Book 5: Chapter 96 - Flying Across The Ocean

At once I grabbed the hand that he’d lifted to hit himself. “Your life is important too. You have to stay alive for Uncle Akbu and Sis Shirley. Uncle Akbu has been tolerating everything for so long just for you!” 

He stared at me with his beautiful clear blue eyes, which were glistening with gratitude as well as regret for misunderstanding Uncle Akbu. 

Suddenly, a wet and slimy hand took both our hands and pulled them apart. 

Pelos and I looked at Ghostie at the same time, while Ghostie spat a mouthful of water in Pelos’ face. Pelos was caught off guard.

I shouted angrily, “Ghostie! Are you going to let Pelos and I talk nicely!? You are too childish!” He was just like Harry.

Ghostie pouted and retracted his hand through a small opening. He dunked into the water, blowing bubbles while looking aggrieved. 

I found it irritating yet funny when I saw him doing that.

Pelos didn’t look like he was bothered by what Ghostie had done.

He wiped his face on his sleeves, at the same time cleaning off the dirt on his face. His handsome face was revealed again. “You are so kind, treating a water ghost as your family. We are really shameful. Lucifer looked just like a human and yet we treated him like a monster.” Pelos looked at Lucifer guiltily and apologized, “Lucifer, I’m sorry.” 

Lucifer waved it off, smiling. “It’s okay, Brother Pelos. Sis Luo Bing and I reunited because of you. This is the happiest and luckiest thing ever.” Lucifer’s kind smile highlighted his kindness and cuteness. He added, “If you didn’t capture me, I would have taken longer to find Sis Luo Bing. I would’ve had to fly across the ocean alone. That was my biggest concern then because I didn’t have enough energy to fly across the ocean. Plus, I was worried about food too.” He frowned. Flying across the ocean really would have been a big hurdle for him. 

Pelos looked even more guilty. They had treated Lucifer as a monster yet Lucifer was thankful for what had happened to him. 

My Lucifer is such a good boy. I am proud of him!

It’s just that he was growing too fast and I couldn’t keep up. Perhaps, he would have already turned into an adult when I woke up one day. 

I redirected him back to the previous topic. “Were there any other survivors besides Sis Shirley and Uncle Akbu?” 

Pelos recalled and said, “Uncle Salamu and his wife, Aunty Yenia, Uncle Hugh Jack, Uncle Johnny and Sister Mifi.” 

I watched Ghostie in the rescue cabin as Pelos recited the names. His face was floating in the water, staring at the back of Pelos’ head solemnly. There were tears running down his cheeks from his big fishy eyes. It was hard to tell if the water in his cabin was... tears or water... 

Those were tears of joy. It was an expression of excitement from learning that your family had survived in a disaster.


Are you in Ghostie’s body?

Who are these people?

Why do you know them, Ghostie? 

Or, is it Harry who knows them? 

Tears started to well up in my eyes as well. I didn’t dare to believe in my conjectures but I believed in my intuition. The gap between my intuition and the reality before me irritated me. Now I was even more eager than before to find out the truth. 

Suddenly, a thick white fog appeared ahead, swiftly covering Gehenna’s troop. 

The mist had appeared too suspiciously, coming thick and like fallen clouds. 

“Gehenna is suspecting something.” I switched to hovering on the spot. The mist was possibly generated by a metahuman. So, we couldn’t enter. 

“According to my understanding of the Ghost Eclipsers…” Pelos glanced at me awkwardly and said, “I don’t think they are suspecting us but they are trying to toy with us.”

Stunned, I looked at him. He hung his face in anger and embarrassment as he explained, “They are just toying with us like how they toyed with my dad. They first allow us to follow them. Then, they shake us off after, making us lose our way in the ocean and fall. They want to watch us crash and die before them. It entertains them.” 

“Understood. I have to increase our flying height.” I turned around and tapped on Ghostie’s rescue capsule. He immediately leaned back and the cabin door slowly closed. The spaceship was old and I wasn’t sure what would happen after we gained altitude.

Pelos stopped me anxiously. “Don’t! This spaceship is shabby. I am not sure if it can withstand the air pressure at a higher place.” 

I looked at him glumly and he smiled sheepishly. 

“Then, I am going to fly lower.” 

Pelos got even more anxious. “Then, we wouldn’t be able to chase after them.” 

I smirked, reassuring him, “It’s alright. We have Lucifer.” We descended, closing in on the surface of the ocean. The ocean was covered in murky bubbles. They rose all over the sky when we flew past. 

Those thick mists were like a huge cloud pressing down on us from above. 

ooVillage’s spaceship was really old. They didn’t even have the latest updated map. The Ghost Eclipsers hadn’t provided them with the route map to Blue Shield City either. 

Within the Ghost Eclipsers, the smaller and the further a base was located, the less information was shared with them because they would be easily conquered. So, the Ghost Eclipsers couldn’t store too much information in those places. 

“D*mn! We can’t see anything! What should we do?!” Pelos panicked, looking around. Before us was only an endless ocean while above us was the mist. We couldn’t tell which direction to go at all.

The compass showed that we were still heading east while the radiation meter indicated lower radiation. 

“Are we entering a radiation zone?! Are we close to the death vortex!?” Pelos was getting more anxious.

“Calm down!” I grabbed his shoulder and he gazed at me anxiously. His face was full of dread as though we were going to crash into the sea. 

It was inevitable since this was his first time flying a spaceship. He must have been nervous and paranoid about crashing. 

“The mist is above us, meaning we are not far away from them,” I said calmly, looking at Pelos. “They only want us to lose our direction and fly in circles here but we have Lucifer!” 

Pelos glanced at Lucifer, who was sitting obediently by the side. “Lucifer?” 

I looked at Lucifer, saying, “Lucifer, I will open the window by your side. Track the scent.” 

Flying corpses had great tracking ability. He could even find me from halfway across the world. It showed how strong their sense of smell was. 

He could track my scent in those conditions, let alone his fresh mark he’d left the night before. 

Lucifer nodded without hesitation. 

I opened the small window by the side. It had to be opened manually. This spaceship really frustrated me. 

Lucifer popped his head out and immediately pointed to the north, saying, “Sister Luo Bing, they headed north.” 

“Okay! Sit tight!” I sped up and turned towards the north. As expected, we flew out of the thick mist in no time but we’d lost Gehenna. They had shaken us off. 

They did it on purpose, just like what Pelos had said. They had made us lose our direction and were eager to watch us die. It was characteristic of the Ghost Eclipsers, that was how they gained happiness. 

But they didn’t know that we had Lucifer and he could track them down. 

Finally, a landmass appeared ahead of us after half a day of flying!


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