Book 5: Chapter 104 - Changing Outfit

“The Honeycomb boys are back in their hives and they made us stay here to watch these people.” 

“Just kill them.” 

“No way. Master Gehenna wants to choose the metahumans among them. After that, we can kill them.”

The Ghost Eclipsers had always done that. They chose the metahumans among the captives. Keep those who surrendered and kill those who didn’t. Most of them would surrender, like the civilians who had wanted Ah Zong to entertain the Ghost Eclipsers at the entrance earlier. They didn’t even care if the Ghost Eclipsers found out about their hometowns.

“D*mn! Silver Moon City came so quickly.” 

“Don’t worry, we have our master.” 

“Why not, let’s try to search among them. Let’s see if there are any young ones among them?” The Ghost Eclipsers smirked pervertedly, glancing into the shops that they were watching over.

“I saw a few pretty ones in yours,” they said, peeping at the shop behind us. 

I grinned maliciously. “Why not, all of you go in. I will guard here. They can’t move anyway.” 

They glanced at each other. “All of us?” 

I spat, “Ptooey. There’s a war happening soon. We don’t even know if we will be dead or alive after.” 

“True, let’s enjoy first. You’d better watch closely!” They swarmed into the shop behind me.

I immediately shut the door. 

They turned to me, asking, “Why did you shut the door?” 

“What if Master Nathan and the others see?!” I said as I shut the door.

They nodded in unison.

Bill and the others laid on the floor, alert and frustrated. They wore an expression where they’d rather die than submit but they couldn’t move at all. 

“Hurry up!” I hurried them and shut the door. “I can’t stand it any longer. It’s my turn next.” 

Those perverts chuckled maliciously. “Sure, bro! Psst… You look unfamiliar. What’s your name?” They suddenly looked at me suspiciously.

“This is not right. We know all of our brothers. What you are wearing looks like Pluto’s shirt. The cape, there’s a…” 

Swiftly I pulled out my gun. *Bang, Bang, Bang!* The three of them collapsed on those people before they could even finish their sentence. The people around looked shocked. 

I went to Bill and his team while they stared at me in shock. I pulled down my face scarf and they gaped at me in disbelief, thrilled with excitement.

Taking out a syringe, I injected the antidote into Bill’s neck. “All of you, put on their clothes. Take action according to the changing circumstances. There are over forty Ghost Eclipsers here.”

Bill nodded and took the antidotes. He passed them to Sia, Joey, Williams and Khai. 

“Luo Bing!” They surrounded me excitedly when they could move. “You’re still alive! This is awesome!” All of them hugged me and I was lost in the family hug for a short while. 

But we didn’t have the time to catch up right now. 

“Shhhh.” I looked around. They let go of me while the surrounding people lying on the ground were still gawking.

I handed the communicator to them, ordering, “Everyone, be careful. I am going to Honeycomb.” 

Khai held me anxiously. “You are crazy! It’s so dangerous there now!”

I pressed his shoulder, explaining, “There are too many Ghost Eclipsers here. We can’t win against them. So, we need to seize Gehenna.”

“Silver Moon City is here, no?” Joey pointed outside. 

I tightened my lips and their eyes widened. “It was you!” 

I nodded. “You would be dead if Silver Moon City was here. They wouldn’t care about your lives but they would care a lot about the information stored here. Stay in touch.” I patted their shoulders. 

They immediately put on their communicator. Then, Khai, Williams and Bill changed into the three Ghost Eclipsers’ outfits, covering their faces. Joey and Sia stayed in the shop. 

“Everyone, be careful.” 

Everyone nodded.

Opening the door, I looked to the left and right. Then I beckoned, and they quickly came out and stood by the door. Moving to the back of the shop, I snuck to the back to walk towards Honeycomb.

I grabbed two scouting robots out from under my cape. Once I threw them out, they went into invisible mode, sending video feeds to all of us. 

Besides the five antidotes that Bill and the others had used, I still had five remaining.

Capture the ringleader first before capturing his followers. It would be too dangerous to catch the generals under Gehenna one by one. Catching any one of them would definitely alert the other generals. Then, it would be even tougher to get the others. 

I can’t use my superpower when there are so many innocent people around. Even if Jun and Zong Ben come out, the surrounding people would be hurt by the radiation. It’s too difficult to control the power of the radiation. As of now, I can only use my superpower at a spacious place or a place without innocent people. 

Gehenna was one of the Ghost Kings indeed. The Ghost Eclipsers reorganized their troop in a short time, into defending guards and patrolling guards, unlike the previous Ghost Eclipsers who had been disunited.

The entire Honeycomb was heavily guarded. It was difficult to enter as there were Ghost Eclipsers watching the gate. I was worried; sneaking into Blue Shield City was different from the time when I’d attacked Heartless City. 

There were less Ghost Eclipsers back then and the captives had been imprisoned separately, guarded by two people. On top of that, the leader of the Ghost Eclipsers and the rest of their troop had been in a confined area.

This time, patrolling guards were all over Blue Shield City. On top of that, I wasn’t familiar with Blue Shield City’s map. So, I would easily run into them. And they were metahumans!

“Master, Sis Cannon and the others are requesting to join the battle,” Ice Dragon said.

A patrolling troop happened to pass by and I quickly stood in the corner of the house, pretending to take a piss.

They walked past me and I continued forward, saying, “Tell Sis Cannon to gather backup and meet you. Wait for my order there.” 

“Alright. Sis Cannon will be very excited when she hears this.” 

I didn’t know if Sis Cannon would be excited but I knew I was stuck at a bottleneck now. 

Suddenly, I saw the Ghost Eclipsers bringing the Honeycomb boys back. 

Blue Shield City was mainly populated by the Honeycomb boys. So, there were a lot of them. They queued in a long line at the gate while those Ghost Eclipsers escorting them rubbed their bodies from time to time. 

Peeping, I saw a patrolling troop coming by. I looked around and saw the back of a shop next to me. Quickly, I opened the window and flipped in.

There were two sections of the shop, in and out, both filled with people. 

They gaped at me in shock.

I hopped into the inner section and began to take off my clothes at the corner. They watched me blankly as I took off the Ghost Eclipser’s cape.

They were surprised when they saw the hidden equipment.. 

Taking off my face scarf, I untied my braid to make myself look like Honeycomb boys. 

The people turned from surprised to shocked.

Scanning through them, I found a boy who had a similar build as me. He was wearing a pale green long shirt. I went to him, helped him up and took off his clothes. The boy watched me as I put his clothes on myself, as though I was a robber.

What are you looking at!? You would be dead if I don’t take your clothes. 


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