Book 5: Chapter 103 - Sneaking In

I put away the heart box. Then, I took off the dirty cape and trousers of a Ghost Eclipser on the ground and put them on. I also tore off his face scarf to wear over my face. The stench wasn’t any better than Lucifer’s. I hoped everything could end soon. 

“Lucifer, there’s no more radiation. Destroy their two spaceships after I leave. Don’t get too close.” 

“Got it, Sister Luo Bing.” Lucifer was waiting for orders in the air. 

“Ice Dragon, destroy all Silver Moon City’s scouting robots once you detect them!”

“Got it.” 

“Send a message to Silver Moon City. Tell them that there are Noah City’s people in Blue Shield City. We are currently rescuing them.” 

“Understood. I just detected that Blue Shield City’s signal has been blocked. Blue Shield City can’t get in touch with Silver Moon City.” 

It turned out that the Ghost Eclipsers blocked the signals. No wonder Blue Shield City couldn’t get in touch with Silver Moon City. That was why the Ghost Eclipsers were so arrogant. 

“Should I still send the message to Silver Moon City?” 

“Send it when the scouting robots are spotted.” 

“Yes, Master.” 

The purpose of destroying the scouting robots was so that they wouldn’t know what was going on. They would think that the Ghost Eclipsers were the ones who had destroyed their robots. 

Silver Moon City was very arrogant. They usually wouldn’t contact the ground but they would maintain the ability to receive messages from them. Just like the time when Elder Alufa had sent Arsenal’s birthday invitation, while selling me on the side.

Sending the message was to avoid Silver Moon City from sending crazy weapons to massacre Blue Shield City with an explosion. After all, Silver Moon City really could be that crazy. 

If we were to compare the numbers of people they’d killed, it wouldn’t be any less than the Ghost Eclipsers. They were merely standing on justice’s side, the brighter side. But they had never expected that they had devoted themselves to a devil, the devil who had destroyed this world. 

“Pelos, trigger a heavy rainstorm once you hear me shout ‘all dead’. Remember you have to go closer bit by bit.” 


I ran towards Blue Shield City. The people who were running away were not too far away from me. 

Vanish was talking to Gehenna in the screen on my visor. Gehenna immediately glanced behind him and the Ghost Eclipsers stopped their unruly conduct, looking anxious.

Zi Yi and Xiao Ye were both struggling ferociously in the Ghost Eclipsers’ hands. 

“Don’t touch Ah Zong! Do not touch him!” Zi Yi roared. A Ghost Eclipser suddenly punched him, knocking him out with blood flowing from his lips. 

Ah Zong walked to Xiao Shui, full of heartache. He hugged Xiao Shui’s trembling body and Xiao Shui hugged him back. In Honeycomb, Ah Zong was their Queen, and also their brother. Ah Zong gave them a sense of security as he took care of them.

 “Stop hurting the kids... Stop hurting the kids!” Queen Bee knelt on the floor, crying. “There is a secret key to the map. We can’t open it! We really can’t...” 

*Rumble!* Suddenly, a loud rumble resounded behind me. Blue Shield City was already  in front of me. I pretended to stumble and fall forward. Some Ghost Eclipsers immediately came in my direction. I kept the visor in front of me and adjusted my face scarf. 

Gehenna turned to look at the churning smoke behind me.

Before they could help me up, there was another loud rumble and black smoke soared into the sky. The Ghost Eclipsers immediately took a step back.

“Silver Moon City is here!” The Ghost Eclipsers who ran away earlier shouted. “It’s them! It’s them! This is too scary! They have spirits!” They shouted in terror, making the illusion of Silver Moon City’s surprise attack even more realistic!

When the Ghost Eclipsers helped me up, I acted terrified, shouting, “Everyone died! Died! They are spirits!” 

Black clouds started churning in the sky. *Rumble!* A heavy rainstorm poured down, like a rain curtain covering the smoke from the distance. 

The rainwater gradually moved closer to Blue Shield City, and seemed to be alive. The dense raindrops looked like it was shrinking the world.

“Could it be the North Star?!” Someone shouted in horror. “The rumors say that the North Star has spirits, no!?” 

Ah Zong immediately glanced at the man who was shouting. 

“The North Star is dead! Stop that nonsense!” Vanish roared, standing next to Gehenna. He shouted, “Calm down!” 

Vanish’s roar took effect. The Ghost Eclipsers who were terrified became quiet and they looked to Gehenna simultaneously. This troop practiced good military discipline. 

The military was stable because they had military discipline.

Gehenna narrowed his eyes and waved, commanding, “Enter the city!”

The purpose of creating the illusion of Silver Moon City’s attack was to force them into the city. They would then be on the defence, imprisoning the hostages and scattering around. Because they could use the hostages to threaten.

Gehenna glanced at Vanish and nodded. Vanish immediately dragged Ah Zong back into the city. 

“It’s pointless.” Ah Zong smiled, attractive and sweet, just like a seductive devil. Gehenna looked at him and Ah Zong continued, “Silver Moon City wouldn’t be bothered with our lives. They will just massacre this place.” 

Humph.” Gehenna smirked. “We do share the same tactic as Silver Moon City. Thanks for reminding. Old Iron!” 

A black man in metal armor appeared. He stood in front of Gehenna with a face as stiff as iron. 

Gehenna sneered, “Build a wall.” 

“Yes!” He raised his hands slowly and a white eggshell-like material soared from the ground, encircling Blue Shield City. Once we retreated into Blue Shield City, it was engulfed in the white wall, like a giant egg!

The huge head in the sky disappeared gradually. Then, a bald man standing on the roof hopped down and followed next to Gehenna. 

There were a few other Ghost Eclipsers who also looked like generals like Vanish and Nathan, who followed behind Gehenna, looking calm. 

Gehenna’s army wasn’t simple. It wasn’t easy to attack them. But, since I was in, I had to bring everyone out safely.

Gehenna gave them a briefing. Then, they led their respective troops in different directions to set up their defence. The enemy was dispersed. 

I slowly left the group of the Ghost Eclipsers as I ran. Moving to a small shop by the side, I saw the Ghost Eclipsers drag the people on the floor so I did the same.

Vanish commanded, “Lock the hostages in the shop and watch them! Bring the Honeycomb boys back to their hives!” Everyone started moving the people into the shops, leaving two behind to guard each shop.

I moved forward and spotted Bill. At once I went forward and seized Joey. The Ghost Eclipsers threw them into one of the shops. Coincidentally, it was the shop where Harry and I had set up a stall before. 

“You guard this place,” the Ghost Eclipser told me and I nodded, standing at the door. 

Nightlights turned on across the city as Blue Shield City was engulfed within the giant eggshell, as though it was night time already. 

Ugh! This is annoying! We already took this place down. Why won’t they let me have fun for a while?!” A Ghost Eclipser next to me complained while the other two opposite took out cigarettes to smoke.


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