among the boys from the scouting troop.

“It’s Luo Bing!”

“Why is Luo Bing here?”

“Captain, your wife is here to see you!” Someone blinked at Harry playfully.

Harry had only read half of the names on his list. There were seven guys standing in front of him, eight in total if Harry was to be included. It was double the number of metahumans on the DR team. However, metahumans made up a significantly lower proportion of the total number of people in Noah City.

Harry didn’t turn around but roared, “Where are you looking?! A girl is enough to distract all of you?!” He vented his anger on his pitiful teammates.

“Continue!” Harry stood straight and erect. “Bill!”






Harry immediately turned around and looked at Uncle Mason. “Report, officer! Attendance is taken, all members present!”

Uncle Mason nodded and Harry took one step back. He put on his poker face and looked at me with his amber eyes. I turned away, but he kept staring at me. 

Uncle Mason took a step forward and looked at everyone, “Today, I am going to introduce you to a new member!”

“New teammate?” Everyone was excited.


Obviously, they were quite relaxed during training, and not too solemn.

“Could it be Luo Bing?!” One of them exclaimed. Harry had taken attendance from left to right. The first person on the left was Khai. According to the attendance order, he was followed by Sia, Williams, Moorim, Bill, Mosie, and Joey. They were lined up according to their height, tallest to the shortest. Khai, the tallest, looked like he was six foot two, while Joey, the shortest, was around five foot six.

Khai seemed more muscular. They were all wearing a snug-fitting black battle uniform. One could clearly see Khai’s well-toned chest muscles.  

The one who had exclaimed earlier was the fourth person, Moorim.

I subconsciously looked at Moorim. He looked more like an Asian—closer to a Korean. He stiffened as he saw me looking at him, becoming nervous before he suddenly disappeared!

Huh?! Moorim had disappeared along with his clothes! The spot that he had been standing on was empty, as though he had suddenly left.

“Hahaha. Moorim got excited.” Williams was the blonde Caucasian standing on Moorim’s right. His battle uniform looked different - a racerback singlet with a high collar instead of straps, and large armholes cut such that it bared his shoulders and the shoulderblades on his back. Underneath she could see he was wearing a cat-suit. There were gun holsters on his chest, back, waist and legs! He must be a guns expert.

Williams laughed as he raised his hand and leaned himself against the spot where Moorim had been standing originally. He stood quite steadily! It meant that Moorim was still there and Moorim’s superpower was to be invisible!

“Stop fooling around!” Harry yelled suddenly. The seven guys looked at me simultaneously. Joey raised his eyebrows and teased, “What’s wrong with the captain today? Why is he so angry?”

“I reckon he just broke up…”


They could barely muffle their laughter.

“Silence!” Uncle Mason roared. The seven guys immediately stood straight and didn’t dare to speak another word. But they were still stealing glances at Harry while they laughed at him without sound.

Moorim slowly revealed himself, standing between Williams and Bill. Bill chuckled at him. Moorim rolled his eyes at Bill and said with a blush, “Go away!”

Uncle Mason looked at everyone. “Today, we will have another impressive new member joining our scouting troop. That’s right. It is our cute Luo Bing!” Uncle Mason pushed me to the front. The guys instantly became excited.

“We finally have a female teammate. Oh!” They cheered and hugged one another.

*Pfft.* Harry touched his forehead helplessly. Then, he roared, “That’s enough! All of you are so dramatic!”

They instantly stopped hugging, but continued to chuckle. As expected, the team resembled its leader. But it also meant that they shared a close relationship, like a big family.

“Boss, what’s Luo Bing’s superpower?” Bill asked curiously.

“That’s right. Boss said that she’s very impressive. It means that she must be very powerful!” Khai gave me a thumbs-up.

“Don’t suck up to someone else. You are already Sis Cannon’s man.” Sia made a joke, and everyone began laughing, “Hahaha…”

Khai blushed instantly and coughed out in embarrassment.

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