Book 5: Chapter 109 - The War Is Happening, Stop Fooling Around!

Suddenly, the rain droplets froze in the air before morphing into steel balls. It was Ah Zong’s man. Besides Xiao Shui, there was another boy who could turn water into steel!

Now, the entire sky was filled with steel balls pouring down on the Ghost Eclipsers who were fleeing, like millions of bullets shooting them. It was magnificent!

The eyes in the sky became smaller, dodging the steel balls. 

Gehenna leaned on me. “Sweetheart, can you let me have a look at you?” 

“Shut up!” I placed my gun nozzle against his temple. He was so free-willed that he’d ordered his men to not kill me, simply because I’d intrigued his interest. Just for that, he’d put his men in a defensive position and lost their advantageous position in the war.

I was just an ordinary human when I couldn’t use my superpower. I hadn’t been able to use my superpower earlier because Ah Zong had been around. It would have been the best time to kill me and Vanish had also proved that he was capable of killing me. 

He could put any medication in his syringes. He’d shot me with a superpower inhibitor for the first time because he’d thought that I was a metahuman. When he’d realized that I wasn’t, he could have simply shot another poison.

But, he didn’t because Gehenna wouldn’t let him hurt me. 

Gehenna had saved my life. Gehenna was the one who called the outcome of this war. 

I was annoyed. 

I pulled away the cloth covering his eyes and he smiled, looking down. 

The steel balls showered down on the Ghost Eclipsers. They were busy running for their lives so they didn’t notice. In an instant, the steel balls had penetrated their bodies and blood flowed like a river, washing away with the rainwater.

Blood flowed down into the beautiful swimming pool in Honeycomb, turning the blue water pink.

Humph. It’s good to kill the useless ones anyway.” Gehenna couldn’t be bothered. He turned to look at Vanish and Earl. “It seems like we are going to be their captives.” 

Vanish looked away dejectedly, not interested in bothering with Gehenna.

“As long as Master is happy,” Earl replied. He looked at Gehenna smilingly, like he was doting on his child.

I watched them with my guard up, but the sight of them chatting casually distressed me. They were living a wilful life, killing whenever they wanted to and seeking death as they pleased.

*Bang!* Honeycomb quivered and dark flames started churning on the ground. Someone had bombed Honeycomb. 

Black flames rose from below, and the entire Honeycomb was crumbling. 

A huge beam of light shot into the sky near the city gate. The surrounding raindrops turned into ice beads and bloomed into crystals in the air, turning into snowflakes. The temperature descended at high speed!

I was ecstatic. They are here! My girls came! Desert Rose came! 

“Can you see the eyes in the sky!? Freeze them!” 

The eyes that were dodging the steel balls were instantly engulfed in snow, unable to move. Nathan had finally met his nemesis! 

That’s awesome! My girls are brilliant!

“D*mn. Dumb sh*t! We’re being attacked from inside out!” Gehenna reprimanded. Then, he glanced at me and smirked, measuring me up and down with his eyes. “North Star, don’t follow Silver Moon City anymore. How about following me?” 

I narrowed my eyes and replied, “I have stopped being with Silver Moon City since long ago!” 

Gehenna was stunned to hear that. He stared at the side of my face and smirked. His gaze was coquettishly disturbing. 

A hand suddenly appeared next to me. It was Xiao Ye. At the same time, a syringe appeared and stabbed in Xiao Ye’s hand. I blocked it backhandedly and the needle pierced my hand.

Ouch!” I swung my hand in pain. It didn’t feel good to be stabbed at all. 

Gehenna immediately glared at Vanish and shouted, “Vanish! Are you deaf!? I said do not hurt my sweetheart!” 

Vanish turned glum and a murderous look appeared on his face. He narrowed his eyes and stared at Gehenna arrogantly, saying, “Boss! Please let me kill you! You are drawing an end to our winning streak. You have become our stain!” 

“Vanish, take it easy. As long as our boss is having fun,” Earl said it again while stroking Vanish’s back. 

Seeing their behavior, I couldn’t hold back my anger any longer. I shouted, “Can you be more serious?! Are we even in a war right now!? I am not fighting anymore!” I grabbed the needle that was on the back of my hand and threw it out. 

“Don’t, don’t, don’t. Sweetheart. We are serious! Quickly. Continue to seize me.” Gehenna leaned on me and stared at the door. “Both of you! Inject yourselves with a superpower inhibitor or I will die.” Gehenna winked and sent eye signals to Vanish and Earl. 

I was about to give up. Everything was ridiculous! 

Vanish rolled his eyes at him and the syringes in the air vanished into thin air. He lifted his hand and turned away. “I am done.” 

“Vanish, don’t be angry.” Earl went after him, convincing, “There is only one person who can get so close to Master. He is capable.” 

Earl's voice went further away. We were left behind just like that. Even Gehenna’s people gave up on him. They had just left him.

What is this!? 

*Bang!* There came another loud bang. The Honeycomb was shaking. 

Half of Xiao Ye’s body appeared and he said, “Your Highness, Ah Zong is destroying the data in Honeycomb. It is going to collapse soon. We have to leave this place quickly.” 

I looked at Gehenna. He smiled, measuring me from top to bottom as he muttered, “Hm. My Queen.” 

“Meteor! We are coming!” Moorim and Mosie appeared in the air. They stared at me excitedly. I was equally thrilled to see them. 

They had matured, becoming steadier and taller. Their bones were fully grown as well. They looked different from what I’d remembered. No longer the teenagers who’d used to fight a lot and discuss whose husbands they were going to be in the future, they’d grown into adult men who exuded masculinity. 

Mosie had grown out his hair long. His long hair was as beautiful as a rainbow, completely different from Pretty Butterfly’s gaudy hair.  

Moorim looked sturdier and stronger. He wasn’t a fragile young boy anymore. I remember that he’d used to be the shortest, like Joey. Now, he was already a 180cm tall cheerful young man. 

We had not met in two years but their changes made it feel like it had been decades since we’d last met.

They were dressed in their battle uniform. Their bearing was no less than the boys in Silver Moon City.

The same went for Bill and the others. Due to the pressing time, I hadn’t had enough time to look at them closely. They were different from before.

They still remembered our codenames from back then. I’d almost forgotten mine.

Striding towards me, they gave me a big hug. 

“Hey! Stay away from my sweetheart!” Gehenna lifted his leg and kicked angrily. Another hand appeared next to Xiao Ye. The slender and pretty hand belonged to Ah Zong. He dragged Gehenna into the big hole in an instant. 

“Are we too late?” Moorin looked out of the door. “We saw that everyone was leaving when we were on our way here. Did you win? We wanted to come and back you up.”

I was really distressed by the situation now. I was extremely frustrated. 


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