Book 5: Chapter 107 - The King Knows How To Have Fun

Ah Zong’s shredded clothes slid down to his waist, like a fashionable shredded miniskirt. There are no clothes that wouldn’t look enticing on his androgynous body.

“I’m sorry to show you my vicious side,” he said with a slight tremor. When he turned to face me, his eyes were shimmering with tears of joy welled up in his eyes. He wore his usual charming smile. “They said that you died...” Tears rolled down his cheeks, like clear dewdrops rolling down a lotus leaf. 

His smile was like a beautiful lotus after rain. He continued, “I knew it. I knew that they were wrong. My Queen... wouldn’t die.” 

“I am back.” I continued aiming my gun at Gehenna’s temple as I extended my hand to wipe his tears. I had mixed feelings in my heart. From hating him during our first encounter to later loathing to part from him, I was sure that Ah Zong wasn’t only a friend. What he’d said to Gehenna had really touched me. He had been willing to protect those that didn’t even know him with his life, just because of me. His feelings for me were the most precious treasure in the world.  

“It’s not safe here, Ah Zong.” I glanced at him. I was worried that he would do something crazy for me. 

Suddenly, a needle appeared in the corner of my eyes. At once I shot it down without looking at it. *Bang!* The needle shattered. It had been next to Gehenna so it must have been an antidote. 

“Bing!” Ah Zong quickly extended his hand to grab next to my neck but I felt a piercing pain. Ah Zong immediately pulled the needle out of my neck and stared at me anxiously. “Bing! Are you okay!?”

I didn’t feel anything. I turned to look at Gehenna who was in shock yet remained calm. He looked coquettish, like an adult man gazing at one of his toys.

“Didn’t you say that I am not a metahuman! Are you dumb!?” I grabbed the needle from Ah Zong’s hand and threw it out. 

I am a metahuman yet not.

The metahuman detector had never once verified that I was a metahuman. The superpower inhibitor had never worked on me either.

But I did have a superpower. I could absorb blue crystal energy and also release it. I could also ignite an explosion using the blue crystal energy. The energy was flowing in my blood and my cells, making me a portable charger and portable bomb.

Raffles had said that I was a living blue crystal energy. I became blue crystal energy with human vitals. I was like a metahuman in tertiary development, superpowerfied. I was like a mutant among metahumans, a new breed in this world.

I was being very passive now, hoping to buy more time for Bill and the rest. 

I wasn’t in a good position. There were only two exits, the room entrance and the balcony. I was alone and it was difficult to be on the defence.

Grabbing the shattered syringe by the side of the bed, I saw that there was still some substance left in it. I immediately stabbed the broken glass into Gehenna’s arm. He started bleeding and he stared at me with his eyes wide open.

I pulled out the broken glass with my bloodied hand. Looking at Gehenna, I shouted, “Speak!” 

“D*mn. It hurts, you know?!” he scolded.

I punched his face and he let out a muffled groan. His long hair veiled his face. 

“Talk nicely! Tell your people to stay away!” That small amount of antidote would enable him to speak and move a little but he still couldn’t use his superpower. 

“Master Gehenna, are you okay!?” Vanish shouted from outside. They seemed to be close.

That was great. What I had been afraid of the most was if they’d had no feelings. 

Gehenna slowly helped himself up and held the arm that I’d stabbed. “Damn it! I am all right! Evacuate this floor.”  

“Ah Zong, blindfold him!” Gehenna used his superpower by staring. No matter how he activated his power, it’d be the safest to first cover his eyes.

Ah Zong smiled sweetly. He took a piece of red cloth from the rack and blindfolded Gehenna. He said, “Master Gehenna, didn’t you want to play? Isn’t it exciting now?” 

Hm.” Gehenna lifted the corners of his lips. “This is very exciting indeed! I like it!” Gehenna was quite calm. He was still in the mood to play along with Ah Zong. Perhaps, it was just his way of disguising his feelings. 

He turned to me, blindfolded. “It’s a pity that I don’t get to see you.” 

“Shut up!” I looked out the balcony with my guard up. Countless small eyes were hovering and flying past the balcony, like dragonflies watching over us. Nathan’s superpower was so diverse. I thought he was only a head but he could turn into countless eyes.

Honestly speaking, I was shocked when I had first seen the giant eye. It was really scary to have a giant eye staring directly at you.

Then, he’d turned into countless small eyes after I hit the giant one. They flew around like dragonflies flitting around in hot weather.  

I glanced at Gehenna. “Now I understand why Vanish could fire so accurately. It is because Nathan did the locating. Am I right?

Ah Zong took another piece of cloth to tie Gehenna’s hands. Gehenna smiled and kept quiet. His malicious smile showed his disdain.

I raised my hand and blue light spots appeared on my palm. Then, I grabbed Gehenna’s thigh. He cried out at once, “Ah! What are you doing to me now!? Ah!” 

I shouted, “I will make you a disabled person if you don’t answer me!”

“Do not torture our Master Gehenna!” Vanish shouted, standing in sight with syringes surrounding him. 

He was shocked once he saw Gehenna’s leg injured by radiation. Vanish was shocked. “Radiation!? You despicable b*stard!” 

I laughed. “Hearing the word ‘despicable b*stard’ from a Ghost Eclipser’s mouth sounds like a joke!” 

Hahaha!” Gehenna suddenly burst out in laughter. He tilted his head. “You are right! We are all b*stards! We are all the same kind! Vanish! Don’t be rude to my sweetheart. I love how rough he is!” 


I felt goosebumps all over. 

Hm?” Ah Zong narrowed his eyes and smiled sweetly. He stroked Gehenna’s thigh softly, saying, “Master Gehenna likes it rough. My Queen will definitely satisfy you.” 

I gripped the gun hard, holding back my urge to pull the trigger. It was supposed to be an intense confrontation scene but Gehenna and Ah Zong ruined it. The seductive redness and the SM sex toys in the room made the scene look erotic.

“Which body does your Queen prefer? Does he like your manly or womanly body?” Gehenna was feeling delightful enough to discuss with Ah Zong.  

Ah Zong lifted his hand and placed it on Gehenna’s shoulder, teasing, “Take a guess.” 

“Both of you, shut up!” I couldn’t take it anymore. 

Vanish stiffened by the door with his eyes burning in flames. He shouted angrily, “Master Gehenna!” Then, he stared at me ferociously, clamoring, “I will kill one hostage every time you lay a finger on Master Gehenna!”

I sneered, “Great, you seem to be normal. Let me tell you. I will burn a body part of your Master Gehenna for each hostage that you kill!” I stared at him. Let’s see who’s the tougher one! 


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