Book 5: Chapter 105 - Racing Against Time

Turning, I flipped out of the window, pretending to be afraid, curling myself up at the corner. 

The patrolling troop came by and immediately dragged me out once they saw me. “There’s one here. Bring him over.”  

Then, I was shoved to the back of the line where the other Honeycomb boys were queueing and the Ghost Eclipser slapped my butt.  

My body stiffened, curling up among the Honeycomb boys. 

When the Ghost Eclipsers touched the boys, some of them moved back, some were numb to it, while some looked back coquettishly and ogled them back. 

To the Honeycomb boys, the Ghost Eclipsers were the same as any other civilians, wanting to gain happiness from their bodies.

I followed the Honeycomb boys into Honeycomb. The exquisite corridor and rooms lit up with seductive red light came into sight.

“We blocked all their signals. How did Silver Moon City find out?” A voice suddenly resounded in my ear. It was transmitted through the scouting robot. 

“How is the situation on Nathan’s side?” It was Gehenna’s voice. 

“Nathan said that he checked all the areas. There aren’t any other metahumans, he only spotted a flying corpse. It already flew away.” 

Lucifer. My good boy!

“Sister Luo Bing, Gehenna is speaking to his deputy, Earl. He can materialize his imagination. You must be careful!” Pelos reminded me loudly via the communicator.

There is such a superpower!? 

He was a Ghost King after all. Even the metahumans he brought were rare!

Mm... Seems like someone is playing dirty. He must have snuck in! Hm... interesting.” Gehenna realized it so quickly. I was impressed. 

It seemed like between him and I, time would be the greatest difference. Let’s see whose side is on

“It’s impossible. How did he sneak in?” 

“Among the bunch of people who ran back earlier,” Gehenna said playfully. “Hm. He must be among them! Find him for me! I want him alive! I want to see who is playing with me!”  


Hahaha. Let the brothers have some fun and enjoy! It’s okay that he bombed our spaceships. There are spaceships in Blue Shield City. We will leave after we have enough fun!”

“Yes! The brothers will be very happy to hear this!”

“Go! Find a few pretty ones to keep our Pink Baby accompany. She will be so lonely all by herself.” 

Ah Zong… 

“Brothers!” Earl’s voice resounded from the speaker. “There isn't anyone from Silver Moon City outside. Everyone can enjoy to the fullest now!” 

Woohoo!” The Ghost Eclipsers who were escorting the Honeycomb boys cheered. The Ghost Eclipsers at the narrow corridor grabbed a Honeycomb boy near them, worried that they wouldn’t get their share. 

I was dragged really hard out of the line. 

“Master needs a few more pretty ones. You’ll be rewarded if you can find a pretty one.” 

Suddenly, someone seized my chin harshly, scattering my long hair. The Ghost Eclipser in front of me was in a daze. He shouted excitedly, “Here! There is a pretty one! He even has dark hair, Master Gehenna’s favourite!” 

He immediately dragged me forward, eager for a reward.

A Ghost Eclipser who looked like a leader, saw me and smiled. He commented, “Pretty! He wouldn’t lose to Pink Baby. He looks just like a girl! Quickly, bring him to Master.” 

Then, I was pushed forward. I saw Xiao Shui, Zi Yi and Xiao Ye at the front of the line. 

Zi Yi had woken up but he had a bruise at the corner of his lips. He was pushed and pulled dully. From his blank gaze, I could tell that he’d already lost his knightly spirit he’d shown during our first meeting.

“Quick! Quick!” I was pushed forward while they were dragged into the rooms on the side. 

When I passed by Xiao Ye and Zi Yi, I quickly slipped the antidotes down to my palm and injected them in their thighs precisely and accurately. Shocked, they looked back at me. Surreptitiously I kept the needles and continued to move forward with the Ghost Eclipser. 

I put away the syringes and threw them into the bin by the side.

Then, I saw Xiao Shui. His clothes had been torn off completely with his long blue hair scattered over his body, tainted with milky white stains. He was being dragged into the room by the Ghost Eclipsers again.

At once, I struggled and pushed the Ghost Eclipser away. I ran over to Xiao Shui and hugged him. He was stunned. Lowering my head, I injected the antidote into his butt, so that it wouldn’t look so obvious. I hugged him tightly and whispered, “Be careful.” I stuffed the two remaining antidotes by his waist. There must be other Honeycomb boys who were metahumans like him. They would need the antidotes. 

“Come back! You!” The Ghost Eclipser dragged me over again. Xiao Shui stared at me in shock, eyes trembling.

“Hurry up and get in!” The Ghost Eclipser seized the shocked Xiao Shui’s hair and dragged him into the room. 

I was pushed into the elevator at the end of the corridor and we went to the top floor. 

“Sister Luo Bing! Earl is out of Honeycomb! He is probably getting Nathan to look for you! You have to be quick!”  

I hung my face low and frowned. I felt nervous for the first time. Which side would Lady Luck pick? 

“So d*mn pretty!” The Ghost Eclipser reached out for me. I immediately grasped his hand and slammed his head against the elevator. 


Ah!” His nose was bleeding. “Ah! Ah!” He covered his nose and shouted, his hands covered in blood. 

“How dare you hit me! You are a gigolo! I’m gonna do you right now!” He pounced at me and the elevator door opened. 

Two Ghost Eclipsers were in front of us. They shouted when they saw us, “What’s happening!?” 

“This gigolo hit me!” The Ghost Eclipser said, covering his bleeding nose. 

I looked up at them arrogantly, saying, “I am chosen to serve Master Gehenna! This disgusting cockroach wants to do me in the elevator!” 

The Ghost Eclipsers stared at me, dumbfounded. Then, they lifted their legs to kick the unlucky one in the elevator. “How dare you touch Master Gehenna’s pick!? Do you still know the rules!? How can you touch him before Master Gehenna does?!” 

“You’re such rubbish! You can’t even fight a gigolo! Go back!” Those two bodyguards brought me out of the elevator after they scolded him. The Ghost Eclipser covered his nose and curled up in the corner of the elevator, feeling wronged. He disappeared behind the closing elevator door. 

I saw a familiar corridor in front of me. The Ghost Eclipsers pushed me forward while a beautiful boy walked towards me.

The boy was free-spirited. He had long, colorful hair that resembled the rainbow, bearing the temperament and carriage of a prostitute. I lowered my face when he glanced at me seductively. He wasn’t like Ah Zong. He had no integrity, a true gigolo.  

There were two guards standing in front of a luxurious door. They opened the door and pushed us in, chuckling. The boy knocked me away as we walked into the room, rushing in before me in a puff of fragrance.


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