Book 5: Chapter 106 - The Queen Is Back

A familiar scent, specifically belonging to Honeycomb boys, lingered in the room. A huge round bed covered in silver silk sheets stood in the middle, engulfed within a red chiffon bed curtain.

Gehenna sat on the edge of the bed, touching the slim waist of Ah Zong, who was standing next to the bed. Gehenna wore a satisfied smile.

Gehenna glanced at us and the boy immediately ran towards him, saying, “Master Gehenna! Please let me serve you. What’s so good about Pink Baby?  He is actually only a boy who knows how to change into a girl.” He took the initiative to sit on Gehenna’s lap and threw his arms around his neck. 

Gehenna was surprised. He turned to Ah Zong and his gaze landed on Ah Zong’s chest. 

Ah Zong leaned on Gehenna sweetly, looking at the boy as he said, “Pretty Butterfly, are you selling me out so soon?” His voice was sweet and tender. It was hard to believe that he wasn’t a girl.

Enraptured by Ah Zong’s beauty and glamour, Gehenna reached out to Ah Zong. 

Suddenly, a wind blew into the room and Ah Zong seemed to smell something. His eyes shot open, looking ahead blankly.

Gehenna grabbed Ah Zong’s arm and smiled. “At least, you’re a woman now.” 

Ah Zong’s body began to tremble. Gehenna pulled Ah Zong’s arm harshly, shoving him onto the bed and tearing Ah Zong’s clothes off. 

Pretty Butterfly joined in and helped Gehenna to remove Ah Zong’s clothes. He then smiled seductively at Gehenna. “Master Gehenna, we have a lot of other toys here. Let me show you and make you even more excited.” 

Gehenna seized Ah Zong’s body and glanced at Pretty Butterfly, commenting, “Interesting. Bring them out.” 

Pretty Butterfly immediately glanced at me and commanded, “Hey! Go get the toys!” 


I remained where I stood, my head hung low. 

“What are you doing!? Bring the toys for Master Gehenna to play with Ah Zong!” His gaze was shimmering with excitement. I walked towards them with my head hung low. I reckoned he wanted to make fun of Ah Zong!

Rip! Rip! Ah Zong’s clothes were shredded into pieces, revealing his pair of snow white rabbits. Gehenna’s smile widened as he cupped the peaks while Ah Zong stared blankly into empty space. His bicolored pupils were trembling with excitement and joy.

He trembled as he murmured, “You are here…” 

Stunned, I continued to walk forward with my head hung low. 

Gehenna looked down and smirked, saying, “Yes. I am here. I am here for you.”

Ah Zong smiled widely. 

Ugh! You are so stupid!” Pretty Butterfly rolled his eyes at me in frustration. He got off the bed and went to the side. Then, he hit a button on the wall. The ground under our feet immediately rotated and the entire room spun. Suddenly, a rack of ‘toys’ appeared, hung with various kinds of chains and handcuffs. The room became ostentatiously wild. 

I crawled onto the bed. Pretty Butterfly immediately charged over in anger as he shouted, “You *sshole! You took my spot!” 

I slapped him backhandedly. He immediately fell down, his face red and swollen. 

Gehenna was shocked. He stopped harassing Ah Zong and turned around to glance at me. He then said happily, “Black hair.” He reached out to push my hair away from my face. “Tough character! Hahaha. Hit him! I want to see you hit him!” He shouted loudly. 

Ah Zong looked past Gehenna at me. I slowly lifted my face, revealing myself. I smiled ruthlessly at Gehenna, saying, “Sure! I love hitting people!” 

Gehenna’s gaze froze immediately and Ah Zong’s smile became even more enchanting. His face slowly changed its shape and his breast started to shrink, transforming into a boy completely as he laid on the bed. He reached out to me, circling his hands around Gehenna’s neck like a snake. 

I reached out to hold the dumbfounded Gehenna. Looking into his eyes with the superpower inhibitor hidden in my hand, I teased, “Would you like to be hit by me?” 

Gehenna stared at me, stunned. Suddenly, a flame ignited in his eyes.

“You, serpent!” He suddenly said in his raspy voice, disentangling himself from Ah Zong completely. He turned to pull me into his tight embrace.

“I’m sorry, Ah Zong. I came late.” Just as I spoke, a giant eye appeared outside, filling the entire space on the balcony. The giant pupil looked into the room, reporting, “We found him! He is an ordinary human, Master…” 

Before he could finish his sentence, I stabbed the needle in Gehenna’s neck. He immediately opened his eyes wide while I smiled, saying, “Master Gehenna, I came chasing after you. Why do you want to shake me off? Can’t you recognize me? I am that stinky little fan of yours!” 

“Master Gehenna has been ambushed!” The giant eye outside started shouting, “Master Gehenna has been ambushed by an ordinary human!” 

Gehenna’s eyes opened wider. It wasn’t because he had been ambushed but because Nathan had announced the truth that he had been ambushed by an ordinary human. His eyes were filled with murderous intent, staring at the giant eye. 

I turned and shot at the giant eye!

Ah!” That giant eye backed off. “It hurts! It hurts! Vanish! Where the h*ll did all of you go!? Quickly come!” 

At once I launched myself at the eye. Paralyzed, Gehenna collapsed on Ah Zong, staring straight at me. 

I drew my sword and slashed at the giant eye. The eye immediately backed off swiftly! Tentacles stretched behind it like nerves in the eye, dancing in the sky. 

Running out onto the balcony, I realized that that had been only one eye! Just as I reached the balcony, a sky full of eyes stared at me. They suddenly gathered in one direction, heaping together and forming a huge brain!

“Bill, I broke my cover. The people will start coming at me. It will be chaotic soon. You have to run to the city gate immediately and get rid of Old Iron who’s guarding the gate! You have to break the shield covering the city!” 


“Backup will be here soon! Everyone, be careful!” I said and swiftly turned back. The door suddenly sprang open. I drew my gun and started firing. The four Ghost Eclipsers who had barged in fell onto the floor. I immediately hopped back and aimed my gun at Gehenna’s temple. I shouted loudly at the empty door, “I will kill him right now if any of you moves!” 

It was quiet outside as though there was no one there. But I knew that there were people out there, quite a number of them. 

“My Queen...” Ah Zong sat up. He bent one of his legs and supported his head on one hand resting on his knee. He smiled at me sweetly as though the surrounding bloody storm couldn’t distract him from looking at me passionately.

Ah Zong’s calmness surpassed any ordinary human’s. 

“You! All of you!” Pretty Butterfly stood up in shock. Ah Zong immediately hopped off the bed, raised his slender leg and punted Pretty Butterfly’s neck. Pretty Butterfly was sent flying and hit the wall outside. He passed out in an instant. 


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