Book 5: Chapter 95 - Ghostie was Jealous Again

“Wow!” Pelos jumped excitedly. It was his first time flying a spaceship indeed. 

He jumped around, waving his arms in excitement. But seeing that I didn’t respond the same way, he became embarrassed. He sat down awkwardly and threw a sheepish glance at me, coughing drily.

We began to catch up with the troops in front of us. I was worried that we might lose them the further they traveled. 

Pelos looked at me and blinked shyly as he asked, “Do you really have two husbands?” 

*Bang!* There was a sudden loud thud. He panicked, glancing behind him. “Did our engine explode!?” 

I laughed, saying, “It was Ghostie. He hit the glass.” 

Pelos lifted his head and saw Ghostie lying on the transparent cover of his rescue capsule. He was glaring at Pelos ferociously, his face pressed against the cabin door. 

“Brother Ghostie is angry!” Lucifer had only known Ghostie for one day yet he understood him really well. 

I smiled. “You’d better be careful. This water ghost gets jealous easily. He would shred and tear any guy above eighteen years old who comes close to me.”

Lucifer raised his arm and emphasized his age adorably, “I am twelve!”

I smiled at Lucifer as I said, “I hope you remain at this age forever. Do you know how cute you are right now?” 

Lucifer opened his eyes wide and blushed happily. 

“It’s a pity that you are growing too fast.” I frowned helplessly. A flying corpse grew seven times faster than an ordinary human. He could turn into an adult in just a blink of an eye. I could clearly tell that Lucifer was already stronger than he had been the night before. 

Lucifer pouted and blinked. “Then, I shall eat less.” 

“Hahaha!” I couldn’t help but laugh. I stroked his head and he chuckled happily again. 

Pelos said stiffly, “But Ghostie is a water ghost.” I turned to him and he stared at me with a shocked face. “Do you like water ghosts?!” He seemed confused. 

I glanced at Pelos then at Ghostie. He couldn’t hear what we were saying. His rescue capsule was facing Pelos so he could only stare at Pelos.

My heart clenched and I retracted my gaze, turning to look ahead again. “What is wrong with that? I consider him as... my family. No matter what he is, no one could ever replace him. I will be with him forever.” My heart ached a little. 

Pelos gaped at me in surprise. “Oh, he is your family... for a moment, I really thought you like water ghosts.” 

“Is there any difference? We won’t leave each other.” 

“Of course there is a difference. What I meant is the romantic feelings between a man and a woman. What you meant is the love between family. If what you meant was the romantic love between a man and a woman, then your taste in partner is…” Pelos didn’t know how to put it into words, but he probably meant that I had a peculiar taste. 

I didn’t say anything nor did I try to explain anymore. 

Ghostie was in the rescue capsule and he couldn’t hear me. 

But deep down in my heart, I saw too much… too much… of Harry in him.

He shared the same smile as Harry. 

He made me happy, just like Harry. 

He liked to stick around me, just like Harry. 

He was highly guarded against all men except for Raffles, just like Harry. 

He also had self-healing power, just like Harry. I didn’t forget how quickly his back had fully healed after he’d gotten hurt. 

But, what had happened to Lemmy? 

Harry had strong self-healing power compared to other self-healing metahumans but even he couldn’t resurrect other lives. 

Assuming Lemmy wasn’t dead when Ghostie had picked her up, he’d looked like he was racing against time when he’d carried her away. So, his superpower was to heal people. And his healing ability surpassed that of all other healing metahumans. 

However, his healing superpower was still different from Harry’s superpower. 

Yet I could feel that Harry was related to Ghostie somehow. This feeling had grown even stronger in the past years.

I didn’t know why I felt this way. Perhaps, Harry’s spirit really was in Ghostie’s body. 

Although it seemed unbelievable and impossible, I firmly believed that Harry’s spirit was still around me. I could feel it!

“We’ve reached the ocean!” Pelos got excited again as he stretched his neck to peer out the window at the endless sea ahead. The broad horizon stretched for miles, with no clouds in sight to impede our field of vision. Between the sky and the ocean, a neat row of black dots advanced in unison.

The weather was exceptionally nice today. 

We followed closely behind them. The radiation meter gradually rose to level four. They were passing through a level four radiation zone. 

“This is my first time seeing the ocean...” Pelos leaned on the round window on the right, as though he couldn’t get enough of the view.

I glanced at him. “Have Uncle Akbu and Sis Shirley ever told you about the past?” 

Pelos turned to look at me as I continued, “Like where your hometown is, for example? Perhaps, I can look for them for you when I head back this time.” 

Pelos cast his mind back to recall while Ghostie plastered himself on the glass, trying hard to look in my direction. Clearly he was trying to figure out what we were talking about. 

This overly sensitive guy. 

I tapped on his cabin door and the water level immediately lowered to his chest. The cabin door descended to his neck-level too. He then popped his head out to look at me.

Just when I was about to speak, Pelos said, “I am not too sure of their past. They hold grudges against the people who had left them back then...” 

Pelos’ words caught Ghostie’s attention and his gaze swiveled over to Pelos instead.

Pelos continued, “My dad... died in the war. He entrusted my mom to his best brother, also...” 

“Uncle Akbu?” I asked in reply. Suddenly, I realized Ghostie had widened his eyes in surprise. He gawked at Pelos as though he knew Uncle Akbu, not from Koont Village but from before that or even way before that.

Taking in Ghostie’s expression, I deliberately said, “Is that why Sis Shirley married Uncle Akbu?” 

As expected, Ghostie looked even more shocked! His gaze was glistening in disbelief. Now, a growing sense of pleasant surprise surfaced in his expression.

Pelos nodded and hung his head, ashamed. “My mom was already pregnant during that war... After my dad died in the battle, Uncle Akbu surrendered to the Ghost Eclipsers along with the rest of the survivors. Now, I understood that he did that to protect my mom and I... I used to treat him…” 

I patted his shoulder. “It’s all in the past. Uncle Akbu has never blamed you. On the contrary, he sees that you’ve grown up now and it’s time for you to fly.” 

“Did he really say that!?” Pelos gazed at me happily. 

I nodded. 

His happy grin was clouded with guilt again, as he turned agitated at himself. “I was too childish! I only realized how immature I was after I met you. I wasn’t afraid of death but I’ve never thought about the other children in the village. I, I was a b*stard, such a b*stard!” He knocked his own head in frustration. 


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