Book 5, Chapter 101 - Assigning Tasks

*Clang, clang, clang.* Ghostie was slamming the cabin door. I glanced at him and he nodded vigorously. Exhaling a warm breath against the cabin door, he wrote on the door anxiously: “This is an important mission. We need an experienced veteran.” 

Ghostie was right. The mission to evacuate and relocate the people in Koont Village was really important. An experienced veteran was needed to escort them safely.

I turned and looked at Uncle Mason. “Fine, but please stay calm. Don’t let them find out that it’s you.” 

Uncle Mason was stunned, before he became happy, as happy as a kid. Suddenly, he was stunned again. He looked next to me and exclaimed, “You actually listened to a water ghost!” 

“Ghostie suggested for you to go,” I said expressionlessly. 

Uncle Mason was perplexed and surprised. Taking a glance at the water ghost, he nodded his head gratefully. 

Ghostie smiled widely and his huge fishy eyes became moist. 

Uncle Mason stared at Ghostie and somehow became absent-minded too.

“Our opponent’s army will probably arrive at Koont Village anytime.” My voice caught Uncle Mason’s attention again. “So, bring Brother Qian Li with you. He can watch over the place at all times. If the enemy is spotted before you arrive at Koont Village, stay at where you are and wait for orders. If the rescue is already in process, evacuate a part of them first. Uncle Akbu will deal with it accordingly. Make sure you don’t act on impulse because there are many women and children in Koont Village and we aren’t sure if the enemy is a Ghost King.”

“Understood!” Uncle Mason saluted. Then, he looked at me gratefully. “Lil Bing, you have really grown up. You are no longer the crying little girl that I saved back then. If Harry was still alive…” He sobbed for a while then smiled when he said, “He would be very proud of you!” 

I said with a low voice, “He is still alive.” 

“Lil Bing, I understand how you feel. Ceci and I wish that Harry is still alive as well. But, we have to face the reality. Lil Bing, you have to look forward. As long as you’re happy, Harry will be…” 

“He is still alive!” *Bang!* I punched Ghostie’s cabin door really hard. 

Uncle Mason was shocked. I couldn’t calm myself down. Glancing at him, I hung my face low. “Hurry up. You are in charge of evacuating the people in Koont Village. Keep in touch.”  

“Yes,” Uncle Mason replied and our conversation ended. 

I retracted the hand that I’d slammed on Ghostie’s cabin door. Then, I looked up and felt Pelos’ tense gaze upon me. I also saw Lucifer’s stunned expression. 

I looked at Ghostie in the cabin. He hung his head low and sat underwater. He was really quiet.

Calming myself down, I turned to Pelos and Lucifer. “Prepare for war.” 

Pelos immediately sat up, while Lucifer looked at me anxiously. 

I stroked his head. He was still a child. “I am sorry that I scared you.” 

Hm.” He shook his head and smiled while he continued to eat his bun.

The scenery in front of us looked more and more familiar. 

Ice Dragon appeared again. “The energy detector has detected a huge energy fluctuation ahead, inferring that a war is happening.”

“Land in place.” 


Ice Dragon started to descend. 

“Send the scouting robots.” 

“The scouting robots are out. Entering invisible mode. Beginning video transmission.” Ice Dragon lifted its right hand and video feeds appeared one after another. 

Pelos couldn’t help but get up from his seat. He stood under the video feeds and watched them in amazement. 

One of the video feeds was showing smoke all over Blue Shield City. A huge area of buildings and architectures had been destroyed. There was also a really horrifying giant head hovering in the sky of Blue Shield City. Huge as a mountain, it was staring down at Blue Shield City with its huge eyes.

Pelos exclaimed, “That’s the senior general of Gehenna, Nathan! He can monitor everyone’s actions, and is even more powerful than a surveillance robot. He can see you no matter where you’re hiding.” 

Another footage showed a group of traders resisting. Suddenly, a tiny needle appeared in the air and pierced through the neck of the opponent like a honeybee. The metahuman fell immediately. The people around him immediately raised their hands and surrendered once they saw that happen. 

Then people started surrendering and kneeling on the ground where they stood.

Suddenly, I saw Bill, Williams, Sia, Joey and Khai in a video feed!

They were still battling, with wounds all over their bodies. 


Then, another mysterious needle appeared again. A few needles split out of that one needle, and all of them were all targeting the necks of Bill and the rest. They didn’t feel anything. The needles pierced through their necks in an instant. 

“What was that!?” I froze the screen and pointed at the needle. 

Pelos was shocked as he looked closely. “He is probably another general of Gehenna’s. The Devil Doctor, Vanish. It is said that he can materialize any needles in the air and inject any substance into the body. It is most likely an ability inhibitor.”  

I was surprised. Although I had battled against the Ghost Eclipsers quite a number of times before that and I had seen many magical abilities, the powers that I saw today were definitely way more powerful than the ones I had seen before. Their scope was way bigger and they were way more precise. 

Bill and the rest collapsed onto the ground. They were swiftly taken under control by the attacking Ghost Eclipsers. 

In just a blink of an eye, the entire Blue Shield City was overrun with Ghost Eclipsers.

The city gate opened and the Ghost Eclipsers flooded into the city. The last person to enter was Gehenna! 

He opened his arms wide, raising his face to the sky as he laughed. His dark hair billowed in the air. 

A handsome man in a black robe stood next to him, his expression cold. Numerous needles and tubes surrounded him, all ready to be fired. 

He had to be the Devil Doctor, Vanish. 

Ice Dragon reported, “The ships of the enemy have been detected.” Video feeds from the scouting robots were sent back to us. Gehenna’s warship was stationed at an area further away from Blue Shield City. There were quite a number of guards watching and guarding the warship.

While the spaceships of the traders had all been destroyed. It was a huge mess. 

Other video feeds showed that Blue Shield City had already been captured. Metahumans were littered all over the floor. 

A troop of Ghost Eclipsers were herding the Honeycomb boys out of their building and towards the city gate. From the looks of it, they were getting ready to bring the boys back. 


The remaining Ghost Eclipsers were dragging those fallen people out of the city. They weren’t dead yet, just that their abilities and powers had all been inhibited. 

Pelos looked at me anxiously. “What should we do?” 

I lifted my hand, my eyes flicking between all the video feeds. “Don’t panic. We are at a disadvantage now.” 

The screens started transmitting audio.

Gehenna stood by the gate with the Ghost Eclipsers standing on both sides of him. The Ghost Eclipsers cheered when the Honeycomb boys were pushed out of the gate. They extended their dirty hands and touched those boys. 

The boys were scared. They huddled close to each other and tried to protect each other. Some of the younger ones cried. They were as weak as girls. 

A few Ghost Eclipser couldn’t wait anymore and suddenly waded into the group of boy. They pushed the boys towards a corner. A few of them surrounded the boys and started tearing their clothes off. The boys were scared and whimpered. “Please, please be gentle...” 

*Bang!* I couldn’t stand it anymore. I turned and walked away. 


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