Book 5: Chapter 98 - Calling For Ice Dragon

“Yes.” I slowed down once I spotted the entrance to Noah City. It wasn’t hidden, which meant that Gehenna hadn’t taken this route and the Ghost Eclipsers still hadn’t discovered the existence of Noah City.   

However, if Gehenna took down Blue Shield City, all the cities on the eastern hemisphere would be exposed, including Noah City.

Just then, people came running out of Noah City. I kept the spaceship hovering in the air and quietly watched the people running out of the city gate, not moving to descend. More and more people came out, including adults and kids. Some looked familiar while others seemed foreign.

They stood neatly before the city gate and looked up at us.

Pelos gazed out of the round window excitedly, as if he’d just discovered a new populated land. “There are people over there! So many of them! They are all humans! There are actually so many people in this place! Who are they!? Do you know them!?”

I watched quietly. After having gone through so much, I wasn’t as excited as I’d imagined I would be now that I finally saw them. I wasn’t crying tears of joy. 

On the contrary, I was unusually calm. 

I didn’t know why I was so calm. Perhaps, I had yet to decide on how to greet them. Or perhaps, the matter about Blue Shield City was more pressing and I didn’t have the time to get excited or hug them. 

Or maybe… everything that had happened back then still bothered me.

I spotted Uncle Mason and Sister Ceci among the crowd. 

I only saw their figures from afar. I couldn’t see their expressions but they seemed to be suspicious too, wondering who had opened Noah City’s gate and summoned Ice Dragon. 

They observed quietly, because Silver Moon City had announced that I was dead.

That’s strange. Wouldn’t Raffles know if I was dead or alive? 

Unless Raffles was still in Silver Moon City and had yet to return to Noah City. All information related to me had been completely sealed within Silver Moon City so no one outside would know. 

Ghostie watched the people on the ground excitedly. He was swimming in circles in the water as though he could see more people by doing that. Ghostie knew them. Ghostie is a water monster from Steel Ghost Town. How does he know these people? 

But he knew them.

Because Harry had known them. 

Pelos and Lucifer stood up too, stretching their necks to peer curiously at the mysterious underground city and the people at the city gate.

“I can smell food!” Lucifer was really hungry. He’d probably emptied both his stomachs from puking. That was better anyway, now he wouldn’t smell so bad. 

The food in his second stomach was constantly fermenting, so one could simply imagine the stench produced. The stench from when the Flying Corpse King had puked in my palm still lingered in my nose whenever I thought about it.

Suddenly, three huge shadows appeared among the crowd. The lucid birds! They were Little Har, Little Raf and Little Bing!

They spread their wings and howled at the sky. They recognized me! They must have recognized me! 

The sight of them stirred a commotion in my heart. Seeing them was just like seeing Raffles and Harry, seeing our children...

They were still a very special existence to me. 

Suddenly, Pelos’ attention was caught by another more amazing scene. His eyes grew wider and his mouth slowly fell open. He gawked at the scene in front of us, where a huge and beautiful spaceship was rising into the air. 

The shimmering silver flashed a tinge of ice blue as it glinted under the sun, like an ice dragon rising from the ground.

Pelos stretched his neck and followed Ice Dragon with his eyes.

Ice Dragon is here. We have to take immediate action. Little Har, Little Raf and Little Raf, see you when I’m back. 

Ice Dragon hovered above us. Immediately I took off my seatbelt and patted Pelos and Lucifer, instructing them, “Follow me.” 

I strode towards the cabin door and the entire spaceship trembled as though something had grasped it. 

“Oh, thinking about Master entering my body…” Ice Dragon appeared above my ring, hugging himself tightly and revealing an infatuated expression. “My body is trembling in excitement. Oh, I can feel it. That feeling! Oh yes! It’s coming!” 

I gave him a cold glance and strangled him. “Shut up! Prepare some hot water!” 

Once I opened the old cabin door, Ice Dragon’s beautiful internal lighting greeted me and I relaxed instantly.

Raffles had designed every corner exquisitely. Even though Ice Dragon had light strips all over the cabin, entering Ice Dragon was like entering a trendy music bar, luxurious and intoxicating.

“Wow!” Pelos exclaimed in amazement as he and Lucifer followed behind me. He gaped, unable to take his eyes off the spaceship.

Ice Dragon appeared next to me. “Welcome home, Master.” I strode forward as he narrowed his eyes, reporting, “Elder Alufa on Line 1.” He was just like a housekeeper. 

“Reject.” I strode forward. We were on a tight schedule. 


“Head to Blue Shield City with full speed!” 


“A Ghost Eclipser army fleet is marching towards Blue Shield City. Turn on real-time monitoring. Send the scouting robots first. Keep a distance once the enemy is spotted!” 


“This is Pelos and Lucifer. Bring them to the shower. Give Pelos a battle uniform and prepare a pair of trousers for Lucifer. Also, brush Lucifer’s teeth too.”


Suddenly, robots appeared to the left and right of us, frightening Lucifer and Pelos. They peered curiously at the small white servicing robots, which looked like exclamation marks.

I glanced at them. “They will bring you to the shower. This is Ice Dragon. You can look for him if you need anything.” I pointed at Ice Dragon next to me.

Pelos nodded blankly, stretching his hand through Ice Dragon’s body.

Lucifer immediately asked Ice Dragon, “Is there any food?” 

Ice Dragon answered with a smile, “Of course. This way, please.” 

The robots brought Pelos and Lucifer away. 

I reached the end and opened the door. Entering the cabin, I took off my clothes.

Ice Dragon stood next to me, smiling like a fox. 

“There is a water cabin in the spaceship, with a water ghost in it. Destroy the spaceship and move him over.”  


“Did Raffles come back to Noah City?” 


As expected. I frowned and undid my braid, commanding, “Enter pre-war mode. I am going to take a shower. Don’t peep.” 

He smiled through half-lidded eyes. “Yes, Master. Princess Arsenal is requesting for a call again.” 

“We will talk about it when I am done with my shower.” 


“Ice Dragon.” I glanced at him solemnly. He smiled with his foxy eyes, asking, “Yes? My cute Master.” 

I kept quiet for a while. Then, I looked at him seriously as I said, “I was betrayed once. I am not sure why Silver Moon City told everyone that I am dead. Since they think that I am dead, I don’t want the people in Silver Moon City to know that I am alive.” 

The smile on Ice Dragon faded. The rationality of an AI sparked in his eyes.


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