Book 5: Chapter 99 - Regaining Trust

“According to my calculations, 99% of the people in Noah City would still betray you if they found out that you’re alive. However, I am unable to account for the variable of human emotions,” Ice Dragon said smilingly. As a written programme, he would be the most rational voice here.

The variable of human emotions... This variable created a gamble, and the stakes were the last bit of trust I had in them.

“So, the one that you can trust the most would be me, an AI. I would obey all your orders but I can only be activated by you and Harry. Coincidentally, both Harry and you have died. It wouldn’t be difficult for Elder Alufa and the others to guess who is piloting me right now.” 

“I know, I will consider this.” They would probably end up making unnecessary wild guesses if I didn’t meet them. In the end, I would be the passive one. 

I have to seize the initiative and be the proactive one. 

Ice Dragon smiled and disappeared from the cabin. 

Removing all my clothes, I stood without moving for a while. Then, I entered the shower cabin and let the hot water pour down over my head. 

Should I get in touch with Noah City? The people in Noah City are my family after all.

I, Luo Bing, had always done things straightforwardly. But now I was contemplating and hesitating.

When I opened the wardrobe, I saw the battle uniform and the vest that Raffles had made for me. It looked more advanced yet also simpler than the ones I had. Trying it on, I found it more comfortable as well. It wasn’t suffocating or restraining at all. It even created the appearance of the muscular chest of a man for me.

It was more convenient to fight as men in a war. The others wouldn’t pay much attention to me this way, since the people in this world paid more attention to girls.

Silver Moon City would eventually find out that I was alive because they had known that I was alive all this time, they just hadn’t been able to locate me. It was only a matter of time. But while they had yet to find me, I would drag this out as long as I could.

Picking up the voice changer, I attached it on the side of my neck. Then, I put on the disguiser mask and tied my hair into a small braid at the back of my head. Wearing the battle uniform that Raffles had specifically designed for me, well-fitted with ice blue stripes, I appeared spirited, handsome and capable. 

Finally, I equipped myself with a lightsaber and a light gun, fixed the heart box in a small sack on my waist and fixed two discs of scouting robots onto my arms. I was ready to go! 

Luo Bing is back! 

Once I was all dressed up, I opened the door and strode forward towards the cockpit. 

“Oh! My Master is back. Master, you’ve grown taller,” Ice Dragon said, smiling. 

Lifted my left hand, I saw blue light patterns surfacing on the back of my hand. It was the symbiotic flower. It was budding but I wasn’t sure how it would grow. 

“You too, Ice Dragon. I haven’t seen you for two years and you have become filthier,” I remarked, dropping my hand to my side as I continued forward.

Ice Dragon smiled. “Thank you for the compliment, Master.” 

*Swoosh!* The cabin door opened before me, and Pelos and Lucifer immediately spun around. Pelos stared at me, gawking.

I was surprised to see them in their new look too. 

Lucifer was holding a huge butter bun in his hand. His white hair was brighter after washing up, and his young face was chubbily cute. 

He was wearing his freshly washed singlet. It was actually a sky green color, which set off his skin tone nicely. I’d thought that it was a black singlet.

Below, he had on a pair of Noah City’s silverish gray crew trousers. Two silver-blue stripes ran down the side of the slim-cut trousers, matching the color of his singlet.

Pelos’ sky blue short hair looked even more florid after he’d taken a shower. It was the shade of an endless clear blue sky. The battle uniform made him look like he was beaming and spiritedly buoyant, revealing his charm and youth. Angelina and the other teenagers would be thrilled with excitement if they saw him in it. 

He stared at me blankly while I walked towards him, giving him a glance. I said, “This is your spot. Sit still.” 

Anxious, he became suspicious. “Yes! Your… Your voice.” 

“It’s a type of disguise, making me more like a man,” I spoke with my male voice. In the words of my pervert cousin, my male voice was the type voice that she enjoyed the most. 

“Sister Luo Bing turned into Brother Luo Bing!” Lucifer exclaimed as he looked at me. 

I stared at him and ordered, “Open your mouth.” 

“Oh. Ahh.” Lucifer opened his mouth obediently. I sniffed. Great. I could only smell the scent of the bun. I then looked at him solemnly, exhorting, “Make sure you brush your teeth everyday from now on!” 

Ah? Okay.” Lucifer blushed in embarrassment.

“Sit still.” I pressed Lucifer down and the chair immediately moulded to his back. Pelos gaped at his seat in astonishment. A light shield suddenly descended from above and he became anxious, staring straight ahead. 

I sat in my original spot and the light shield formed as Ice Dragon appeared, saying, “We are nearing District 10 and will arrive at Blue Shield City in 40 minutes.”  

“Alright. Please briefly explain the function of this spaceship to Pelos and Lucifer.” 


“Have you moved the water ghost here?” 

“Yes, he is on his way here.” 

“Good. He is Ghostie, my friend."


“Now…” I paused, frowning. I looked up at Ice Dragon and said, “We can connect to Noah now but I will only speak to Elder Alufa privately.”

“Okay. Connecting Elder Alufa,” Ice Dragon said and Elder Alufa’s image appeared in front of me. He was surprised when he saw me. Tears welled up his eyes at once. “It's really you, my child! Is this really you!? You are alive!”

I faced him calmly. “Elder Alufa, can I know what Silver Moon City told you about me?” 

“Sure, sure.” Elder Alufa seemed to be trying hard to calm himself down. He took a deep breath, wiped his tears and said, “Silver Moon City said that both you and Harry sacrificed yourselves in the war in Steel Ghost Town. I never thought that you would still be alive. This is great… Great...” He choked with sobs. 

Furrowing my eyebrows, I took a deep breath. I looked at Elder Alufa glumly as I said, “Elder Alufa, I don't have time to reunite with you now. I have three very important things that I have to tell you. “

“Okay! Sure! I’m listening!” He quickly wiped his tears and looked at me seriously, finally bringing out the calmness and steadiness of an elder. 

“Firstly, Silver Moon City cannot know that I am still alive...” Elder Alufa was surprised. I continued, “Silver Moon City can’t be trusted. They are the source of everything that is happening.” 

Elder Alufa was surprised and also confused. 

“Secondly,” my expression turned even more solemn as I continued, “the Ghost Eclipsers already passed District 8 and they are on their way to attack Blue Shield City to get the map of the eastern hemisphere. So now, I am going to assist Blue Shield City!”

“What!?” Elder Alufa exclaimed. He couldn’t keep his cool and shouted, “What did you just say!? The Ghost Eclipsers are going to attack Blue Shield City now!? This is not good! Bill and the other children are in Blue Shield City now!” 

I exclaimed, “What!?” It was perfectly understandable because Blue Shield City was the trading area for the entire eastern hemisphere. We used to visit Blue Shield City frequently to trade. It was normal that Bill and the others were there.


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