Book 5: Chapter 100 - Taking Over Noah

The entrance of the cockpit opened. A robot moved Ghostie’s water cabin in and fixed his cabin in place next to me.

Taking a glance at him, I transferred Elder Alufa’s image onto the main display in Ice Dragon so that everyone could see him.

Ghostie’s cabin door lowered slightly so he could hear us better.

I said glumly, “Okay, I got it. I will save them.”

Ghostie had just entered the cockpit, so he was still confused about our conversation.

Elder Alufa’s eyebrows were tightly knitted as he said, “If the Ghost Eclipsers attack Blue Shield City, Silver Moon City will surely send backup. Luo Bing, do you know anything about the enemy?”

“He is one of the Ghost Kings of the Ghost Eclipsers, Gehenna. So, they definitely intend to fight a quick battle. They want to conquer Blue Shield City before Silver Moon City realizes.”

Stunned, Elder Alufa’s face turned pale. “The Four Ghost Kings! Are you sure?”

“I am sure!” Pelos shouted before I could answer. His face was red, clearly agitated.

Elder Alufa was confused when he saw Pelos. He asked puzzledly, “Who is this kid?”

“Hello, Elder. I am Pelos.” Pelos sounded like he was reporting to an officer.

I immediately looked at Elder Alufa, saying, “Elder Alufa, this is the third thing that I am about to tell you. His father is…” I paused because I realized that Elder Alufa had already gotten carried away, staring at Pelos. I finished glumly, “Akbu.”

Elder Alufa stared at me in surprise, muttering, “Akbu.” His pupils trembled vigorously, he was holding his breath.

“Yes.” I nodded. Elder Alufa suddenly clenched the shirt on his chest tightly. Then, he gasped and panted. In the end, he fainted and I heard a heavy fall.

*Bang!* Ghostie hit the door anxiously. Just when I was about to contact Noah to send help, Uncle Mason and Sister Ceci suddenly came into sight. Elder Alufa had ‘lied’ to me again. He didn’t meet me privately.

But that much was within my expectation. Uncle Mason and Sister Ceci had always kept Elder Alufa company whenever there were any important meetings.

They quickly helped Elder Alufa up. Then, Sister Ceci quickly brought Elder Alufa away. Uncle Mason stared at me emotionally then at Pelos, asking, “Who’s your mom? What’s her name?!”

Pelos was stunned at Uncle Mason’s reaction. He answered blankly, “Shirley.”

“Shirley.... Shirley!” Uncle Mason was hot with emotions. He held his head and paced back and forth across the screen. He then strode up to the screen, asking, “Where are they!? Where are they!?”

“They are at…”

I cut Pelos off and said darkly, “Uncle Mason, I want to take over Noah.”

Stunned, Uncle Mason gaped at me. He asked, “What did you just say?”

I repeated myself again, my words sounding like an order, “I want to take over Noah completely!”

Uncle Mason was dumbfounded.

I looked at him coldly, saying, “I heard of the story of how Xue Gie’s parents sacrificed themselves. However, Uncle Akbu told me a different version. You have also once sold me out to Silver Moon City. So, who do you think I would trust now?”

Uncle Mason looked absent-minded. He didn’t speak for a long time, only hanging his face in disappointment before the screen. He should have nothing to say.

“You have to hand over Noah to me if you want to make it up to Uncle Akbu and the others. Otherwise, you can do what you did before. Run. Because Ghost Eclipsers’ army will be here soon.”

Uncle Mason was agitated and shouted, “We will not run again!” His saliva flew out of his mouth, roaring, “Tell me! Where are they!? Tell me!”

I shouted back, “Uncle Mason! We have a more urgent matter to attend to right now. The entire eastern hemisphere will be gone if Blue Shield City is taken.”

Uncle Mason’s pupils dilated in shock. He was confused and lost. Hitting his head anxiously, he finally calmed down. He turned to me, asking, “Did you say that it was Gehenna? One of the Ghost Kings!?”


Uncle Mason nodded and his expression turned solemn. “Listen up, Luo Bing. Silver Moon City definitely will not send back up if the enemy is a Ghost King because they will suffer a great loss. So, from the way they handle things, they will surely…”

“Blow up Blue Shield City...” I was shocked. I clenched my fist tightly.

It does sound a lot like what Silver Moon City would do! The information in Blue Shield City is naturally more important than the Honeycomb boys and the people who're there to trade! It’s nothing to sacrifice the male prostitute and the people.

“That’s right! So, Luo Bing, you have to be quick if you want to save them. Otherwise, you will be in danger as well.” Uncle Mason looked at me, exhorting seriously.

I faced him glumly. “I will be careful.”

“Did you... really massacre Steel Ghost Town?! Was it you?!” Uncle Mason asked in disbelief.

I answered expressionlessly, “Yes. It was me. I evolved.”

Uncle Mason gaped and held his head, looking pale. He nodded repeatedly, saying, “Okay, okay. I know what to do now. You know the current situation the best.” Uncle Mason took a deep breath and his gaze regained his usual calm. His steadiness and dignity of a general returned as he announced, “Luo Bing, I am going to pass over Noah’s secret order to you now. You are officially taking over Noah City.”

I smirked. “Okay! Ice Dragon, receive the secret order!”

“Yes. Secret order, transferring. Secret order, accepted.”

“Luo Bing.” Noah appeared next to Ice Dragon, asking, “May I know if there is any command?”

I glanced at Uncle Mason and commanded, “Send Hurricane and Breaking Wave to Koont Village to evacuate the people. I will send you the location.”


“Ice Dragon, enter the old spaceship and extract the records of my travel route.”


“Are you bringing Akbu and the others?! Please send me.” Uncle Mason placed his hands on the table anxiously, his face looming up close before me.

Pelos was confused, glancing back and forth between Uncle Mason and I.

I looked at Uncle Mason. “Uncle Mason, considering that they know you and may be hostile towards you, it’d be best if Brother Qian Li or any other person takes charge of this mission. The Ghost Eclipsers’ backup army will arrive in Koont Village soon. We don’t have enough time to accommodate any mistakes.”

*Bang!* Uncle Mason slammed the table, upset. He suddenly looked up at me, compromising, “I can disguise myself. Please entrust me with this task.” He fixed his burning gaze on me. I could see that he really wanted to make up for what he had done.

No matter what had happened back then and what the truth was, there could perhaps have been a deep-rooted misunderstanding between them. But right now, Uncle Mason’s eagerness to save them was real.


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