Book 5: Chapter 97 - Switching Spaceship

“Land!” Pelos shouted excitedly again, tears welling up his eyes. He said, “This is my first time seeing the other side of the planet!” 

We had finally flown across the ocean and reached the other side. 

If the people in Hagrid Island came out, they would probably be as excited as Pelos.

I found the scenery ahead familiar. The crimson, barren ground gave me a really strong sense of familiarity.

Kansa Star was all barren land. But I could recognize the land in front of me because I had been here before! 

Pelos pointed towards the east, shouting, “Buildings! There are buildings!” 

Looking to the right, an old shabby building appeared before me. The memories instantly replayed in my head. I recognize this place, I do! 

This was where He Lei, Xing Chuan and I had been locked up, where our stories began! 

My heart was thrilled from revisiting an old place, not because of those shitty memories. I wanted to erase all the memories related to Xing Chuan! It’d be the best if there was a metahuman who could erase them for me!

I was thrilled and excited because I now knew that we were quite close to Noah City!

We would see a canyon if we continued forward. That was where Uncle Mason and Harry had saved me. 

I would know my way home once we arrived at the canyon.

It was the Great Rift Valley of Heraz, where I’d used to practice flying at. It was also where Harry and I had raced against each other in our spaceships.

There were too many memories of Harry and I. How could I possibly forget?

Every inch and every protruding stone in the Great Rift Valley of Heraz was carved deeply in my heart, just like the memories of Harry and I. 

Pelos was distressed, saying anxiously, “Gehenna must be reaching Blue Shield City soon. Sigh, our spaceship is too old.”

I came back to reality, worried about the situation too. 

According to Gehenna’s travel speed, I reckoned they should have passed District 9 and were probably on their way to Blue Shield City. I was anxious as a war between metahumans was a race against time. I was worried about Ah Zong and the other Honeycomb boys.

“Let’s go and switch to a better spaceship!” 

Pelos looked at me dubiously. “How? Do we have enough time?” 

I glanced at Ghostie. “Ghostie, let’s go home.” 

Ghostie stuck his face against the cabin door and looked out of the window. He gaped once he saw the Great Rift Valley of Heraz, looking rather happy.

My heart was aching and I couldn’t help but smile. I was actually happy but why did my heart ache and why did tears well up in my eyes? I quickly looked away. I have to find out the truth when this is over. I have to find out what happened and find out what’s the connection between Ghostie and Harry. 

Focusing on the valley ahead of us, I sped up. Let’s head home and put on our gear!

Ah!” Pelos screamed next to me because I was flying and whirling through the valley. I flew sideways through the narrow cliffs, speeding up to zoom through the continuous stone caves. Making sharp turns, ascending then diving, I flew out of the Great Rift Valley and shouted loudly, “Nice!”  

It had been awhile since I’d last had so much fun flying a spaceship. Although this spaceship was old, it was still pretty agile. 

“Gag!” Pelos’ face turned pale as though he was going to puke. 

At once I shouted, “Puke outside!” 

Pelos immediately opened the small round window on the side. He extended his head out and puked. “Gag!” 

I chuckled, looking at his back while Ghostie gazed at him with pity.

“Gag!” The same gagging noise came from another direction. I glanced to the other side and realized that it was Lucifer. His face was pale from nausea.

Swiftly I opened the small round window on his side. He unfastened his seatbelt and started puking too. “Gag!” Then, I saw large piles of vomit pouring out from his mouth.

“Lucifer, you are a flying corpse. You puked too?” I stroked his back gently. 

He curled himself up and wiped his mouth sadly. “There goes a few days’ worth of food. Such a waste.” He was so sad that he was about to cry. 

I stroked his head, comforting, “It’s my fault.” He was a thrifty and good boy. 

He sighed and went back to his seat, feeling upset.

I’d heard that a flying corpse’s emotions were affected by the food they stored in their stomach. Food made them feel secure and fulfilled, just like how women gained a sense of security from houses.

They would be emotionally unstable and uneasy without food.

Pelos sat down after puking as well, seeming worse off than Lucifer. He was deadly pale, panting and suffering from nausea.

Just then, I saw a spacious flat land, with greener grasses than before. The environment in District 9 was recovering gradually. From the looks of it, it was recovering very well in fact.

“We can switch our spaceship now.” 

Pelos panted as he looked around confusedly. “Where? Why would there be any spaceship here?” He spoke strenuously, his breath sour. 

I continued to go forward, looking at the flat land. I frowned, recalling Harry’s death. I couldn’t face Uncle Mason and Sister Ceci after his passing. On top of that, Noah City had once betrayed me. I didn’t want to go back to Silver Moon City. 

First, I took off Raffles’ ring. The ring was actually a communicator from Noah City. I could connect with Noah in a short distance and summon Ice Dragon. 

I pressed on the gem and it twinkled at once. A light shot out from it, stunning Pelos. Lucifer ran up to peer over my shoulder, looking at it curiously. He asked, “Sister Luo Bing, what is this?” 

“It’s our spaceship,” I replied and Ice Dragon appeared. He faced me with his guard up, asking, “Who is this? Why do you have my master’s ring?” 

I looked at Ice Dragon glumly, saying, “It’s me, Ice Dragon. I need you.” 

Ice Dragon was stunned for three seconds before he suddenly covered his face, saying, “No! You are definitely not my master! My master is not so ugly! Also, my master sacrificed herself in Steel Ghost Town! Boohoo.” Ice Dragon sobbed. 

I raised my eyebrows. “You’d better come over right now. Or I will drag you out on my own and replace you with Noah!” 

That’s strange. Why did even the people in Noah City hear the same news that I died in Steel Ghost Town? 

“Oh!” He quickly put down his hands and saluted. “You are so rude. You must be my master. Voice recognition, matched. Genetic recognition, matched. I am coming to get you now. I am so happy to see that you are still alive!” He smiled. 

Mm, I need a B2 connection cabin, equipped with shower function.” 

“Oh, I can watch my master shower! It has been a long time since I last saw my master’s perfect…” 

I immediately shouted, Get lost!” 

“Alright!” Still smiling, Ice Dragon vanished at once. He was still the same, a perverted and cunning olf fox! 

The light disappeared. Pelos stared at me, stunned. “This, this is…” 

I glanced at him calmly and replied, “He is an artificial intelligence, an AI from my spaceship.”

Pelos’ gaze was filled with admiration, muttering, “You, you, you, you have your own spaceship!?” 


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