Book 5: Chapter 108 - The Ghost Eclipsers Who Are Afraid Of Death

“The front or the back?” Ah Zong ran his fingers down Gehenna’s chest. Gehenna quivered at Ah Zong’s ticklish touch.

My eyebrows twitched as my temple throbbed.

I had once experienced Ah Zong’s loving touch. He could stir a ripple in your heart just by touching you. 

Was Gehenna enjoying Ah Zong’s touch? 

Ah Zong smiled sweetly, whispering seductively into Gehenna’s ear, “Master Gehenna, that man is so worried about you. You aren’t lovers, are you? Do you usually use your front or your back to satisfy him?” Ah Zong’s hand continued to trail down Gehenna’s muscular abs to his lower abdomen.

“Master Gehenna!” Vanish gritted through his teeth. He looked like he was dying to tear Ah Zong and I into pieces. “Please give us an order to kill him!” Vanish started at me angrily. 

“No way!” Gehenna said smilingly, “They are so fun. I haven’t met anyone so fun in a very long time. I want them alive! Also…” Gehenna let out a moan under the red cloth, “Hm. He makes me feel so good...” 

I want to kill him!

“Master Gehenna!” Vanish hugged his head in distress and banged against the door. “Ah!” He looked like he wanted to kill him more than I did. 

I pitied Vanish out of a sudden. He was following a leader who sided with an outsider instead of his own people. 

Suddenly, I heard people running over. Vanish turned and shouted, “What’s the point of you guys coming here?! Master Gehenna won’t let us kill the b*stard!” 

The few men stood at the door and looked at us stiffly. 

A hand suddenly appeared in the air and seized Ah Zong. It was Xiao Ye. 

Ah Zong immediately became solemn, finally retracting his playful gaze towards Gehenna. He looked at me and I said, “Ah Zong! Leave first! I am playing defence with you around.” 

Ah Zong nodded and immediately left with Xiao Ye. 

“Master Gehenna!” Vanish became anxious, shouting, “They are running away!”

“Calm down!” A man who’d just arrived pressed his hand on Vanish’s shoulder. He wore a pair of glasses and a long silver robe. He had brunette short hair, and looked like a gentle teacher. 

I recognized his voice. He was Earl. 

He gave me a determined look. “You should know that you’re at a disadvantage now. You will be dead when Master Gehenna is bored of you. Since you’ve tortured him, the people outside will have to die with you.” 

Ah Zong wasn’t with me now. I didn’t have any scruples anymore. 

I lifted my right hand and smirked, taunting, “Really? Sometimes, you can’t be too confident.” Blue crystal energy slowly appeared in my hand. 

Earl and Vanish immediately became shocked.

I had yet to emit the blue crystal energy in me completely, only letting it twinkle mildly on my palm. The radiation wasn’t as strong so those who didn’t touch me wouldn’t be hurt. It was just like how I’d charged the oven back when we’d baked Raffles’ birthday cake.

Slowly, I moved my hands towards Gehenna’s long hair. The starlight turned his hair into dust in an instant. I continued, “I reckon... you are the ones in danger.”   

Ah! It hurts! It hurts so much! D*mn!” Blisters appeared on Gehenna’s skin under his hair and everyone was shocked at the sight.

“You didn’t get to see clearly earlier. I am going to show you now.” I retracted the blue crystal energy but the radiation continued to erode Gehenna’s skin. His body stiffened in pain and his face twitched in agony under the red cloth. He shouted at the door, “What was that!? What was that!?” 

But Earl, Vanish and the others who had seen what had happened were scared stiff. They saw what had happened and they knew what it was. That was why they were extremely terrified. No one wasn’t afraid of the terrifying power of the blue crystal energy! 

“I have no patience. I will definitely kill all of you if I were to see any of you killing the innocent people,” I said boldly. 

Earl was surprised and exclaimed, “Who are you!?” His pupils were trembling behind his glasses. Suddenly, he seemed like he’d figured out the answer. He shouted, “It’s the North Star! You are the North Star, Luo Bing!” 

Vanish immediately looked at him and shouted, “Earl! Don’t talk nonsense! The North Star is dead!” 

Earl shook his head, explaining, “No! See! He is using radiation! Do you remember what happened in Steel Ghost Town? Do you remember the video that was transmitted back from Steel Ghost Town? North Star used blue crystal energy!” 

Vanish immediately stared at me, seeming to be shaken.

“North Star... He is the North Star! We are finished! Quickly run!” 

There was chaos outside. People were shouting and running.

Vanish knitted his eyebrows and clenched his teeth. He glanced at Earl. “The video had severe interference. It wasn’t clear at all, and was cut off in the end as well. How can you be so sure that he is the North Star?!” Vanish pointed at me. 

“The interference was caused by excessive blue crystal energy,” Earl said calmly. “I believe that there is no one else who could use that energy. Otherwise, Luo Bing wouldn’t be the North Star. The power of the North Star can never be replaced!” 

Vanish’s face turned pale after hearing Earl’s explanation. Both of them turned to me slowly, their gazes like guitar strings pulled tight, tensed and shocked. 

I pulled Geehnna and moved back. “Since you know who I am, I would suggest you not touch my people. I have no sympathy and I wouldn’t care about the civilians if you provoked me. Don’t forget that I am from Silver Moon City.” 

“You look so pretty yet you are ruthless and vicious!” Gehenna suddenly got excited. He cheered, “You are really my cup of tea! Quickly! Let me have a taste of you! I love you so much!” 

“You, shut up!” I couldn’t stand him so I kicked him. 

Ah!” Gehenna groaned in pain. 

Vanish didn’t look as nervous now. He came back to reality at Gehenna’s groan and rolled his eyes coldly at Gehenna, disgusted. 

It seemed like Vanish had given up on Gehenna. 

*Rumble.* A loud rain was heard suddenly. It was pouring on the balcony. 

I was thrilled with excitement. Dragging Gehenna to the balcony, I saw the white eggshell fading. Bill had succeeded! 

Heavy rain poured down outside. The Ghost Eclipsers’ army were all stumbling and running below the balcony. 

The Ghost Eclipsers were formed by people who were afraid of death. It turned out that fear of death was their instinct. So, they fled whenever they sensed danger. They wouldn’t care about anyone else. 

Pfft. Ghost Eclipsers are Ghost Eclipsers after all. They are afraid of death.” Gehenna sneered, as though he wasn’t one of them. He turned towards me, still blindfolded. “They are fleeing after they heard your name. Hahaha,” He laughed. He didn’t seem to be worried about what would be happening next. One side of his face was completely eroded by the radiation. His comely facial features had been disfigured.


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