Book 5: Chapter 102 - Cut Off Their Escape Route

“Master, I have to remind you that your enemy has fifty-six men. The probability of you failing alone is 98%.” Ice Dragon moved to my side, smiling. He added, “There’s a 2% chance of you dying.” 

I tapped the side of the cockpit door, and it opened before me. Thinking for a while, I turned to look at Pelos. 

Lucifer and Pelos were both standing, their eyes on me. 

“Pelos, what is the range of your superpower? Can you call for a heavy rain from this distance?” 

Pelos nodded confidently, saying, “No problem! I can!” 

“Good. Wait for my orders here. Lucifer, follow me.” 

“Alright!” Lucifer hurriedly finished his bun and ran towards me. 

I strode out of the cockpit with Lucifer, then we entered the weapon room. I put on a visor helmet and put one on for Lucifer too.

Video feeds immediately appeared on the visor in front of me. An orgy party was going on at the entrance of Blue Shield City. The Ghost Eclipser were all ecstatically touching the Honeycomb boys, chasing them around. Some had boys pressed under them and some had even shoved their dirty lower body part into the boys’ mouth. 

Why weren’t they worried that Silver Moon City might send backups? The way they behaved didn’t seem like they were bothered about being attacked at all.

“What are they doing!?” Lucifer gaped when he saw the image. I was shocked, commanding, “Ice Dragon! Don’t let the child see this!” 

Lucifer’s visor blacked out while Ice Dragon smiled at me, saying, “He is not young anymore. He is almost thirteen according to the physiology of flying corpses. He has already reached the age of reproduction.” 

It’s not the time to talk about this right now! 

I picked up two discs and attached them onto Lucifer’s chest, instructing, “Lucifer, listen up. This is an order. You are going to place them on two spaceships. Activate them and leave right after. Press this button, okay? Run right after you press it.” 

Lucifer listened attentively, watching me seriously. He wouldn’t attract much attention as he was a flying corpse. 

I opened the medical box. Inside were ten superpower inhibitors and ten antidotes. I stuffed them all into the injection compartment on my belt.

Just then, I saw that the Ghost Eclipsers had moved to the side in shock. A guy with pink hair was walking gracefully among them, his hair billowing in the air. He didn’t look afraid at all but as graceful and elegant as a goddess. Zi Yi, Xiao Shui, Xiao Ye and Queen Bee were being dragged by the Ghost Eclipsers behind him. 

It’s Ah Zong! 

Queen Bee was scared out of her wits, trembling and shaking behind Ah Zong.

Ah Zong wore a smile as usual, walking between the Ghost Eclipsers, his manner neither supercilious nor arrogant. His lace miniskirt billowed along with his footsteps. The Ghost Eclipsers on both sides gawked, drooling at his beautiful smile on his comely face and his sexy body. 

At once I opened the door and left, dragging Lucifer behind me. I strode forward as I watched Ah Zong on the screen. His beauty had attracted the huge head hovering in the air. His gaze was fixed on Ah Zong.

I left Ice Dragon with Lucifer. Ice Dragon ejected a flying vehicle from its side. I got in with Lucifer and we charged towards Blue Shield City at full speed! 

We have to hurry!

Ah Zong stood before Gehenna, smiling as he said, “Master Gehenna, I have heard so much about you.” 

Gehenna lifted Ah Zong’s chin, smirking. He flirted, “Pink Baby, I came here to get you first.” 

Ah Zong smiled intoxicatedly, saying, “You already got me. Can you let the people in the city go? Also, please don’t be too rough on those kids.” 

Humph...” Gehenna stroked his hand down Ah Zong’s face to his neck, saying, “It depends on whether you cooperate.” 

Ah Zong smiled and asked, “How do I cooperate?” 

Gehenna looked down and murmured softly at Ah Zong, “The map.”

Ah Zong narrowed his eyes and smiled, looking cute and pretty as he said, “I don’t have it.” 

Gehenna smiled coldly. He glanced at the Ghost Eclipser by the side, who immediately dragged out a civilian. The civilian was still alive, frightened as he shouted, “Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! Pink Baby! You have to cooperate! Make sure he is happy so that he won’t kill me!” 

*Bang!* A bullet pierced the civilian’s head and he collapsed on the ground with his eyes still wide open. 

Ah Zong’s smile froze and he blinked his eyes blankly.

Gehenna leaned closer to his face, saying, “See. These people aren’t worth being protected at all. Give me the map.” 

Gehenna moved back and smiled at Ah Zong, caressing Ah Zong’s face with the back of his hand. 

Ah Zong smiled warmly. “The person whom I love used to live in one of the cities here. She is dead now and I have to continue to protect this place for her...” 

Ah Zong… 

His words pierced the bottom of my heart, like a hand clenching my heart tightly. A special feeling flooded my heart, telling me that I had to save Ah Zong or I would regret it and feel sorry for not living up to his words. 

“Gigolo! Hurry up and give him what he wants.” 

*Bang!* There was another gunshot. Another civilian collapsed on the ground, bleeding.

The civilians were the ones who surrendered first. They weren’t injected with superpower inhibitors. That was why they still had the strength to speak.

“Shut up, all of you! Do you know what he wants? He wants the map! We will be finished if Pink Baby gives it to him.” 

“I don’t care! I don’t have any wife or kids. I only want to live.” 

The people who Ah Zong were protecting argued because they wanted to stay alive. It was such a joke to the Ghost Eclipsers. 

Ah Zong remained calm. 

Gehenna watched him and smiled, saying, “This kid is quite pretty.” He glanced at Xiao Shui, frightening him. Gehenna smiled evilly and said, “Brothers, you can play with this kid!” 

Ah Zong was shocked. His blue and red pupils were trembling. 

Xiao Shui was dragged out. Tears flowed out his eyes as he cried, “Brother Ah Zong! Don’t worry about me. I am fine!” He was actually really scared. He was trembling and quivering but he didn’t want Ah Zong to be worried about him.

The Ghost Eclipsers pushed him onto the floor and started tearing his clothes off, tugging his beautiful blue hair. 

Xiao Shui! 

My chest was burning with flames. These beasts!

The battleship was in front of us. They noticed me, looking in my direction. I immediately took out the heart box. 

“Go!” I shouted at Lucifer. He hopped away from me and spread his wings, soaring into the air while I opened the heart box. Zong Ben and Jun leaped out from it and pierced the Ghost Eclipsers’ bodies.

My flying vehicle shuttled through them and they were burned into ashes next to me. Zong Ben and Jun’s bodies went through their battleship and spaceships, absorbing all the energy so that they couldn’t leave as well as cutting off their communication!


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