Book 5: Chapter 110 - The Leader Was A Troublemaker

I was annoyed, just like the first time I’d fought against the uncles and brothers, where they had treated me like a child. Even if I’d been a child, I hadn’t wanted to be treated like a kindergartener. 

Gehenna had given way to me, which made me feel humiliated. 

But I didn’t have time to indulge in my indignation, because I couldn’t be sure when Gehenna would decide that he’d had enough fun. Since he’d given me leeway, I wouldn’t give him any chance to change his mind and counter-attack!

I grabbed Moorim and Mosie. “Let’s leave this place!” 


We hopped into Xiao Ye’s space. In a blink of an eye, we were outside Blue Shield City.

My heart surged when I saw those few proud figures standing in front of the city gate. Their silhouettes looked heroic, with their hair billowing in the wind. They used to be my teammates. The Desert Rose of Noah City! 

“Sweetheart, you’re here!” Gehenna chirped next to me. 

“You shift your love to another person so quickly. I’m jealous.” Ah Zong narrowed his eyes and smiled sweetly at Gehenna, but he held Gehenna’s tied-up arms in a vice-like grip so that Gehenna couldn’t come close to me at all. 

With Ah Zong watching over Gehenna, I didn’t have to feel worried at all. 

Xue Gie and Sis Cannon suddenly stopped because the Ghost Eclipsers had come out, holding hostages in their hands. 

They shouted at us, “We will kill the hostages if you move another inch!” 

Everyone immediately paused where they stood. The rain clouds dispersed and the sun shone through the clouds, drawing a beautiful rainbow across the sky. 

More and more people were coming over from all directions, surrounding the Ghost Eclipsers who were holding the hostages. 

Tears welled up in my eyes when I saw them. 

They were Bill, Williams, Khai, Sia, Joey, Xiao Shui, Zi Yi, and one more boy standing next to Xiao Shui, who had to be one with the ability to transform water into steel. 

After two years of not seeing them, they had all grown up. Now, they looked more upright and taller than before. 

All of them stood under the sunlight, either perched up high on the roofs or hovering in the air. They were just like an army of the Holy Light, showering the human world with justice and light.

Humph, let’s move!” The Ghost Eclipsers smirked, determined that we wouldn’t hurt them. 

I grabbed Gehenna but he said without flinching, “It’s pointless to seize me, sweetheart. They’re not my brothers. They wouldn’t care if I was alive or dead. They’re more afraid of you!” Gehenna looked at me pervertedly and licked his lips. 

I suddenly realized that having a pig-like teammate was worse than having a perverted leader! 

“My Queen, the pervert is right! They don’t care about their king!” Ah Zong smiled sweetly at me. His tone was calm, gentle as a cat’s meowing. “They were afraid of the Ghost King but you’ve already seized him, effectively neutralizing the threat that they were afraid of.” 

I understood what Ah Zong meant. Since the pervert had told me that it was useless seizing him, I knew that taking hostages wouldn’t work against these deserters who were fearful of death. On the contrary, it put them in an advantageous position instead because there was nothing that they cared about anymore. 

Vanish and Earl hopped down both sides of the city gate, holding Nathan and Old Iron. They stared at me coldly. Another two men leaped down to join them. They were the two who’d followed next to Gehenna earlier.

All of them were glaring at Gehenna behind me with faces full of anger.

A stalemate had formed, with Xue Gie and company standing outside the city gate plus Bill and company inside the gate forming one side, and Gehenna’s men forming the other.

“Move away!” The Ghost Eclipser’s deserters shouted. 

Xue Gie and Sis Cannon exchanged a glance. When they turned their faces to the side, I saw that they’d disguised themselves just like before. However, they didn’t look as young as they had back in those days anymore, but instead carried a hint of motherly maturity. Their changes surprised me too.

The Ghost Eclipsers walked out with the hostages. The first one was Queen Bee. Covered in tears with her eyeliner smudged, she looked like she had two black earthworms on her chubby face. 

I glanced at them coldly and stepped forward, shouting, “No one is allowed to leave!” 

Xue Gie, Sis Cannon and everyone else immediately looked at me. 

Xue Gie and Sis Cannon were visibly thrilled with excitement. They moved aside as I strode forward and walked past them. Suppressing their excitement, they followed behind me with dark expressions, eyes straight in front of them. 

I stood before them and cast a cold look at the Ghost Eclipsers opposite us. Seemingly terrified, even their hands that were holding the hostages began to tremble. They cried out, “You! Don’t come any nearer! I will kill her if you come nearer!” All of their faces turned pale as they tightened their hold on the hostages in their hands.

Queen Bee looked behind me and cried, “Baby, I am so glad that you are fine... I am old and I can’t live much longer...” 

Ah Zong smiled and walked forward seductively to my side. Dragging Gehenna along in his hand, he assured her, “Mommy, don’t worry. My Queen will end all of this...” 

“How can she end this?” Queen Bee choked with sobs. “Will she kill everyone here together?” 

Ah Zong maintained his smile. His sweet smile seemed to be wordlessly validating Queen Bee’s words. She started crying even harder. 

I glanced at Queen Bee and the other hostages behind. Their faces were all pale. With one lift of my hand, the Ghost Eclipsers backed off in terror even though I had yet to emit any blue crystal energy.

“All of my people, evacuate this place!” I shouted. Bill and the others swiftly darted away from both sides of the Ghost Eclipsers and ran towards me. Their silent dispersal made the Ghost Eclipsers even more nervous. 

Panicking, the Ghost Eclipsers seized the hostages’ necks like desperate dogs chased into a dead end. They roared, “What are you doing?! North Star! What are you doing?” 

The hostages looked surprised. With all that had happened, I was sure that news of me being alive would spread throughout the east after today. However, Silver Moon City might not be the first to find out, since they didn’t really care about the cities in the east and hence didn’t maintain close contact with them.

Rather, He Lei’s troop would probably find out first. 

Bill and Khai ran over to me and caught up Xue Gie and Sis Cannon in tight embraces. I waved my hand to the back and they started to evacuate the place. 

We were at war. I had no time for reuniting and hugging.

Vanish and his men backed off too because they had already witnessed my superpower. 

The Ghost Eclipser panicked when they saw even Vanish backing off. Some of them yelled, “General Earl! Don’t leave us alone!” 

“General Nathan!” 

“General Nino!” 

“General Blue Feather! Don’t go! Don’t go!” 

Suddenly, the man named ‘Blue Feather’ spread his arms and a pair of colorful wings magically grew behind Vanish and the others’ backs. They soared high into the sky, hovering under the sun while flapping their wings. 


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