Book 1: Chapter 51 - Join the Scouting Troop

I looked at Uncle Mason suspiciously. “But I am not a metahuman.”

Uncle Mason laughed and looked at me. “Why do you think you’re not a metahuman?” He sounded very determined as he asked, “How can you not be a metahuman when you have a level nine radiation resistance?! Plus, you are the only metahuman in this world who can resist a level nine radiation!” 

I was stunned. I, I am a metahuman! I suddenly realized what had just happened.

Uncle Mason’s smile faded and his face became solemn. He gripped my shoulder firmly. “Luo Bing, your superpower is very special. Most ordinary metahumans and radiationers can only resist a limited amount of radiation, regardless of their strength and powers. Hence, in this world, radiation resistance isn’t considered a superpower. I reckon that is the reason why the people from Silver Moon City didn’t notice your superpower when they first saw you. Plus, Superpower Detectors wouldn’t recognize radiation resistance as one of the superpowers since they can’t measure the full level of your radiation resistance. We would have never known that you are a treasure if we had skipped your radiation resistance test today! In the future, the people from Silver Moon City are definitely going to regret their decision to let you go!” He rubbed his chin as he grinned from ear to ear. “I get excited just picturing their expressions of regret. Bahaha.” He looked very sly when he said that.

Uncle Mason’s words filled me with enthusiasm, especially the last part where he said that the people from Silver Moon City would regret letting me go! Xing Chuan, you will regret your actions! We will meet again, eventually. Humph!

“Let’s go! You need to get familiar with Noah City.” Uncle Mason patted my back and led the way.

Uncle Mason was still dragging the dumbfounded Harry, as he started giving me a tour of the city.

“From the day I rescued you, I had a feeling that you would be a treasure. Bahahaha.” Uncle Mason couldn’t conceal his self-pride. He kept smiling brightly. “Being able to escape from the hands of those Silver Moon City people meant you were an impressive young lady for sure!” Uncle Mason clapped my back, making me stumble.

“Waifu!” Harry suddenly came back to reality and shook off Uncle Mason’s grip on his shoulder. He placed himself between us and pushed Uncle Mason away. “Old man! Don’t touch my wife! You are too strong. What if you break her?!” Then, he extended his hand towards my back, as though he was going to pat away some dust.

I pushed his hand away and snapped, “Go away!”

“Harry, move aside!” Uncle Mason pulled Harry away from me. Harry looked at him in total disbelief. “Old man! When we rescued her back then, it was your idea to make her your daughter-in-law!”

Uncle Mason looked embarrassed by this. “Ugh…” His expression turned distressed. “How dare you bring this up?! You ruined everything by yourself! Move aside! You’re not qualified anymore.” He pushed Harry aside. “Don’t show your face to Luo Bing now on. You’d better hide your face!” Uncle Mason said as he pulled up the scarf from around Harry’s neck to cover his face.

“Alright alright, stop it!” Harry dodged Uncle Mason and threw up his hands. “Are you and that woman my real parents?”

Uncle Mason ignored Harry as he led me on our tour. “Ignore him. Let’s proceed…”

*Ugh!* Harry crossed his arms and followed behind us. He glared hatefully at Uncle Mason’s back.

Uncle Mason continued, “Noah City is segregated into four zones—East, West, South, and North. Right now, we are in the East Zone. Our scouting troop and my wife’s DR team train here. There are also some cabins for scientific and engineering research. We normally reside in the West Zone. Oh yeah, the place where Harry took you to collect things this morning is West Square. They give out food and water every morning from seven to eight. From tomorrow onwards, go ahead and collect your supplies from there. Don’t be late. Oh yeah, the bottle is reusable, so don’t lose it.”

“Mm!” I was listening attentively.

“The South Zone is mainly an ecological park. You should go and visit it. There are green plants there. It’s a crowded place though. Everyone likes to go under the sun and chit-chat. The children are there too. It gets very busy…” Uncle Mason’s gaze turned gentle and full of anticipation. It seemed like he enjoyed being surrounded by cute children, but he only sighed and reined back his gaze, then continued, “The South Zone has the machines for recycling and sewage disposal. Most of Noah City’s machinery is housed in the North Zone. Our Noah City’s spaceship is also there…”

“Noah City has a spaceship too!” I exclaimed in surprise.

“Of course we do!” Harry suddenly cut into our conversation. It sounded like he was throwing a tantrum. “We have all the things that the Silver Moon City has. At most, our things are slightly weaker than theirs.” Harry said with a touch of biting sarcasm.

“In short, we are small, yet complete in all aspects. Hahaha.” Uncle Mason laughed. “However, we don’t have as many blue crystal resources as Silver Moon City. Therefore, our spaceship and flying vehicle can’t travel too far."

That makes sense; even a well-made car needs petrol before it can be driven.

“The tunnels from this area are connected to many places. I’ll tell Harry to pass you a Noah communicator. There will be a map and access pass in it…” Uncle Mason took out a palm-sized equipment from his pocket. It looked like a handphone, only twice as thick. It also has a thick protective cover around it.

“Didn’t you tell me to stay away from Luo Bing?” Harry said impatiently as he rolled his eyes at Uncle Mason. “Give it to her yourself,” he snapped, and ran ahead.

It was the first time I’d seen Harry angry since meeting him. 

“*sshole!” Uncle Mason harrumphed. He looked upset for a moment, then turned around and smiled at me, “I keep spoiling him too much. If that boy tries to bully you, go ahead and hit him. Don’t worry about hurting him.”

I was stunned. What a strange remark. However, when I recalled Harry’s performance from earlier, I couldn’t help but ask, “Is that Harry’s superpower? Some kind of… recovery power?”

“Hahaha.” Uncle Mason seemed very proud of Harry when I mentioned his superpower. 

“That’s not his only superpower… Also, that day…” Uncle Mason lowered his tone and looked at me solemnly, “…He didn’t know you were a girl. If he had known, he wouldn’t have carried you like that. Luo Bing, you will be one of the members in our scouting troop and Harry is the troop leader. You will always see one another and head out for missions together. I hope it won't affect the entire troop…” Uncle Mason seemed hesitant and awkward. “Ugh… I am not asking you to forgive that boy. What happened back then is indeed unforgivable!” He didn’t hesitate to emphasize Harry’s fault in the matter, before gentling his tone to continue. “But teamwork is more important. So, I hope...”

“I understand,” I assured Uncle Mason since he was having a tough time. “I won’t disrupt the unity of our team. I will obey Harry’s instructions when we are out doing fieldwork.”

Uncle Mason glanced at me in surprise.

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